Zillow Homes Sale [19 Hot Homes]

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by ugardener

There’s no denying the appeal of a Zillow homes sale.

The website is such a blast to browse through.


You can spend hours and hours on end browsing through their listings.

It’s so much fun to just go through the site and search for your dream home.

In fact:

I do it all the time whenever I feel bored.

My friends and I love to debate whether we’d be willing to pay some of the outrageous sums of money being asked for certain homes on their site.

It’s like:

Okay, would I rather buy a million dollar home in cash or live in a significantly less expensive home leaving much more money in my bank account?

It really is a matter of where you draw the line.

There is another option though:

Renting is a sure fire way to get into a home you can’t outright afford to buy.

It’s crazy how you can afford to rent some of the really nice homes on Zillow, but can’t afford to buy them.

It’s sort of like:

Okay, well here’s my dream home and yes I can afford the rent on the house, but not to outright buy it in cash.

So, should you rent for the time being and save up to buy your dream home later?

Would renting be a waste of time?

For some people:

Renting is definitely the way to go.

For others, not so much.

It really depends on your unique circumstances in life.

My friend swears he’ll never pay rent in his entire life.

He’d rather buy the least expensive home he can find on the market than to pay rent.

He’s says he’ll continue to save up until he can afford to buy his dream home in cash.


I would rather rent and live to a ripe old age.

To each his own path.

There are some truly remarkable listings on Zillow.

It really can be a lot of fun to scroll through their listings until you find the absolute most amazing home.


I’ve seen some of the most beautiful penthouses, mansions, and villas you can imagine on their site.

Zillow is full of hot home listings just waiting for you to discover!

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by 23155134@N06

This is an absolutely breath-taking home.


Waking up every morning and stepping outside to the sight of this!

I don’t know if life could get any better!

I’d love to save up enough money to be able to afford a dream home that comes even close to this.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by 23502011@N08

This home is straight out of a fictional tale.

Think about it:

All those books that talk about this beautiful high castle and how it was built for royalty; this is that castle!

It’s amazing to me how an architect can take something so abstract and create a tangible beautiful building to live inside.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by windysydney

The beauty of a small sturdy and compact home.

There’s really nothing that beats the feel of a home (no matter the size) that you can call your own.

There’s something about this house that screams:

“Buy me!”

I’d sure love to buy a home this glamorous.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by melystu


Is there a side to this home that doesn’t have a window?


Waking up and absorbing the brilliant sunlight that this home allows to enter inside?

I’d love to wake up to natural sunlight every morning in a home this beautiful!

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by beautifulcataya

I absolutely love the steps leading up to the porch on this home.

The best part?

I love how the high walls and ceiling of the home give the entire house an aura of majesty and grandeur.

I could imagine living comfortably in a home like this for a very long time.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by violettalough

Red roofs aren’t just for barnyards anymore!

This home captures the right combination of colors in its design and even in its choice of flowers perched on top of the rails.

In the future:

I sincerely hope homes become much less expensive so that everyone can afford to live inside a home this nice.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by karen_roe

Your majesty, welcome home!

That would be the welcome call I’d hear every time I arrived if I could afford a home this magnificent.


I’d have butlers everywhere on my property just welcoming me home and at a moment’s reach to any of my royal beckons.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by anguskirk

They say the most inexpensive materials one could use to build a home are mud and straw.


This home seems to be an upgrade on those materials but maintains that same level of earthiness that one can expect from a grounded-in-nature design.


Zillow Homes Sale
photo by mrb101

There are days when I’m sure:

You have just wanted to get away from it all.

This is a house built upon that very desire.

Living next to the mountains, air super clean, and stress non-existent; that’s the way life ought to be lived.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by silverback40

That metal roof is absolutely spot on.

The raised entrance and patterned flower bed are all the right ingredients to having your dream home come to life.

Can you imagine living in a home this beautiful and well built?

I’d give a year of my life to be able to afford a home as nice as this.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by martinlabar


This house is epic!

The sleek matte black roof contrasted against the white coat of paint is absolutely spot on!

Even the curtains are a delight to look at from the outside in.

This truly is a home built for a very special family.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by casia_in_va

There’s something special about owning a little red house.

Just look at it:

It gives off this unique charm and elegance that is reserved only for small homes.

I’m sure the interior feels much roomier on the inside than the exterior suggests.

I would love to call a home like this my own.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by intherough

It’s not only the house that looks amazing in this photo.

Just look at the surroundings!

This entire neighborhood looks the part.

Tropical trees in every corner, red brick pavement laid down in a pattern, and simple elegance throughout!

Any one would love living in a home this grand.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by dippy_duck

A modern, sophisticated, and upscale home.

What else could a new home buyer ask for?

There are some homes that look okay, but then there are some such as this that look absolutely dynamite!

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by mirsasha

As elegant as any home I have ever seen, this is luxury wrapped up in stone.

This is a home fit for the likes of kings or queens that want to seek to live life to its absolute fullest.

You only live once, so why not live it up?

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by msvg

So cozy-looking.

I’d love to cuddle up next to a warm fire with a cup of good cocoa in this house on a harsh winter day.

There really is a design language that conveys signature luxury and comfort in this marvelous home.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by arthurgouveia

There’s something special about living inside a home with blue exterior walls.

It’s upscale:

Yet at the same time maintains an image of compact luxury.

It’s incredible what architects can achieve with such little space and such huge imaginations.

Zillow Homes Sale
photo by sherwood-real-estate

Our homes are a special place to us no matter the location.

It’s where we sleep at night and wake up in the mornings.

It’s where we share our laughter and frustrations with others.

It’s the place we can find security and peace inside any time of the day.

Home sweet home.

What are your thoughts?

Which of these homes did you find most appealing?


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