Yahoo Mail Login [19 Best Features]

yahoo mail login
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Yahoo mail is no slouch.

In fact:

The Yahoo mail login process is very quick and easy.

You can use their service to accomplish a great deal.

Of course, here’s the best part:

You can use their service to send and receive a ton of mail.

How does 1 TB of storage sound to you?

With Yahoo mail:

All of this is available for users to try out and use for free!

Its simple and intuitive design makes for a very compelling email experience.

In fact:

Everything is already set up for your convenience.

You can find the spam, trash, or drafts folders right there in the menu.

So, no more having to fumble around looking for or organizing certain emails.

It’s easy, clean, and user friendly, too.

Would you like to “Star” an important email?


There’s a starred section to quickly access all of your starred emails.

Do you constantly receive emails from social media?


There’s a section specifically for that!

Are you constantly shopping or traveling or even dealing with finances frequently?

There’s a section for each of those as well!

It’s incredible how diverse and compelling of an email service Yahoo mail really is.

If you’re someone who loves having all of the latest within a mouse click’s reach:

Then consider Yahoo mail as your primary email provider.

Yahoo mail has icons at the top of the menu for the latest news, sports, celebrity news, weather, and (one of our favorite features) Flickr.

For those of you who don’t know:

Flickr is this great online hub where you can store and share quality photos with everyone.

If you’re a professional photographer or even someone that casually take photos and needs a place to store them:

You owe it to your self to check out Flickr.

They have some of the internet’s best photos available for you to see and use.

You also have access to features like a calendar, notepad, and news inside Yahoo mail.


Yahoo mail is a really great email provider and among the best available for free.

Here are some more of Yahoo mail’s best features for you to check out right here.

yahoo mail login
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The very first and most important feature of the Yahoo mail login experience is the inbox.

You have enough space in the inbox for more emails than you’ll probably ever see in your entire life.

So, rest easy and feel confident in Yahoo mail’s services.

yahoo mail login
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Still not finished typing up your email just yet?

No worries.

Just save the email as a draft copy and go on your lunch break already!

When you come back:

You’ll have all the energy you need to complete that email!

yahoo mail login
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Need a quick way to check the emails you have already sent out?

It’s easy.

Just click on the “Sent” button in the menu and you’ll see every single email you have ever sent to anyone.

yahoo mail login
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Every one gets spam.

Stop letting it reach your inbox.

With Yahoo mail:

You can rest easy knowing that all spam is stored away in its own unique folder.

So, now, you can concentrate on the emails that matter most to you.

yahoo mail login
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The trash folder is a great way to buffer emails you don’t wish to immediately delete.

If you simply just send an email to the trash:

It’ll stay in its own folder and out of the way of the rest of your more important emails.

yahoo mail login
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Everyone needs a way to be able to read priority or “Important” emails first.

Do so by clicking on the “Important” button.

Yup, Yahoo mail really is that intuitive and user-friendly.

It’s definitely one of the better email providers out there.

yahoo mail login
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Unread emails have their own special place too.

By clicking on the “Unread” button in the menu:

You gain immediate access to those emails so you can stop having to scroll through your entire inbox just to find emails you forgot to read.

yahoo mail login
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Do you have a special email you just can’t do without?

Click on the “Star” icon and viola!

You now have bookmarked that email into its own unique folder which you can access later on in the “Starred” folder.

yahoo mail login
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I know many people that receive social media related emails on a regular basis.

If you need fast access to your social-related emails:

Then simply click on the “Social” button and you’ll have a full list of all your social emails.

yahoo mail login
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If you love to shop:

Then this is for you.

Click on the “Shopping” button in the menu and you can quickly access shopping-related emails.

This way:

You’ll know which emails are the ones with the coupons you need.

This is a feature that many people absolutely need.

yahoo mail login
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Looking for your travel-related emails?

With Yahoo mail:

You can easily reach them on the fly by clicking on the “Travel” button in the menu.

This is really great for people that need to go and don’t want or have any time to waste.

yahoo mail login
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Mathematicians will tell you all the time:

The only thing that matters are the numbers.

With Yahoo mail:

You can access finance-related emails quickly by clicking on the “Finance” folder to find the numbers that matter.

yahoo mail login
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As if Yahoo mail wasn’t feature-rich enough:

You can even access a calendar while still logged on to your inbox.

For people that need to know what the date is or prioritize their lives around a set schedule:

This is for you.

yahoo mail login
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Take some notes!

With Yahoo mail:

You can click on the notepad icon and pull up a pad to write your thoughts and ideas down.

You can even save those notes and pull them back up at a later time.

How convenient!

yahoo mail login
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Here’s one feature people absolutely love.

For those of us that love keeping up with the news:

There’s an option available for you to check out the news in a list feed format.


It’s a very well designed feature.

yahoo mail login
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Are you into sports?

Then, I have some great news for you:

Yahoo mail will let you keep up to date with all that’s happening in the world of professional sports without missing a beat.

This is for everyone that needs a quick break while shifting through their emails.

yahoo mail login
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In addition to the online world:

It’s nice to know what’s happening outside in the real world.

Checking the weather has never been such a breeze.

With Yahoo mail:

You can check the weather forecast for your town on the fly.

yahoo mail login
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Yahoo mail offers you quick access to all the celebrity news you crave.

For some people:

This is a necessary feature.

In fact:

Some people use this feature on another platform already.

It’s nice of Yahoo mail to have integrated this feature into its web mail service for an all-in-one experience.

Which of Yahoo mail’s features do you like the best?

Have you given Yahoo mail a try and, if so, what did you make of it?


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