www MapQuest com [10 Hot Facts]

www Mapquest com
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Have you ever tried to pull up directions on www MapQuest com?

If you’re familiar with Google Maps:

Then know that MapQuest is a very similar service designed to help you get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Although we prefer Google Maps:

MapQuest is a great free alternative for you to try out and experience for your self.

And any software or service that provides travel directions for free is always better than one that’s paid, right?

All kidding aside:

Typing in your destination and original location allows you to be able to obtain a software-generated guide with step-by-step directions to get you to your final destination.

One of the best features that we really like about using MapQuest:

Users are provided with an “Est. fuel cost” for their journey.

This is based on an EPA average of 35 mpg hwy/25 mpg city and average cost per gallon along your route.

If you like:

You can even add in your current vehicle information for a more accurate fuel estimate.

Now, for short distance trips like from your home to the grocery store:

This probably doesn’t do too much for you.

However, on longer trips:

This can be really useful.

Comparing MapQuest to Google Maps:

I would probably have to hand the edge over to MapQuest in this regard.

I remember one time:

I was trying to calculate the cost of a cross country trip that was several thousand miles long.

If only I had known about MapQuest at the time:

I would have quickly pulled it up and had a pretty accurate estimate of what the trip would have cost me right then and there!

At least you can learn from my experiences and save your self some time.

A wise person knows:

It’s much better to learn from other people’s mistakes than it is to commit those mistakes themselves.

Now, you know.

Here are some more hot lessons on MapQuest for you to enjoy:

www Mapquest com
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There’s one super convenient feature to using MapQuest which we really like.

With one simple click of the mouse:

You can pull up the location of the nearest hotels, food, gas, shopping, coffee, parking, pharmacy, grocery, airports, and more.

You’ll never be left guessing for where the local (fill in the blank) is again!

www Mapquest com
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MapQuest was originally founded in 1967 as Cartographic Services before becoming its own independent company called GeoSystems Global Corporation in 1994.

Would you believe:

The company was eventually acquired by none other than America Online (AOL) in 2000.

Surprise, surprise!

www Mapquest com
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The now famous www MapQuest com was officially launched in 1996.

Only three years later:

The web site experienced so much success that the company decided to rename it self as MapQuest to leverage its online brand.

Satellites are the way of the future, baby!

www Mapquest com
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MapQuest com offers users access to maps of any place in the world!

Trust me, when you’re hauling through unknown territory:

This comes in as an extremely useful feature to have.

www Mapquest com
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If ever you find yourself lost and in need of immediate physical assistance:

MapQuest has you covered with their Find Me service.

This service allows users to identify their current location, share that location with a friend, and find nearby points of interest.

Once your friend arrives:

You can both make your way to the nearest carnival, zoo, or museum!

www Mapquest com
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MapQuest announced a stunning partnership in 2007:

General Motors would enable OnStar users to send destinations from the MapQuest website directly to their vehicle’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation service.

According to the General Manager of MapQuest:

“This represents another example of how we are extending our ability to help consumers access MapQuest services whenever and wherever they need them.”

www Mapquest com
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In 2008:

It seemed as if the younger Google Maps would overtake MapQuest.

All of a sudden:

MapQuest wasn’t the only swing in the playground anymore.

In response:

MapQuest added new features such as a wider map and a local blog feed to its site.

Let’s see who can swing higher!

www Mapquest com
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In 2010 MapQuest launched a host of new features intended to make its service more intuitive to use.

For example:

The company simplified its search box feature for locating directions and maps and a new more user-friendly interface was introduced.


This was very similar to the interface you’d find on Bing or even Google Maps.

www Mapquest com
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MapQuest offers a mobile friendly site and a mobile app for users that have a GPS-enabled smartphone.

With MapQuest’s mobile app:

You can receive live maps, GPS, voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic updates, and even transit planning.

What are your thoughts on these facts?

Have you tried using MapQuest recently and, if so, how did you like it?


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