www Google com au [33 Great Facts]

www Google com au
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It’s hard to argue against Google’s success.

Visiting www Google com au once is sure to inspire you in your search for information.

The ease of use and convenience is hard to overlook.

Here’s the deal:

The company is a hugely successful and profitable company that rode the internet wave at just the right time.

Ever since:

The company has been growing larger and larger.

From millions to billions:

Google is one of the most popular sites on the web.

In fact:

According to Alexa, Google is ranked as the number one most visited site on the internet!

It’s kind of remarkable how a website dedicated to helping you find other websites on the web is it self the most popular site.

Regardless, the fact remains:

People like having an index online where they can simply look up the information they need and pull it up in a matter of seconds.

It’s truly remarkable because in the older days that sort of information hunting used to take a lot longer than a couple of seconds.

Think about it:

You would have to dress up, get inside your car, and drive down to the local library to do a thorough search for the information you needed.

That hunt usually took the better part of a day to accomplish!

Look at how much easier things have become.

You can now accomplish the same task in a much shorter amount of time thereby increasing your efficiency.


There’s still something really special and nice about being able to go down to your local library and spend a day there looking for the information you need.

You might even say it’s exciting.

It’s nice knowing:

Libraries still exist so that you have the choice to be able to choose between the two.

The best part is:

Both options are available for the public to use for free.

Who doesn’t love free?

Here are some great facts on www Google com au for you to enjoy.

www Google com au
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Google decided to enter the smartphone arena and on January 5th, 2010:

They released their first ever android smartphone dubbed the Nexus One.

It was a solid piece of tech that was a welcome innovation by the same company that makes Android OS.

www Google com au
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With exception to recent college graduates:

GPAs and test scores are considered a worthless metric for hiring new employees according to Google.


Google states that they are “worthless as criteria for hiring.”

It’s more about what you know and can do for the company than what tests you’ve taken that matter most.

www Google com au
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Creativity is actually encouraged inside of Google’s company.

In fact:

Google goes as far as to actually allow and even encourage employees to spend a fifth of their working day tinkering on their own unique projects.

As a result of this philosophy:

Google News and Orkut were born.

www Google com au
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Apple wasn’t the only game in town to offer both software and hardware bundled into one smartphone.

In 2016:

Google stunned the consumer market with the release of the Pixel.

It was a stellar smartphone that used Android OS and offered an amazing camera to boot.

www Google com au
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Would you believe that on April 1st, 2007:

A real-life python got loose and escaped inside Google’s NYC office.

Of course, since it was April Fool’s day no one took the news seriously until:

It was caught ad returned back to its original owner…. thankfully.

www Google com au
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Going public allowed Google’s employees to hit the jackpot literally overnight.

By going public:

The company’s employees became millionaires!

That’s an example of being at the right place at the right time working for the right company right there!

Tongue twister.

www Google com au
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Google actually sent out a tweet one time in binary format.

It was the company’s first ever tweet and translated from binary format into saying:

“I’m Feeling Lucky!”

Ya, I guess you would feel lucky too if you were on your way towards becoming the internet’s most influential website.

www Google com au
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Do you ever wonder why it is that Mozilla Firefox has Google set as it’s default search engine?

Well, it’s because Google actually pays Mozilla millions of dollars each year to do so.

Now, you know.

www Google com au
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The amount of information that Google processes each year is enormous.

In fact:

Around 20 petabytes of information is processed every single day on Google!

Consider how large a single petabyte of information is and then multiply that by 20.

It’s an insane amount of data.

www Google com au
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Speaking of creativity:

Google actually employs goats at its company.

No, seriously, this is true!

The goats are primarily hired for the task of cutting down on the number of weeds that are growing around their buildings.

Not such a bhahahahahad (goat noise) job, huh?

www Google com au
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Every minute for Google is critical for the company.

In fact:

Google’s services went down for 5 minutes recently leading to a 40 percent drop in online traffic across the world!

That’s ludicrous!

It’s a testament to how integrated Google has become to our way of life online.

www Google com au
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There are over 100 different languages that can be used on Google’s home page.

Here I thought speaking two languages was a great accomplishment, but 100 plus!?

Well, at least you know:

Most people will be able to access Google’s services without too much trouble.

www Google com au
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If you’ve Googled your own name before:

Know that you’re not alone.

Over half of all users online have actually done the same.

If you haven’t:

I’m sure you’re tempted to do so now.

You never know what Google may reveal about you.

www Google com au
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Did you know:

Steve Jobs once called up Google to let them know that the color of the second “o” in Google was off.

He offered to have someone from his team fix the issue and Google had no problems with that at all.

www Google com au
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Google really does know a lot about you.

They continuously analyze and track a user’s behavior online by the sites they visit and ads they click.

You might even say that Google is the web’s greatest detective.

www Google com au
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Buy, buy, buy!

Google sure does love to buy out companies.

In fact:

Google averages one company bought per week.

Hey, when you’re in it to win, why not win big?

www Google com au
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Surprise, surprise!

Google Maps was actually not originally entirely developed by Google.

Would you believe:

The company Keyhole, Inc. developed integral parts of Google Maps which Google would later go on to acquire in 2005 and, of course, integrate into its own software.

www Google com au
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Some people (including my self) have asked where does Google generate most of its revenue if it’s search bar feature is free to use?

Turns out the answer is from advertisements.

Google generates about 90 percent of its income from advertisements.

www Google com au
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Google operates outside of North America although that is where it was originally founded.

In fact:

Google has a strong presence some 50 countries with over 70 offices in operation.

Talk about a far reach.

www Google com au
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There are million dollar companies and then there are companies whose net worth is in the billions range.

In 2012:

Google became a multi-billion dollar company whose revenue hit the 50 billion dollar mark!

Without a doubt:

That’s an astronomical amount of wealth.

www Google com au
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Google has become so ingrained into our culture and even language that on June 2006:

The Oxford English Dictionary added “google” to its pages as a verb.

That has to be a sign of success when your company’s name becomes a verb dictating action.

“Just Google it!”

www Google com au
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The CEO of Excite was offered to buy Google from its founders for the price tag of one million dollars.

He refused.

Today Google is worth billions of dollars.

I’m sure that same person today is completely dumb-struck by their success.

www Google com au
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Operating Google’s website takes a tremendous amount of resources.

It takes over 1 million computers to handle the amount of data that’s constantly being sent and received on Google.

In fact:

Google handles over 1 billion search requests every single day!

www Google com au
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Google is the number one most popular site on the internet.

This is according to Alexa which ranks websites based on their popularity or number of visitors the site receives.

Google is not only the most popular site in North America:

It’s the most popular site in the world!

www Google com au
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Google held its first public offering on August 19, 2004.

A little over a decade later:

They are completely ingrained into the internet as we know it.

It’s amazing how with a few clicks:

You can gain access to the World’s information through Google.

www Google com au
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By only June of the year 2000

Google had become the single largest search engine in the world!

I mean do people still remember what life was like without Google?

It’s truly remarkable how a single entity can cause such profound change in so many people’s lives.

www Google com au
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A famous critic of Google once said:

“Google knows more about you than your mother.”

It might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s probably not too far from the truth.

www Google com au
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Anyone who’s ever started their own website knows that it’s a great challenge getting visitors to your site.

Google hit one billion unique visitors to their site by May 2011.

One billion unique visitors!

That’s an incredibly large number on a galactic scale!

www Google com au
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Google actually set a fossil of a T-Rex right outside of their California headquarters and named him Stan.

There’s an interesting reason for doing this:

The fossil serves as a reminder to Google employees to not let Google go extinct.

www Google com au
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Google was originally nicknamed “BackRub” by its founders before they changed it to Google.

In fact:

They actually made a mistake in the spelling of the word “Googol” when they named their company.


www Google com au
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If ever one of Google’s employees were to pass away while under the company’s employment:

The surviving spouse of the employee would receive 50 percent of their salary for the next 10 years!

That’s quite a nice perk to working for Google.

www Google com au
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If you need a really quick break:

Go to the Google search bar and type in “Atari breakout.”

Click on Google Images and you’ll instantly be able to play the game.

I tried it and it actually worked!

What are your thoughts on these facts?

Which of them did you find most fascinating?


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