www Google com [33 Great Facts]

www google com
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It’s no secret that www Google com has had an immense impact on the way we retrieve information today.

Google was originally created by two young PhD students at Stanford University in California.

Their names?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

With striking similarities in appearance and thought processes, the two would go on to develop the most influential search engine the world would ever witness and use.

Here’s the deal:

Some people can’t imagine what life would be like without Google.

They’re not old enough to remember what life was like prior to Google.

They don’t know what it was like to have to get inside your car which you actually had to drive yourself (self-driving cars, anyone) and take down to the public library.

They don’t realize how much time and effort someone actually had to invest in order to find the information they were looking for.

Here’s where all that changed:

The introduction of Google as an online index allowed anyone with access to the internet to be able to perform that same task at light speed!

All you needed to do was just type in the keywords you’re searching for and an entire string of pages related to your query pops up.

That’s it!

It’s amazing how far technology has come!

In the past:

You would actually have to drive down to the library and spend an entire afternoon performing a thorough search through the countless books on the shelves.

In fact:

If you didn’t complete your search that day, you’d have to come back tomorrow!


You essentially complete that same task in seconds with the tap of your thumb or click of your mouse!

Practically any question you have can be answered by Google.

In fact, Google is not only a search engine:

It’s now become a doctor, a librarian, an engineer, etc.

The sheer scale of knowledge that can be tapped into by accessing Google is staggering.

No longer do you have to visit the library to find the information you’re seeking.

Although you can still visit the library if you like though.


It’s just nice to be able to have the choice to choose whether you’d like to spend a day in the library or a few seconds online.

That level of convenience is nice to have.

Did you know:

There are some lesser known facts about Google that you may not be familiar with.

For example:

Google was originally called BackRub before being called Google.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a back rub while on Google, though?

Here are some more interesting facts on Google for you to enjoy.

www google com
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How’s this for an incentive to work for Google?

Apparently, if a former Google employee passes away while under employment with the company, their surviving spouse will receive 50 percent of their salary for the next decade!

Careful who you marry… lol.

www google com
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Want a quick game to play during a break?

Google has you covered!

Search for “Atari breakout” in Google Images and the game will instantly pop up.

I didn’t believe this would work either until I tried it myself.

And hey who doesn’t love playing Atari breakout?

www google com
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New employees may be forgiven for thinking they stopped by a museum rather than the company’s headquarters in California.

There is an actual T-Rex skeleton right outside the building to serve as a reminder to employees to not let Google go extinct like the dinosaurs!

www google com
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The name “Google” was not the first choice for the search engine.

In fact:

It was originally dubbed “BackRub” before they decided on a more practical name like “Google”.

Imagine if that name had stuck though lol!

“Ya, just backrub it and you’ll find the info.”

Yaaaa, no.

www google com
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One critic of the search engine was so taken back by its abilities, that he famously stated:

“Google knows more about you than your mother.”

That may actually not be too far from the truth.

www google com
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By May 2011:

Google hit the 1 billion unique visitors mark!

Let’s try to put that number into perspective.

A billion is equal to a thousand malls that contain a thousand shops that each sell a thousand products.

That is truly an astronomically large number!

www Google com
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The first public offering by Google was on August 19, 2004.

That’s not that long ago.

And look at them now!

They’re huge!

It just goes to show you that if something is in that great of a demand then it’s spread and reach can grow at insane rates!

www google com
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Even prior to its public offering:

Google had become the world’s largest search engine by June 2000.

Keep in mind:

It was less than 5 years prior that Google was actually founded!

When you put that into perspective:

You start to realize how insane the growth of Google has been over the years.

www Google com
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I know we tend to think of Google as an online company, but their physical presence is massive!

In fact:

Over 1 million computers are used to handle the over 1 billion search requests daily.

Yes, that’s how large of a physical presence they occupy.

www google com
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Google is ranked as the number 1 most popular site by Alexa.

If you think about it:

It’s kind of silly how a website that helps you find other websites is it self the most popular website, but it’s true.

Google really is that pervasive in our online world.

www google com
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Google became so popular so fast:

That even the dictionary was forced to add the term “google” to its pages.


The Oxford English Dictionary added the term on June 2006 as a verb.

So, now you can use Google as both a search engine and a verb!

www google com
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The CEO of Excite was actually offered to buy Google by its founders for the price of one million dollars, but he refused the offer.

There are a few words that come to mind when I think of that event:

(i.e. failure, missed opportunity, regret, sucks to suck, etc).

Oh, well.

www google com
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Although Google was founded in North America:

It, in fact, has locations open in 50 countries with more than 70 different offices worldwide.

That’s quite a massive outreach for the company to have that many locations in that many countries, no doubt.

www google com
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Google’s revenue hit the 50 billion dollar mark in 2012.

The company would go public one year later.

I sometimes wonder what people do when they have that much money on their hands.

I mean there are countries in this world with a lower GDP than 50 billion dollars!

www google com
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Keyhole, Inc. developed a piece of software for mapping which proved to be a very capable program.

Guess what happened next?

Google caught on to its success and later acquired the software from the former company in 2004.

Google then integrated the program into its very own Google Maps.

Now you know!

www google com
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This may not be obvious to some people:

But advertisements are the primary revenue stream for Google.

In fact:

Google earns about 90 percent of its entire income from advertisements!

How’s that for taking advertisements to the moon?!

www google com
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It’s scary how much information Google knows about you.

You may or may not be aware of this:

As you surf the web Google is hard at work tracking you and your every click.

That is a little unsettling, to say the least.

www google com
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When the fish get bigger, they tend to eat smaller fish.

Google is definitely a big fish which buys out smaller fish regularly.

In fact:

Google averages about one company purchased per week!

Imagine how much bigger Google will become before it eventually hits its peak.

www google com
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If you’ve Googled your own name online before know you’re not alone.

In fact:

Over half of users online have done so.

It’s fascinating knowing what Google knows about you and how much of it is advertised online.

www google com
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A real life python got loose and escaped in Google’s NYC office on April 1, 2007.

Since it was April Fools’ Day, no one took the news seriously.


The python was eventually caught and returned to its owner.


www google com
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For Google:

Every minute matters a lot!

Their services went down for 5 minutes recently which lead to a whopping 40 percent drop in worldwide internet traffic!

That’s crazy considering that their search engine is not the only game in town.

www google com
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An astounding 100+ different languages are available for use on Google’s home page.

Some people are lucky if they speak even two languages, but over 100?!

Man, talk about touching all your bases.

www google com
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It may surprise you to know:

Google processes around 20 petabytes of information every single day!

That’s truly an incredibly large universal number when you consider that peta denotes a factor of 10 raised to the power of 15.

www google com
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And here we thought we had heard it all.

Google actually rents out goats.

No, we are not joking with you.

Here’s the reason why:

They rent out the goats to cut down on the number of weeds growing around their buildings.

I mean if that’s not innovative, we don’t know what is.

www google com
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The first ever tweet Google sent out was in binary format.

It translated into saying “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

Well, when you’re on your way to becoming an even larger international company:

I guess you’d feel lucky, too.

www google com
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Have you ever wondered why Mozilla Firefox incorporates Google as their default search engine?

Well, the answer, simply enough, is because Google pays Mozilla millions every year so that they continue to do so!

Talk about a pot of gold in tribute!

www Google com
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Steve Jobs was known for his attention to detail.

He once called up Google to complain about the color of the second “o” in Google.

According to Jobs:

“The second O in Google doesn’t have the right yellow gradient.”

Jobs offered to have a member of his company fix it and Google was totally okay with that!

www google com
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Many google employees became overnight millionaires when the company went public.

I mean talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Those early Google employees must have really felt happy with their jobs at the time.

www google com
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Some companies strike down curiosity and creativity, but not Google!

In fact:

The company actually encourages employees to spend 20 percent of their time working on their own unique projects.

Google News and Orkut are two results of this philosophy.

www google com
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I’m sure many of you are aware of google’s latest tap into the smartphone arena with the release of the Google Pixel.

Without a doubt:

I can honestly say that the camera on the Pixel is a standard by which many people can attest to.

www google com
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Of course:

The Pixel was not the first phone Google released to market.

On January 5th, 2010:

Google released its first android phone dubbed the Nexus One.

As with any phone:

Google continued to iterate and improve upon the design and functionality of its tech.

www google com
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With exception to recent college graduates:

Google has discovered that GPA’s and test scores are “worthless as criteria for hiring.”

In fact:

They have teams where 14 percent of their employees haven’t gone to college.

It’a more about what you know and can do for the company that matters.

What are your thoughts?

Which of these facts surprised you the most?


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