www Google co [33 Amazing Facts]

www Google co
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There’s no mistaking the impact www Google co has had on our lives.

In fact:

The search engine giant has definitely brought a great deal of change and influence to the manner in which we locate the information we seek.

Can you imagine a world in which the site www Google co didn’t even exist?

It would be much harder and more time consuming finding out what we needed to know or were curious about.

For those of us who are old enough to remember:

Finding information wasn’t nearly as easy since Google didn’t even exist.

Hard to imagine, I know!

If you wanted to find the information you needed:

You’d actually have to drive down to the local library and do a thorough search that would take the better part of the day to complete.


Even a day wasn’t enough!

Some of you know where I’m coming from here.


What used to take days on end can be accomplished in a matter of seconds!

That’s the influence Google has had on our lives!

Finding the information or product you need can easily be done in significantly less time and with incredibly accurate results.

Are you looking for information on how to build a proper shed?

You can find that information on Google.

Do you need a killer recipe for your barbecue get together this weekend?

You can find it!

Are you in the mood for inspirational and awesome stories?


There’s so much out there on the web to discover that, believe me, would take you more than a lifetime to discover.

So start exploring today and let your mind run passionately free across the internet.

All those different ideas and thoughts are out there for you to explore!

To get started:

Here’s some amazing facts on Google that are sure to stir up the creativity in your mind.

www Google co
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On April 1st, 2007:

A real-life python escaped inside Google’s NYC office.

Since it was April Fool’s day, no one took the news seriously until:

The python was captured and returned back to its original owner… thankfully.

www Google co
photo by bestboyzde

In 2016:

Google went all out with the release of the Google Pixel.

It was a smartphone that bundled both software and hardware together from the same company.

All of a sudden:

Apple wasn’t the only game in town any more.

The Google Pixel’s camera received incredible amounts of praise.

www Google co
photo by duncan

Creativity is a great part of working at Google.

In fact:

The company goes as far as to actually encourage its employees to spend a fifth of their working day tinkering on their own unique projects.

Google News and Orkut are two such projects born out of this philosophy.

www Google co
photo by ajaffer

With exception to recent college graduates:

Google has determined a candidates GPA and test scores to be “worthless as criteria for hiring.”

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me.

It’s not the grades and certificates that matter as much as what you know and can do for the company that matter most.

www Google co
photo by mackarus

Prior to the release of the Google Pixel was the Nexus One.

Google released the smartphone on January 5th, 2010 to a warm welcome.

It was nice to see the same company that owned Android OS go out and make their own hardware as well.

www Google co
photo by astrocbt

If you need an example of Google’s ability to think outside of the box then consider the fact that Google actually employees goats!

No, seriously:

They rent the goats out for the purpose of cutting down on the number of weeds growing around their property.

Talk about thinking outside of the box.

www Google co
photo by scjody

Google processes around 20 petabytes of information every single day!

How’s that for powering a search engine?!

Seriously though:

A petabyte of data is incredible but 20 times that is absolutely insane!

www Google co
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Have you ever launched Mozilla Firefox to find Google preset by default as the homepage and wonder why that is?

Here’s why:

It turns out that Google actually pays Mozilla millions of dollars each year for them to do so.

www Google co
photo by esthervargasc

Google’s first ever tweet was sent out in binary format.

It translated out to say:

“I’m Feeling Lucky!”

If you were on the verge of creating a search engine that the entire world’s internet traffic relied heavily on:

You’d feel pretty lucky, too!

www Google co
photo by jayphen

Here’s a case for starting a company rather than playing the lottery.

The initial employees of Google hit the jackpot literally overnight becoming millionaires in the process when the company went public.

Now take that money and spend it on starting the next Google!

www Google co
photo by theilr

Google may now a lot more about you than you might expect them to.

In fact:

Google continuously analyzes and tracks a user’s behavior online by the sites they visit and ads they click.

You might want to think twice about which sites you visit next time.

www Google co
photo by john-spade

Steve Jobs was so keen on the finer details in things that he even went as far as calling up Google to complain about their logo.

He mentioned that the color of the second “o” in Google was off.

He even offered to have someone from his team get to work on the issue and Google was totally okay with that!

www Google co
photo by deenib1972

You’ve probably Googled your own name before haven’t you?

Don’t be embarrassed if you have.

Over half of all users online have done the same.

If you haven’t already:

You might be surprised to find out what it is that Google actually knows about you.

www Google co
photo by quinnanya

Google has worked hard to include as many languages as possible on their home page.

In fact:

There are over 100 different languages available to users.

It’s Google’s way of ensuring that it’s services are available to as many users as possible.

www Google co
photo by tschiae

Google’s presence matters every single minute it’s up and running.

Their services went down for 5 minutes recently causing an insane 40 percent drop in worldwide online traffic!

That’s crazy; for the entire world’s internet traffic to be heavily dependent upon a single search engine!

www Google co
photo by bilinkis

In 2012:

Google’s revenue hit the 50 billion dollar mark!

If you understand that there are countries on this planet that make far less GDP-wise than Google:

Then you’ll realize how astronomical of a figure 50 billion US dollars is.

www Google co
photo by sillyeaglebooks

Although Google was originally founded in North America:

The company maintains a strong presence in more than 70 offices worldwide!

The number of countries Google operates within is around 50 in total!

www Google co
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Don’t you ever wonder how it is that Google makes its billions by offering a service that anyone can use for free?

Turns out that it’s pretty much all from advertisements.

That’s right:

Some even estimate that about 90 percent of Google’s revenue is from ads.

www Google co
photo by gsfc

Have you ever used Google Earth?

Would it surprise you to find out that, in fact:

It wasn’t Google that entirely developed the original service?

The company Keyhole, Inc. developed integral parts of Google Maps of which Google would go on to purchase in 2005.

www Google co
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When you’re in the game to win big:

It helps to buy out all of your competitors.

Google does just that by averaging one purchase of a company each week!

That rate has most likely continued to increase rapidly ever since.

www Google co
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It’s amazing how quickly Google’s influence has grown across the internet.

It was only on August of 2004 that the company had its first public offering and look at how far they’ve come since!

Barely over a decade later and the company is now worth billions!

www Google co
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According to Alexa (a website that ranks other sites based on their popularity):

Google is currently the number 1 most popular site on the web.

This applies to the entire worldwide web and not only to Google’s country of origin.

www Google co
photo by nasamarshall

The amount of resources required to run Google’s website is tremendously large.

In fact:

It takes over one million computers operating smoothly in order to ensure that all of Google’s data runs smoothly.

Google actually handles over a billion search requests on a daily basis!

www Google co
photo by dullhunk

The founders of Google offered to sell their website to the CEO of Excite for the price of one million dollars.


The CEO refused and today Google is worth billions and billions of dollars.

Obviously, the CEO of Excite isn’t very excited about his loss.

www Google co
photo by jonathancohen

Google’s very name has become so ingrained in our language that on June of 2006:

The Oxford English Dictionary decided to add the word “google” as a verb inside its pages.

When your company’s name is turned into a verb dictating action:

You must be doing something right.

www Google co
photo by gloomcheng

If you’re in the mood for a quick game break:

Try typing “Atari breakout” into Google Images.

The game will automatically pop up for you to enjoy.

I tried it and it actually works!

www Google co
photo by freefoto

Google’s policy holds that if a current employee of the company passes away while under their employment:

The employee’s surviving spouse will receive 50 percent of their salary for the next 10 years!

Be careful who you marry… lol.

www Google co
photo by jasmeet

Google was originally dubbed as the “BackRub” search engine in its early days.


They decided to call it something else and settled on the word Google.

In fact:

The founders actually misspelled the word “Googol” and now we have the Google search engine.

www google com
photo by antrix

Google has a company pet T-Rex right outside of their headquarters.

No, it’s not a live T-Rex (although that would be really cool).


It’s a skeleton fossil that’s placed there to serve as a reminder to its employees to not let Google go extinct.

What a clever idea!

www Google co
photo by wsdot

It’s tough starting a website from scratch and getting visitors to your site.

Google is no exception.

Which is why it’s all the more remarkable that they hit the one billion unique visitors mark by May of 2011.

Have you seen that many cars in traffic in your lifetime?

www Google co
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“Google knows more about you than your mother.”

Those were the famous words uttered by a critic at one point.

However you may interpret that:

It’s definitely no exaggeration that the search engine giant does perhaps know a great deal about both you and I.

www Google co
photo by vin60

By June of 2000:

Google had become the single largest search engine in the world!

It’s difficult to point to single entities that have had such a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives in mass.

Without a doubt:

One of them is definitely Google.

What are your thoughts on these facts?

Which of these facts surprised you the most?


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