www Facebook com Login [33 Facts]

www Facebook com Login
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The next time you go to www Facebook com Login, think twice about what you share on the social network.

Here’s the truth:

There really is such a thing as sharing too much information.

I mean that both in a general and personal sense.


No one wants to know what you’re doing every single hour of your life.

This isn’t Twitter people!

Stop sharing every single little nuance that occurs in your day!

Who cares if you went down to the kitchen and only had orange juice left in your fridge?

Even worse:

I know some people that literally post to Facebook multiple times a day.

So, when you wake up the next day and check your wall, you have all these posts from just one person!

I’m, of course, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but there is such a thing as forced attention.

What I mean is:

It’s like you’re forcing people to pay attention to you by posting so many status updates every hour!

It’s too much and could lead to you being unfriended (you’ve been warned).

In a general sense:

It’s even worse to overshare your private information on Facebook.

Think about how long those posts stay on your wall and what kinds of unintended consequences could follow.

You know that job you applied for the other day?

Well, it turns out the reason you might not have been hired is because of a nasty post you wrote a couple of years back.

Maybe in the moment the post was funny and understood by everyone, but it sure wasn’t interpreted that way by your potential employer.

Be careful:

Think twice (for some people three times even) before posting sensitive or private information onto the social network.

Here are some facts on Facebook that will help you to rethink oversharing your information.

www Facebook com Login
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Paying taxes is no fun at all.

In fact:

Some people hate paying taxes so much that they would be willing to go to extreme measures to avoid paying them.

Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin decided to renounce his US citizenship in order to avoid paying $700 million in taxes!

www Facebook com Login
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Facebook hosts a competition known as the Hacker Cup.

In a surprising turn of events:

First place was actually awarded to a Google programmer!

In fact:

The Google employee arrived at the award ceremony to claim his prize while wearing his Google employee badge!


www Facebook com Login
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Even though most Facebook users have more than a 100 friends:

A recent survey pointed to only 4 of them as being ones whom the users would actually turn to for help!

What this survey illustrates is that friendships are based on a gradient and close friends are jewels.

www Facebook com Login
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Operating Facebook’s software is no walk in the park.

In fact:

It may surprise you to know that Facebook uses more than twice the amount of code to run its software as that of an F-35 fighter jet!

If that doesn’t blow your mind, then try flying an F-35 fighter jet and see if that does.

www Facebook com Login
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Stop oversharing on Facebook, please!

One study found that an alarming 88 percent of Facebook users “creep” on their ex-partners following a break-up.

Be mindful of your posting behavior following such an event.

In fact, you might be one of those creeps…

www Facebook com Login
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The human body is much more complex than any software humans have created.

Believe it or not:

A single gram of human DNA could store all of Facebook’s data with room left over!

You could even store all of Google’s data into the leftover room.

How’s that for a biology lesson?

www Facebook com Login
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Okay, this is definitely creepy.

In the event of your demise:

Facebook has a feature to allow you to choose who will take control of your account after you die.

I mean how is that supposed to make you feel?

Worse, how many accounts are out there doing just that?!

www Facebook com Login
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Before you post anything on Facebook:

Please stop and think twice about it before you do!

Facebook allegedly goes as far as automatically routing over anything you type into the status update box directly to their servers.

This happens regardless of whether you press post or not!

www Facebook com Login
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Facebook’s empire may generate a lot of revenue, but it also costs them a ton to maintain its presence.

Here’s a number that doesn’t get tossed around in conversation often:

$30 million US dollars!

That is around how much it costs Facebook to host its own website per month!


www Facebook com Login
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Some people make $25,000 each year and have to work super hard to make that much.

On the other hand:

Facebook cries when their service goes down for one minute because in that one minute they have lost $25,000!

There’s a sky of difference between the two incomes!

www Facebook com Login
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There are literally billions of active users on Facebook.

In fact:

Each minute 1.8 million new “likes” take place on the website.

Consider how much traffic you’d need in order to be able to cite such enormous statistics.

Have you ever seen that many cars in your entire lifetime?

www Facebook com Login
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We don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg’s website with our most personal posts and photos and neither should you!

When asked in a 2004 interview why users would give Facebook so much of their personal information:

Zuckerberg said it was because users are “dumb %$#@^.”


www Facebook com Login
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The “Like” button on Facebook was almost called the “Awesome” button instead.

Imagine how terrible it would be if you wanted to show your support for a highly controversial topic by saying the topic was “Awesome.”

Ya, that would probably not work out very well at all.

www Facebook com Login
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Here’s a fact that might not surprise some people.

About 9 percent of users on Facebook are fake.

So, now you know:

Some of your friends on Facebook are literally fake friends.

How about that?

Those celebrities you thought you were following might be fake, too!

www Facebook com Login
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If you’re still in doubt as to how large Facebook really is, then consider the following:

Around 27 percent of upstream web traffic (during peak periods) comes from uploaded photos and videos by mobile users on Facebook!

Think about how many cell phones are required to make this statistic true.

www Facebook com Login
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Mark Zuckerberg reportedly donated $1 billion of his wealth to charity in 2013.

This would make Zuckerberg the biggest charitable donor in the United States.

Is this an example of genuine sincerity from the heart or a desperate measure to enhance his own public image?

We aren’t the ones to judge him.

www Facebook com Login
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For all the millions of people that vote in the elections in North America:

There are more than that number of people using Facebook!

That’s a bit of an insane fact to consider.

More people in North America are active on social media than are actively voting for their President!

www Facebook com Login
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When people think of an addiction usually drugs or gambling come to mind.


One blogger found Facebook to be so addicting that he actually hired someone to slap him every time he veered off onto the site.

The struggle is real!

www Facebook com Login
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If you see that Mark Zuckerberg is your friend on Facebook and would like some way out of it, you’re in for some disappointment.

You can try, you can squirm, you can scream, but no matter what you do you will never be able to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg.

What a pest!

www Facebook com Login
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Are you bad at math?

Don’t worry:

Here’s a math problem you’ll understand.

Facebook makes around $20 off of every user of its site.

The website has over one billion active users.

Multiply the two together and you have a company making well over 5 billion dollars!

www Facebook com Login
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Stop sharing private posts and photos for the whole world to see!

Get this:

China actually blocked Facebook in 2009.

If a whole country sees the site as a threat, then what chance do you have?

Stop oversharing all of your sensitive information and protect your privacy!

www Facebook com Login
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Facebook is not something you want to be on when you’re married.

In 2011:

One-third of all divorce filings contained the word “Facebook.”

If that’s not enough of a reason to stay away from Facebook when you’re married then you might not value your marriage enough.

www Facebook com Login
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Here’s an interesting fact:

It turns out that the reason that Facebook is primarily blue is due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness.

I’m sure there are plenty of colorblind users that appreciate this design element being incorporated in.

www Facebook com Login
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Ghosts have been known to make their presence felt on Facebook.

It turns out:

Around 30 million users on Facebook are dead.

How they continue to update their status feed, though, we might never know for sure.

Who knows?

Some of your friends might be ghosts.

www Facebook com Login
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If you don’t like people following you around then why are you using Facebook every day?

Facebook tracks you as you surf the web and knows which sites you’ve been visiting.

If that’s not enough:

They continue to track you online even after you’ve signed out of Facebook!

www Facebook com Login
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It’s a state of mind that no one wants to be in.

Would it surprise you to know:

One study suggests that 1 in 3 people feel more dissatisfied with their lives after having visited Facebook?

Stop using Facebook for a week and see how if it makes you feel much better.

www Facebook com Login
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Don’t believe Facebook is an addiction?

Count the number of times you log onto Facebook each day on your smartphone.

The average user logs onto Facebook an average of 14 times a day using their smartphone!

Is there anything else in life you do 14 times daily?

www Facebook com Login
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Murder is a nasty word.

There are some truly sick people out there.

Be careful who you befriend on Facebook as some users have been murdered for simply unfriending someone on Facebook.

Be smart about who you choose to accept as a friend on your profile.

www Facebook com Login
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The average user spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

That’s a lot of time to devote to social media.

I know some people spend way more than 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

There is just so much more out there to do than to be on social media all day.

Go outside!

Live your life!

www Facebook com Login
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Interested in doubling your smartphone’s battery life?

All it takes is deleting the Facebook app off your phone.

The discovery was made by a mobile economist who saw that the Facebook app was literally consuming 47 percent of his smartphone’s battery!

www Facebook com Login
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Every single day:

Hackers try their best to get access to Facebook accounts.

The number of hackers that do so each day is over one hundred thousand!

Perhaps, now you should be more careful about what you decide to share on your account.

Your privacy matters a lot!

www Facebook com Login
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Great news for pirates!

You can now choose “Pirate” as your official language on Facebook!

The question then follows:

How many pirates had to join the site for “Pirate” to become an option you can choose as a language?

It’s kind of spooky thinking about it.

What are your thoughts?

Which of these facts surprised you the most?


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