Toys R Us [27 Facts and Photos]

Toys R Us
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Anyone that’s ever been inside of Toys R Us as a child knows the overwhelming feeling of joy you experience when you enter a store filled to the brim with nothing but toys!

It’s a surreal experience that every child should experience at least once.

I still remember:

When I was a child (a loooooong time ago) the only shopping I ever wanted to do was to go shopping at Toys R Us.

I hated shopping for clothes or shoes, but when it came time to go visit the toy store I was already in the car, ha ha!

Here’s the deal:

You really owe it to your children (if you have any) to take them there once a year.

If not that:

Then at least once during their childhood!

It doesn’t even have to be an entirely selfless act.

In fact:

I believe selflessness is, in itself, selfishness.

Let me explain:

The act of taking a child to the toy store helps you to bond with that child and can even turn into an interesting math lesson for the day!

Here’s how:

You could say to the child that they can buy any amount of toys they would like as long as the purchase price doesn’t exceed a certain limit.

Say the limit is $20 or $30 dollars.

They’ll be doing a bunch of addition and subtraction right there on the spot to see how many toys they can take home with them!

It’s such a clever way to get your kid thinking about numbers at an early age.

One I guarantee they’ll be sharing with their friends as well!

You see:

The selfless act of taking your child to Toys R Us can it self become the selfish act of having them do their homework right inside the store!

And the price you pay is whatever the purchase limit you set for them is!

It’s also a great way to develop a healthy relationship and bond with your children.


I still get a rush of euphoria whenever I step inside Toys R Us even today because of all the fond memories I have established there in my mind as a kid.

Here are some truly neat facts and photos on Toys R Us for you to enjoy:

Toys R Us
photo by roadgeek

Toys R Us has its world headquarters stationed in Wayne, New Jersey in the United States.

The company is privately-held and focuses its efforts on the retail industry.

The company is so large that:

It employs thousands of employees world wide and keeps those people on a route to stable employment.

Toys R Us
photo by animakitty

This is possibly the most fun and exercise you can have as a kid.

Trust me:

There’s so much more to this game than first comes to mind.

You have to jump to avoid being hit, you have to sneak and employ stealth, and you have to aim if you want to strike your target.

So much fun!

Toys R Us
photo by dominic

It may surprise you to know that Toys R Us has over 1,500 locations worldwide!


You really don’t have an excuse for not taking your kids out to Toys R Us for a math lesson… sorry, I mean for a good time.

Hey, selfless acts are also selfish acts when you stack two things together, lol.

toys r us
photo by suhendralie

The Razor Scooter may have single-handedly been responsible for bringing more kids outside than any other toy in existence!

Think back:

Riding your razor scooter outdoors through the neighborhood was the absolute meaning of being free and wild as a kid!

Every child should own a scooter.

Toys R Us
photo by wicker-furniture

The toy company was originally founded in Washington, D.C. as the Children’s Supermart (the company would later become known as Toys R Us).


The store focused on selling baby furniture but would later go on to add baby toys due to the high demand from customers.

toys r us
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Ah, the hoverboard!

It didn’t take long for the consumer market to be flooded with such a variety of these toys.

Some were built to last whereas others had faulty batteries that caused the toy to catch on fire spontaneously.

They may have been slow, but they were hot…

Toys R Us
photo by hinkelstone

Here’s your economics lesson for the day.

At the company’s peak, Toys R Us was widely regarded as being a category killer.

In other words:

It was a business that focused so intently on just one sector of the economy that it crushed all of its competition both large and small!

toys r us
photo by msenese

The electric motorbike was at the top of the pyramid and most awesome thing you could own as a kid.

There was nothing else that even came close.

There are those who pedal their bicycles and then there’s the electric motorbike.

To a child:

This was as great as a Porsche 918 Turbo.

Toys R Us
photo by stanzim

Whatever rises must inevitably fall.

The company faced massive pressure from the likes of mass-market giants such as Target and Walmart on both price and product assortment.

Even worse:

Toys R Us faced a ton of pressure from online retail giant,

toys r us
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Connect Four and Jumbo Jenga!

Here are two games you’d be happy to pull out on a rainy day.

Even if the storm got really bad and the power was to go out:

You’d still be able to play these two games in comfort.

There really isn’t anything like some quality time with children.

Toys R Us
photo by keepitsurreal

Sometimes in life we all need to shift our focus, our aim, or the way we do business.

Toys R Us shifted from over a quarter-century as a public company and turned private.

A leveraged buyout of the company occurred transferring ownership of the company from the public to private ownership in 2001.

toys r us
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I personally know a young girl that can solve the Rubix cube super fast.

I mean faster than I can that’s for sure!


Buy one of these for your daughter or son and watch them learn how to solve this in under 5-10 minutes.

It’s amazing watching how quickly kids will learn to solve problems.

Toys R Us
photo by pinkmoose

In May of 2006:

Toys R Us took hold of toy retailer FAO Schwarz which is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862 and is one of the oldest toy retailers in the nation.

toys r us
photo by natecull

Drinks, snacks, and some Uno cards; these are the necessary requirements to tons of fun with the family.

Of course:

The real reason we play the game is to share laughs and time with the people we care for most.

So, get the deck out and start the game!

Toys R Us
photo by bensutherland

Toys R Us found success in opening smaller “express” versions of their stores.

They offered a much more limited selection of items and were intended to be temporary stores that offset the economic recession.


The shops were so successful that several remained open even after the recession ended.

toys r us
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This game is one heck of a good time!

It may even be the best board game ever created.

The game of Sorry is incredibly simple to understand and play.


The amount of frustration and enjoyment you get out of the experience is priceless.

I still enjoy this game even today.

Toys R Us
photo by kevinmgill

E-commerce is becoming more important every day globally.

In 2010:

Toys R Us reported significant gains in profits from internet sales.

The company’s online presence was growing so quickly that it decided to open a dedicated fulfillment center in McCarran, Nevada.

toys r us
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The game of Mancala actually refers to a family of board games played around the world.

The word Mancala is actually derived from the Arabic language and, literally, means “to move.”

As such:

The game requires constant movement around the board while utilizing your wits.

Toys R Us
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Online sales skyrocketed for the toy company.

In 2010:

Sales were reported at around $782 million US dollars!

If that wasn’t enough:

Online sales in 2014 grew to $1.2 billion averaging an annual growth rate of 8.94%.

toys r us
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No, not the pizza you guys eat in North America.

I’m talking about the game of dominoes.

Although, I’ll be honest in saying:

The reason we bought dominoes when we were kids was to stack them up in a row and then watch them fall in great rapid succession.

Toys R Us
photo by kevint

The world is quickly transitioning to solar as it becomes more readily available and economically viable.

Not one that desires to be left behind:

Toys R Us announced plans to cover 70 percent of the roof of its distribution center with a solar installation.

What a bright idea!

toys r us
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Remote controlled cars are a lot of fun to shuttle around on afternoons.

Some run out of juice really quickly though but they sure are a lot of fun to play with.

If you set up an obstacle course:

You can race them against a friend through the obstacle course and see who of the two has the best driving skills.

So much fun!

Toys R Us
photo by jeepersmedia

The company decided to pursue an integrated approach to its store’s design.

Instead of having separate stores for Toys R Us and Babies R Us:

The company decided that combining both stores under a single store’s roof would provide a better overall shopper experience.

toys r us
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It’s hard to imagine that something that holds such a significant role in the military could make its way to the hands of children, but here they are!

Look up high!

Drones are an amazing phenomenon that have empowered regular people to take some seriously phenomenal aerial photography.

Toys R Us
photo by calignosus

Of course:

A company that sells products aimed at young children and infants must also take into account safety standards.

The company has reportedly implemented very high safety standards in the past and in 2007 promised to strengthen its standards against vendors.

toys r us
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Oh, yeah.

Who could forget about legos?

These little building blocks helped to create some truly remarkable works of architecture.

Entire theme parks are based on legos.

I don’t think I know of a single kid that hasn’t held or played with legos.

Legos may be the ultimate toy.

What are your thoughts on these facts and photos?

Have any of these toys brought back fond childhood memories from your past?


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