Tesla Model X [33 Amazing Photos]

tesla model x
photo by 9602574@N02

When I think of an all electric SUV:

The Tesla Model X is the only one that comes to mind.

I wish other car companies would supply consumers with an all electric SUV as well.

But hey at least there’s one option out.


This is going to be my honest review of the Tesla Model X.

It’s not a perfect SUV.

As a matter of fact:

Its aesthetically lacking in certain respects.

For example:

The roof is too low and the Model X closely resembles a turtle in shape.

Other than that:

Functionally it’s a stellar SUV.

It’s insane that the vehicle can accelerate 0 to 60 quicker than a Mclaren F1!!

Ludicrous even!

The fact that it can do that with enough room for 6 passengers and a driver is mind-boggling and jaw-dropping.

I love the falcon wing doors.

Functionally they make sense.

Aesthetically they are ugly.

They really don’t look great at all on the Model X’s low circular roof.

Here’s what I’m imagining must have went down:

The Tesla team made a decision that performance and functionality was their primary motive in designing the Model X.

That meant sacrificing looks for performance and range.

Had they concentrated on looks as their primary motivation:

They would have had to sacrifice the performance and range of the vehicle.

It was a give-and-take sort of decision.

If anything is to blame for this dilemma:

It’s the current state of batteries.

Batteries today are simply too weak and in definite need of improvement.


I love the SUV segment of the car market.

In fact:

I prefer an SUV over a sedan.

An SUV is simply more robust and capable.


In all honesty, looks do matter.

That’s why until batteries strengthen to the point where a car company like Tesla doesn’t have to sacrifice good looks for functionality and performance:

Purchasing an electric SUV simply doesn’t make sense to me.

I still applaud them for their efforts as I think in time:

Batteries will advance to the point where a car can be as functional as the Model X and yet as stylish and good-looking as the Volvo XC90.

For now:

Here are some photos of the Model X out in the wild for you to enjoy.

tesla model x
photo by 9602574@N02

I have to admit, of all grill-less cars I’ve seen:

The Model X is one of the few that can pull it off.

Of course:

Another is the Porsche Mission E.

It’s hard to reimagine something that’s been done the same way for so long, but the Model X pulls it off without a hitch.

tesla model x
photo by 9602574@N02

Ya, this just doesn’t look all that great.

Maybe, if the Model X were a bit taller:

It might be able to pull off this look.

However, at its current height and with that face:

It looks like a turtle with some wings attached.

Ya, no thank you.

tesla model x
photo by 9602574@N02

The rear end of the Model X looks really good.

I love how it slightly bends outward (I’m assuming that has something to do with aerodynamics).

Either way:

It looks really classy from this angle, for sure.

tesla model x
photo by 138248475@N03

Someone should tap Tesla on the shoulder and let them know that aesthetics do matter.

It is my sincere hope that this is only the beginning of much greater things to come.

In all honesty:

It looks like a squished pancake trying to make its way onto my breakfast plate.

tesla model x
photo by 9602574@N02

Let’s offer some constructive criticism here:

The car is too short for an SUV.

If you’re going to box off the front end and squish down the body:

You’re gonna end up with something extraordinarily ugly.


Slim down the front end to match the rest of the vehicle’s profile or raise the height of the vehicle all together.

tesla model x
photo by inhabitat

One of the best features of the Model X is the automatic open/close door feature.

Just walk right up to the door and (much like a Chauffeur):

The doors automatically open for you!

Step inside and the doors automatically close.

I love how technology enriches our lives.

tesla model x
photo by inhabitat

Those turbine rims are boss.


I’ve yet to see better rims on an SUV than those of the Model X.

They hold a sporty grit to them and look as rigid as diamonds.

Very clean aesthetics here.

tesla model x
photo by inhabitat

The interior is no slouch.

Here are some of the best interior features:

A center console display (how in the world did we get by with anything less), a firm feel-good steering wheel, and a minimalist interior throughout.

Honestly, my only complaint here is that the pedals are not made of pure gold.

tesla model x
photo by apapp

Am I alone in feeling great ambition to better battery tech?

You know:

Tesla would never have allowed such a mediocre design to pass to market if batteries were sufficiently strong enough to allow for a taller roof without sacrificing range.

I hate that Tesla took a hybrid Sedan/SUV approach to the Model X.

tesla model x
photo by envios

Okay, just flatten and raise the roof and this would look damn sexy.


I can totally see those falcon wings work on an Audi Q7.

Maybe, if Tesla were to charge a royalty to other manufacturers for their use of the falcon wing doors, we would all use them.

tesla model x
photo by inhabitat

Those seats look top notch.

In fact:

They might even be some of the best-looking seats I’ve seen in any vehicle.

The color and contrast between the seats and black interior is absolutely stunning.

tesla model x
photo by jurvetson

Okay here’s a suggestion:

Take the face of the Model X and put it onto the Model S.

Bam, you’d have the best looking sedan of all time!


The Model X doesn’t look too bad from this angle.

Just keep those falcon wings down for the love of all things beautiful.

tesla model x
photo by jurvetson

I’m so glad Tesla started off by making a good-looking sedan before screwing it all up with such an ugly SUV.

I mean who in their right mind decided this would be okay?

It’s not.

It just makes me so mad to see good engineering talent produce something so abhorrently ugly as this.

tesla model x
photo by benterrett


Even the distance between the tires and the surrounding enclosure is spot on.

I absolutely am in love with those rims.

Black is my personal favorite color and those turbine rims tell you why.

tesla model x
photo by automobileitalia

If you’re blind and didn’t care about aesthetics (only performance):

This would be the SUV for you to buy without a doubt.

It’s performance and functionality is (in my opinion) second to none.

However, if your vision is good and healthy:

You’d do well to stay clear of introducing such ugliness into your lifestyle.

But hey it’s up to you.

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

You see.

The interior is glamorous.

The seats are spectacular!

Fit for the likes of royalty!

If only the same could be said of the exterior (sigh).

The only real complaint I have here is maybe the roof isn’t high enough for certain passengers.

Otherwise, the interior is spot on.

tesla model x
photo by tonyshek

Really cool.

Really refined.

Really awesome.

This is how all SUV’s should feel and look on the interior.

Although it does seem minimalist in its interior design:

The Model X does not feel cheap in any way what so ever.

tesla model x
photo by glynlowe

Take note of the good-looking roofs on the other SUVs around the Model X.

Why can’t it emulate those standards.

I know, I know because batteries and range.

I gotcha.

But as soon as battery tech improves:

You better expect an updated Model X with a taller roof.

tesla model x
photo by atomic80


One of the great features of the Model X are its eyes.

With head lights like those:

You can feel comfortable in finding your way around town.

I know I would.

I love how the metal tightly hugs the head lights from the bottom.

Really well done!

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

Gorgeous angle.

Gorgeous seats!

Gorgeous display to make you feel gorgeous.

The only thing missing in this picture is a bottle of spring water.

You’ll need it to cool off after hitting the throttle and accelerating to 60 in less than 4 seconds!

tesla model x
photo by gregory_gdp

SUV’s look sexy.

The Model X looks ugly.

It therefore stands to reason:

The Model X is not an SUV.

It’s a sedan/SUV hybrid gone rabid.

Someone needs to take this car behind the barn and just shoot it already.

Please Tesla:

Put this car out of its misery and replace it with something much better looking ASAP.

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

Refined in its appearance:

The Model X’s display takes center stage.

This is going to be one of those features that becomes more common place as automobiles advance in design over the years.

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

You are going to feel a bit cramped inside the Model X.

That’s not something that should be acceptable in an SUV.

I’m sure we all remember what it felt like to ride comfortably inside a van with our moms.

Now that same principle should also extend out to SUVs as well.

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

You’ll note that the door handles are flush with the face of the door.

The reason for this is quite simple actually.

It’s so aerodynamic drag can be brought to a minimum.


The handles do not retract out like they do in the Model S.

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

Am I alone on this?

Please let me know because I really don’t like Tesla’s execution of the falcon wing doors.

They just don’t work here on the low roof of the Model X.

I could totally see this working on a taller SUV though.

tesla model x
photo by joebehr



There’s no artist on earth that would be willing to spend time painting a Model X.

It’s such a hideous design and one that’s in need of some serious design changes.

Raise that roof for the sake of beauty and aesthetics!

tesla model x
photo by motorblog

Kinda cool.

A snub little nose tucked away into the front face of the Model X.

I kind of wish that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 would incorporate this design element into its final production design.

Let’s wait and see.

tesla model x
photo by atomic80

Ya no.

Those doors look bad from every angle.

Every time I look at the falcon wing doors on the Model X I remember that my plants need pruning.

So I guess they do serve a purpose in some respects.

tesla model x
photo by 69214385@N04

Hey at least the Model X looks great from the back end.

A nice slender grey stretches across the back with the TESLA logo proudly displayed.

It takes time to refine any new technology.

So, I’m not totally discrediting Tesla’s efforts here.

Only critiquing.

tesla model x
photo by atomic80

An SUV should never be allowed to bend its hood over by this much.

It just goes against basic SUV design law.

The makers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are looking at this car and thinking:

Man, that’s hideous.

tesla model x
photo by glynlowe

This is the perfect image of the Model X.

It conveys to the world that this vehicle will soon be a thing of the past.

Soon we can all forget that such a horrendous SUV ever existed.


An all-new all-electric SUV will soon be introduced with much better aesthetics and design.

tesla model x
photo by 69214385@N04

It’s fantastic that they were able to remove the fake grill prior to production.

That would have been a mistake otherwise.


I do hope that Tesla gets together in the near future when batteries have improved and redesigns the Model X to better look like an SUV.

What are your thoughts?

Please let us know in the comments below.


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