Tesla Model S [33 Must See Images]

tesla model s
photo by daviddpdz

This is one of my all time favorite cars.


I love living in the here and now.

When I think about living in the future:

One of the first things that crosses my mind is electrification of transport.


That’s here and that’s happening now.

This is the Tesla Model S.

This is the future; right now.

Everything about this vehicle is just amazing.

I will say (and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this):

I kind of wish that the roof wasn’t so low.

I mean:

I’m sure that it had to do with getting the coefficient of drag on the vehicle to as low of a number as possible.

So, the design of the vehicle’s height was restricted.

But I still wish the roof was a little higher.

Like if the Model S could resemble the beautiful body of the Audi A6 that would be stellar.

But again batteries today do not allow for it (i.e. range).

I get it.

I’m planning on purchasing a Tesla Model S, but here’s the thing:

I’m waiting until Tesla Autopilot Beta drops the Beta nomenclature.

I don’t know about you guys, but here’s my stance:

There is no way I am letting a car that sort of can drive you on its own but not really so drive me anywhere!

Not until the software is finalized and requires no continued input from the driver at all.

I know a lot of people that agree with me on this and are waiting for the same.

But like I said:

As soon as Tesla Autopilot reaches the point to where its finalized and at least 10 times safer than a human driving on his or her own, I’ll still be waiting for that day to come.

I think that’ll probably happen around the year 2020.

Without a doubt:

The Tesla Model S is a game changer.

Here’s what’s so attractive about the vehicle:

The center console display, the lack of a protruding hump in the middle of the car’s floor, and the really nice crumple zone in front make for an extremely attractive vehicle.

Here are some more photos of the Tesla Model S for you to enjoy.

tesla model s
photo by 8751723@N02

This has got to be the most meaningful picture of the Tesla Model S ever.

Think about it:

Sustainable transport coexisting harmoniously with the great outdoors.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with gas guzzlers; not so with the Model S.

Nothing but love here.

tesla model s
photo by 51811543@N08

Take a look at every other car in this picture and then take a look at the Model S.

The Model S is literally the best looking car on this entire road.

Here’s what matters in engineering design:

Good clean aesthetics and fine design details that promote the promise and allure of owning the product.


That’s something the Tesla Model S pulls off in this photo.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

One word comes to mind when I look at this image of the Model S:


In every sense of the word:

The Tesla model S is clean.

Clean in its amazing appearance.

Clean in that it doesn’t burn any fossil fuels.

So clean!

tesla model s
photo by sandmandesign

So beaver dam handsome.

Just look at those eyes!

I love the Tesla Model S’ face and nose so much.

It just looks so charming and refined.


I feel so much hope and satisfaction in knowing that the future of mass electrification of transport can look this flipping good.

tesla model s
photo by janitors

Here’s one of the best hidden features of the Model S:

Retractable door handles.

Of course:

This helps to minimize drag and just looks sleek when you look at it.

Hide them when they are not in use and bring them back out when you need them.

So clever!

tesla model s
photo by vermazeren

You know:

The thing about the color green is that its a color reserved for royalty.

It’s a color associated with nature and luxury.

These are all associations that come to mind when one considers the Model S.

tesla model s
photo by jtjdt




Here’s the nice thing about the Model S:

The method by which one “fuels up” is familiar enough for someone new using the vehicle to be able to figure out how similar charging the Model S is to charging their own phone.

tesla model s
photo by atomic80

As society advances:

So do the chariots that transport them and their cargo.


The Model S is so feature rich and advanced in its design that you will probably not feel like you are driving an outdated car for probably another 100 years!

tesla model s
photo by 30998987@N03

The Model S makes its appearance in broad daylight.

I remember when Tesla vehicles used to be a rare sight to behold.


They have become much more common place and prevalent as more and more people choose to purchase one for them selves.

tesla model s
photo by 30998987@N03

I like it.

In fact:

I love it.

I believe everyone should test drive a Model S.

It’s a lot like having sex.

Once you try it:

You’ll want to experience it again and again.

That’s a really good thing because it means the future is a lot less stressful on our lives and the environment.

tesla model s
photo by d_vdm


Long distance travel with the Model S is not a burden at all.

With all those superchargers easily accessible across the country:

You simply plan out your trip to pass them as you go.

tesla model s
photo by hansjohnson

I smile every time I see a Model S.

Here’s the deal:

I love the fact that the fastest production car in the world today is an all-electric Model S.

It’s a great message to send to the public at large.

I believe in the future:

We are all going to look back at this period in time when we used to drive gasoline cars as being extremely primitive and outdated.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

It’s not so bad that out of every car in this picture:

The Model S is the best looking one of them all.

As if it were my personal pet which I feed and care for on a daily basis:

I love the Tesla Model S.

tesla model s
photo by hansjohnson

The Model S doesn’t just have a great looking face:

It also has an amazing rear end.

Photographers and car enthusiasts the nation over were rushing to be able to take images of the Model S for their magazines.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

Nature and humanity coexisting with one another.

Neither transgressing on another’s rights.

That’s what the Tesla Model S represents.

In fact:

That’s the kind of future you want to raise your kids in.

tesla model s
photo by raneko

The P85 signature edition.

You know your life is a happy one when you are the first to go out and purchase this good looking car.

It helps that the purchase of this vehicle benefits everyone including the environment.

Life never felt so good.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

Black is my favorite color.

It’s easy to see why when you consider the paint job on this Model S.

In every sense of the word:

Simply glamorous.

I think if there was an option for black door handles:

I’d probably get that, too!

tesla model s
photo by cdorobek

You can choose to live your life however you see fit.

If you want to live your life on a standard of excellence befitting royalty and with safety as your top concern:

Then the Model S is the right vehicle for you.

tesla model s
photo by cdorobek

Can someone please name for me a better looking car than the Model S in the comments below?

Perhaps, I’m just infatuated with the vehicle, but as soon as Tesla tidies up their Autopilot:

I’m sure I’ll end up buying one for my self.

tesla model s
photo by cdorobek

You can really make out the attention to detail in this photo.

Consider the fact that Tesla tapped SpaceX in helping create this vehicle.

Think about that for a minute:

A company that launches rockets to space helped to create a car…

I’m at a loss for words.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

To live harmoniously with nature is to drive an all electric Tesla Model S.

To have the highest rated vehicle for safety in the country is to drive a Tesla Model S.

To be a prince of a country is to drive a Tesla Model S.

tesla model s
photo by 8058098@N07

I sometimes feel depressed, but then that depression subsides the moment I realize that you can work towards purchasing a car as stellar as this one.

As far as I know:

No car is without its flaws, but this is as close to perfect as any car I’ve seen.

tesla model s
photo by d_vdm

The Tesla Model S is now a part of our culture.

I love love love the fact that its all electric and that it doesn’t pollute our environment.


I love the fact that there’s a bicycle parked right next to the Tesla and that they both are good for the environment.

tesla model s
photo by raneko


A car that doesn’t pollute!

I mean this was something the world needed and now here it is!

I sometimes wonder if cars can get any better than this.

If they can:

Then that’s a future we can all look forward to.

tesla model s
photo by 30998987@N03

So in style.

So right.

I never look down on someone driving a Model S.

In fact:

I look up to them with great admiration and respect.

For someone to take a chance on a new company offering an environmentally conscious car is beyond awesome.

tesla model s
photo by harry_nl

Any one that drives a Model S should be very proud of their decisions.

I think one of the most morally correct things a person can do is to drive an all-electric car.

It not only makes a statement:

It also encourages them to follow suit and purchase one for themselves.

tesla model s
photo by sandmandesign

In a dark and gloomy world:

The Tesla Model S brings color to us all.

It brings happiness to a sad life.

It uplifts people out of their depression.

Don’t believe me?

Test drive one for yourself and find out for free!

tesla model s
photo by pestoverde

Rear view of such a classy car.

Honestly, I’m appalled by the fact that it took a company like Tesla (and not another established car maker) to come in and say:

“You know what? We are gonna make electric cars that both look and feel good.”

And they did a hoover dam good job at it.

tesla model s
photo by hansjohnson

Right this way!

Come one, come all!

For 1/4 the price of gas:

You can fill your tank up with electrons.

The best part?

It’s a sustainable means of transport for our generation and many more to come!

tesla model s
photo by demietrich

In an age of fossil fuels and a deteriorating atmosphere:

One car is manufactured to lead them all!

This is the future.


I feel so clean inside when I look at this photo of the Model S.


I love the fact that you never have to worry about outdated oil changes again!

tesla model s
photo by thelastminute

This might be the perfect outdoor sedan for taking the family out on vacation.

If you’re trying to become more in tune with nature:

How can you ever consider taking a gas guzzler with you?

That just doesn’t make any sense.

The Tesla Model S makes perfect sense.

tesla model s

photo by jurvetson

Is this the end or merely the beginning?

Time will tell as we continue our transition into the Sustainable/Renewable Energy Era.

One thing is for certain:

The road ahead looks bright and ripe for continued innovation towards that promise.

Have you test driven a Tesla Model S recently?

If so:

What was it like?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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