Nissan [33 Mind-Numbing Cars]

photo by drannok

There’s a reason that Nissan has become such a well-known global brand.

Keep in mind:

Their headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan.

Yet, their presence is felt around the globe!

Most people I know have never visited Yokohama, Japan.

Yet, everyone has heard of the automobile company from that region of the world.

Without a doubt:

Nissan has done a lot of good for the automotive world.

They’ve produced some truly awe-inspiring cars.

Look at the successor to the Skyline; the Nissan GT-R.

It’s a high-performance vehicle produced and unveiled in 2007.

Designed by the legendary Shiro Nakamura himself; the thing is a beast.


It will catapult you to new heights.

You think you know Nissan but you don’t know Nissan.

Not yet.

Not until you’ve driven the GT-R.

It’s the car that turns little boys into grown men and little girls into grown women.

You’re not an adult yet (not even close) until you experience the sensation of being inside this demon from hell.

Word has it:

Satan himself uses this car as his daily driver.

Hand built to be a joy ride sensation amusement park coaster:

This thing is as close to flying a jet as you can get on land.

The insane acceleration offered by the GT-R will take you from “I just woke up” to “I’m on my third cup of coffee right now” in less time than it takes you to lift a finger.

Capable of reaching a top speed of 193 miles per hour:

It can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in a jaw-dropping 3.2 seconds!

You may never again be able to close your eye lids after experiencing the GT-R yourself.

How is this achieved?

Simple really.

It just takes a bit of science, engineering moxie, and demented enthusiasm all mixed into one car; the Nissan GT-R.

If ever there was a car that all adults should drive:

It’s this one.

At least try it!

But let me warn you:

Once you try it, you may never again be able to go back to anything less than this.

Here’s a gallery of some of the best-looking cars designed by Nissan for you to enjoy.

photo by 51811543@N08

All red and with a sleek body to boot.

This is a car you can be proud to drive.

Here’s one of the car’s best features:

I love how sleek the profile of the car looks.

You’d feel twenty years younger riding in one of these all day.

You gotta love it!

photo by eddy_clio

Every angle on this beast looks great.

The rims fit the body so well.

Maybe the back is a little too big, but hey more cargo space, right?

Looking at this car:

Its low profile seems to help hug the road on those tight turns around the corner.

photo by falsely


Absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s why:

The body, the angles on the roof, the curved hood with the immediate drop…

I don’t know if any element of this car could have been designed any better!

photo by stefans02

Take away those rims and this car would be amazing!

Here’s the deal:

I love how every line and curve on this car seem to meet and blend so well with each other.

It’s as if a mad scientist decided his madness was best suited to car design work.

photo by 99644089@N03

This is actually a concept car from Nissan.

When you think about it:

It kind of reminds you of the Bat-Mobile, doesn’t it?

I sort of wish Nissan would release some of these concept cars for us to actually enjoy.

photo by joao_paulo_cars

I don’t so much care for that black stripe running across the body, but man does this car look good in yellow.

In fact:

It looks amazing in yellow!

The head lights are okay, I guess.

The rims are what really stand out in this photo.

I sort of wish:

I could reach in and grab those rims.

photo by juanelo242a

Nissan automobiles are definitely one of the better-looking cars on the road.

Even when it comes to older models:

They still looked good.

The paint job on this car looks really nice and the relatively small size of this car is actually kind of cool.

photo by 99644089@N03

If ever there were tail lights designed to look intimidating:

It would definitely have to be these right here.

The black color on this car looks too good for words to adequately describe.

I love the rear view on this car from Nissan.

photo by peace6x

I don’t care for the headlights, but everything else here looks spot on.

Here are the car’s best features:

The body, the way the hood lays flat near the windshield, and the elegant grill in front all convey a level of authority that isn’t one to be taken lightly.

photo by 8000vueltas

If this is what the cars we drive in heaven look like:

Then I’m ready to die and go there now.

I mean could anyone have designed a better-looking car?

I love the way the tail lights are designed and how the exhaust is fitted into the rear to look so natural.

photo by joao_paulo_cars

I kind of see some “Miata” in this car, but, of course:

This car looks a lot better.

I still can’t get over how great the body of this car looks.

I really want to get inside of it, and drive it around town while drinking a cup of coffee.

Without a doubt:

That would be pure euphoria and bliss.

photo by eddy_clio

Have the hands of Greek sculptors been employed by Nissan?

How else can one design such a marvelous car?

There’s only one thing I’d change:

I’d take away those weird taillights and keep everything else as is.

That blue color definitely catches your eyes for sure.

photo by joao_paulo_cars

Black and yellow fit so well with one another.

They’re so different yet somehow:

They compliment each other really well.

Nissan has many people thanking them for granting us all the privilege of being able to drive and experience such amazing cars.

photo by 97202111@N03

Not all cars can pull off this look.

Yet, somehow:

Here it is!

Nissan has gotten so much right over the years.

This car is definitely one of them.

Here are some of the car’s best features:

The rims are stellar, the paint job is fresh, and even the headlights blend so well with the rest of the body.

photo by thomaschung

Let’s zoom in on this car why don’t we?

The exhaust on the back fits so well and the proportions are right on the dot.

I’m sure Nissan made a lot of money off this specific car and why not?

In fact:

It’s a great-looking car which I’m sure many people would love to own.

photo by 51811543@N08

Okay, those headlights could have been designed better.

Although this car isn’t it:

Doesn’t it closely resemble the ugly Nissan Leaf?

It’s not all bad though:

The body style is good and the proportions on the grill are definitely nice as well.

photo by divid3d


This is a car that looks like it was designed for modern tastes.

I don’t like it when cars try to do too much.


The features on this car behave so well and achieve the right balance of design and functionality.

The proportions on this car blend together like butter on jam.

photo by gregory_gdp

Could this car be any lower to the ground?

I wonder if you could attach a vacuum to the bottom of this car and drive it all across town to clean up our roads.

I will say:

It’s got a really nice color to it, though.

photo by carsferamagazine

Now, there’s an SUV little kids would love to hang on their bedroom wall as a poster.

Just look at it!

Who wouldn’t want to drive that when they’re young?

I think the large size of an SUV appeals to small children.

At least, once you’re older:

You can finally go and drive one around for as long as you like!

photo by sherlock77

Is it a Jeep?

No, it’s a Nissan!

I have to admit:

It kind of looks like one.

Do any of you remember those small electric toy SUVs you had when you were kids?

This sort of looks like that except it’s much larger and a real automobile, of course.

photo by welikecars

The best looking car in the lot.

There’s something about coupes that captures people’s imaginations.

Maybe it’s the way they look.

Maybe it’s the way they drive.

Either way:

Nissan sure knows how to produce a really attractive coupe.

That’s for sure.

photo by 51811543@N08

There’s a nice grill.

Although I will say:

Those headlights are dismally designed.

I hate it when designers try to do too much and end up with something not as attractive.

The rest of this car looks pretty good though.

photo by louisviere

Close-up of such a gorgeous car.

The royal blue paint is spot-on the right color choice for the body of this car.

The grill looks amazing and those headlights could not be any more pleasing to look at.

Nothing but love here for an amazing and beautifully designed car.

photo by junaidrao

Look at that rear.

Can you imagine how much cargo you could fit inside that trunk?

A lot!

The best part is:

You’d look amazing driving inside of it too!

I love it when a car comes around that not only looks good, but is practical as a daily driver as well.

photo by poopface

That looks great!

I envy cars that the older generation got to enjoy when they were much younger.

But hey:

We can all still appreciate the beauty of such a magnificent car.

It’s amazing how well this car looks from the back.

photo by 99644089@N03

One thing’s for sure:

The euphoria you’d experience driving this car around the track is probably akin to winning a major sports tournament.

The best part is:

You can keep on driving this car for as long as you want without having to worry about much.

Stress-free living!

photo by junktimers

I love SUVs.

In fact:

They’re my favorite category of vehicles.

Here’s one that Nissan decided to create and design that looks really good.

The roof looks a bit bland but other than that:

I’d drive this any day of the week!

photo by gregory_gdp

Sometimes, to truly appreciate a car’s beauty:

You have to check it out from the rear.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with cars from the front, but just look at the rear of this car and tell me you haven’t fallen in love yet.

photo by jtography

Here’s a side profile view of masculine dominance in such a rugged car.

Here are the car’s best features:

The edges, the lines, the subtle drop in angles on the roof; they just leave you speechless due to the handsome design of this car.

photo by truckhardware

Imagine yourself all suited up and approaching this monster of a vehicle.

Imagine stepping inside and taking it for a spin around the lap 3 times.

There’s only one phrase to describe an experience that grand:

Pure euphoric bliss.

photo by fragmentfi

Nissan looks like they were experimenting with the design of this model.

Looking at this vehicle for the first time:

It almost seems like a Cadillac/Miata hybrid.


I bet this car would make an excellent daily driver.


Definitely a classic.

photo by jordibufi

Yay, another SUV!

I love it.

SUVs have grown in popularity over the years.

Here’s the features that make this vehicle look so right on the money.

Well-proportioned headlights and a gorgeous grill come together for an outstanding design on an SUV.

How many Nissans have you driven inside, lately?

Do you have one that you consider to be your favorite model?


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