National Weather Service [33 Photos]

National Weather Service
photo by freetheimage

Pop Quiz!

In the United States of America:

Who’s mission is it to “provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy?”

If you answered the National Weather Service:

You’d be correct!

The organization’s ultimate vision is for society to be weather-ready and prepared for weather-related disasters.

We want you to be safe on your travels.

When the worst is to be expected:

The best policy is to be prepared and alert.

Weather is a very strange phenomena.

One day:

The sky will be this gorgeous sapphire blue.

The next:

You’ll hear winds blowing violently as the sky darkens and a life-threatening storm approaches.

It’s really quite ironic how something so beautiful can turn and become so ugly.

Enjoy the weather when its sunny and pleasant outside and prepare for the worst when you hear of a dangerous storm coming your way.

That’s really all you can do.

I remember one day:

I had gone out to the movies with a friend.

Now, theaters are built to be quite sturdy and weather-proof.

When we left to go to the theater:

The weather was beautiful and quite pleasant.

I don’t recall which movie we saw but it must have been a very long movie because when it finished and we stepped outside the theater:

It literally looked like a major storm had passed through the area!

Broken tree branch limbs were scattered all across the parking lot.

It was insane!


It blew our minds how quickly the conditions outside had changed!

And we were inside watching a movie the entire time it happened!

When we arrived back home:

We found all of our neighbors in a frenzy outside assessing the damage.

To this day:

I still can’t recall a storm that had come and gone as quickly as that one had.

My friend and I were very fortunate that day.

Here are some of the weather scenarios that might happen to your area one day.

National Weather Service
photo by philjose1878

Judging by the scene:

It looks like a major storm passed through the area and caused some major damage.

The two boats seem very old as if they’ve been there for a while.

Shame really as the two boats seem like they’ve seen much better days.

National Weather Service
photo by synx508


Looks like there’s a storm brewing.

Head for cover!

It’s always the heavy grey clouds that you have to watch out for.

If it’s just a light drizzle or even slight thunder:

Then it’s okay, it’s all manageable.

If a tornado touches land:

Then we’re all going to panic!

National Weather Service
photo by flyingpenguinsofdoom

“It’s a beautiful day, my problems are melting away…”

(eyelids open)

“Oh Ship! When did the sky get so dark all of a sudden!!”


Fishermen will doze off as their problems melt away failing to realize the sudden change in color of the sky until, frankly, it’s too late… lol.

National Weather Service
photo by 03363014262

Gorgeous violet blue and reddish orange sky.

I am not a weather expert by any quantifiable metric, but that doesn’t look all that bad.

I mean:

Maybe it’s a sign of a storm brewing, but really all I see here is a beautiful sunset.


We all wake up tomorrow in peace.

National Weather Service
photo by rockdrigomr

There are beautiful days and then there are BEAUTIFUL! days.

This would classify as the latter.

If you look closely:

You can actually make out a second lighter rainbow behind the first.

There’s something about rainbows that feels other worldly or divine even.

So beautiful!

National Weather Service
photo by noaaphotolib

Tornadoes are never good for the real estate market.

I don’t know how this person found the confidence to get this close up to a real live tornado.

I mean its even made contact with the ground!

Interestingly enough:

I always thought tornadoes fell in a straight vertical line.

This one actually bends!

National Weather Service
photo by paradisecoastie

I love how lightening splits up into smaller branches.

It’s actually quite beautiful.

Of course:

Being next to a large body of water (i.e. pool!) doesn’t seem like such a good idea during a thunderstorm.

If you look closely:

You can see a region in the cloud to the right of the lightening that’s actually illuminated.

National Weather Service
photo by manitu_av

This is so beautiful!

Maybe the dark grayish clouds are a sign of bad weather.


The bright hole in the middle contrasts so well against the clouds as if to grant glad tidings.

Someone decided to take a photo at just the right moment.

National Weather Service
photo by tundra-ice


Here’s some nice weather for sure!

This is an example of a day when it would be nice to have a picnic outside.

Of course:

If you’re someone that prefers barbecues that would be nice, too.

I remember my last barbecue:

We grilled up some veggies and chicken and served them with a side of mashed potatoes.

Mmmmm, it was good!

National Weather Service
photo by 26786061@N00

I don’t know why, but this looks artificial to me.

What do you all think?

It sort of looks like this is happening inside of a laboratory of some sort for experimental purposes.

I could be wrong.

In any case:

I wouldn’t get too close to that twister.

Better to play it safe.

National Weather Service
photo by maroulisnick

Oh Ship!

I’d start rowing if I was in a lake nearby!

How is it possible that there is actually a car in this photo driving towards that monster??

If I was driving any of the cars in this photo:

I would take the opportunity to test my vehicle’s top speed right then and there!

Let’s see if the manufacturer’s claimed top speed holds true or not!

National Weather Service
photo by danlin

What the….??

Is this even possible?!

If I saw this in real life:

I might actually faint.

I mean that looks really scary!

I can’t even tell if the cloud is about to spit out a vortex or if a sever hail or thunderstorm is about to erupt.

It literally looks like a volcano floating in the air!

National Weather Service
photo by wyattwellman


What hallucinatory drug do you have to take to have the confidence to get this close up to a tornado?

I’m assuming here that the person survived (otherwise we wouldn’t have this photo), but man oh man do you have to have some serious moxie to pull this off.

Beautiful photo though.

National Weather Service
photo by stormblast6

There are good days and then there’s that!

What is that… a floating landmass in the sky?

I mean:

I almost can’t believe that this isn’t photo shopped!

It’s truly incredible what’s possible in nature.

Half of the sky is a gorgeous blue and the other half is a prophetic dark grey.

National Weather Service
photo by 55229469@N07

Ya, okay there’s a bit of grey weather looming, but honestly this is such an outstanding photo.

It really does capture the beauty and serene calm of it all.

If every other day were like this day:

Then beach front property would be the pinnacle of home ownership for sure.

National Weather Service
photo by gdbate

Not sure what’s about to happen here, but oh boy does this scene look grand and majestic!

I wonder how the air would smell like on top of this mountain.

I bet the air would be so clean and free of pollution.

I really hope we transition off of fossil fuels as quickly as we can!

National Weather Service
photo by staceynewcomer

Oh ship…

Who’s idea was it to head towards that iceberg of a cloud anyhow?

It literally looks like the cloud is touching the water.

That can’t be good!

What’s insane about this is the amount of cloud mass that looks as if it’s falling from the sky!

Turn the ship around now!

We’re going to Jamaica!!

National Weather Service
photo by blainecourts


This is the golden ticket shot right here!

Someone had the genius to take a level shot of the sunset and water flowing at just the right moment.

It’s amazing:

This photo somehow teleports you to another world.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside my head when I look at this gorgeous scene.

National Weather Service
photo by arabfancy


Just kidding.

But you do get a strange sensation of warmth when you look at the sky in this photo.

It’s almost as if the sky is a fire pit nearby that you can look at for hours on end while dwelling upon the past.

Only thing missing of course is good drinks and delicious food.

National Weather Service
photo by yisris

What a disaster!

Here’s the reason why you should be comfortably prepared for a natural disaster before it strikes.

Life is such a precious thing.

Don’t gamble away your life:

If you hear that a major natural disaster is on its way towards your community, then run!

Stay safe!

National Weather Service
photo by chillmimi


If I was living in one of those skyscrapers and I saw this coming:

I would be very very happy knowing that I lived on the highest floor of the building.

I’m just saying:

Would you rather be on the bottom floor and risk drowning or on the top where you can hopefully stay dry?

National Weather Service
photo by jonathancohen


This is a scene straight out of a tropical paradise.

Someone please tell me where I have to live in order to see this amazing orange colored sky every day.

Okay, maybe it would spoil me, but, hey, better to be spoiled than to be impoverished.

That’s for sure.

National Weather Service
photo by eastcentralillinoiswxphotography93

I know lightening isn’t the most talked about subject, but this is just beautiful!

Look at how intricately the lightening zig-zags through the sky.

I mean it’s almost silly even, but if you look closely enough at the lightening:

You can actually make out a bow tie pattern in between the trees.

National Weather Service
photo by 3336

Like a painting from the Renaissance:

This has got to be one of the most beautiful photos ever captured on camera.

The rosy red and violet sky is almost too beautiful for words to adequately describe.

If I woke up to seeing the sky look like this every day:

I would be filled with intense feelings of joy and euphoria.

National Weather Service
photo by stillmemory

If you think about it:

Lightening stretching across the sky sort of resembles blood vessels in your body.

The lightening sort of finds the path of least resistance for electrons to flow through.

It takes some branching out and zig-zagging, but true to their nature:

The electrons find their charged path.

National Weather Service
photo by shutterrunner

It’s cool how there’s different bands of lightening with different levels of intensity.

If you look hard enough:

You can actually make out two separate branches of lightening that are of a lower intensity as compared to the fully-illuminated one in front.

National Weather Service
photo by jonphillips

What a beautiful and peaceful scene.

I sort of wish that every day were like this day.

No worries, no stress:

Just peace on earth and love everywhere.

That’s a nice thought.


The ecosystem demands heavy amounts of rainfall and thunder every once in a while.

National Weather Service
photo by roozbeh11

Days like these might seem scary:

But I can assure you that they are absolutely necessary.

Heavy rain is needed by plants.

Lightening just so happens to come with the package.

Oh well.

Life moves on…

And thank God it does!

National Weather Service
photo by _belial

This is a nice photo.

It makes you feel like you’re in a special place where all the burdens and worries of modern life melt away with the breeze.

Imagine the waves pounding on the beach systemically as your thoughts are pulled away from work.

Man… I think I need a vacation, lol.

National Weather Service
photo by ajschroetlin

Is that beautiful or what!

If only I could purchase some real estate in this area.

I’d sit outside and observe the scene all day long.

I love how the yellow hue of the sky blends in so well with the rest of the landscape.

If you look closely:

You can almost see a pillar of light descending into the mountains.

Can you see it?

National Weather Service
photo by jcbwalsh

Rainbows hold a deep significance in nature and art.

There’s something about them that brings out happiness and joy in all of us.

I almost wish someone could take the rainbow and put it into a candy or cereal for all of us to eat and enjoy… I think I’m getting hungry, lol.

National Weather Service
photo by scingram

Blizzards are a nasty business.

When they descend:

They almost always bring with them destruction and disaster.

However, after they have finished and all the snow has settled:

There is an undeniable beauty and peace to the snow surrounding you on all sides.

What a clean and peaceful scene.

What are your thoughts?

Which of these photos did you like the best?


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