Microsoft Surface Pro 4 [10 Photos]

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 25986715151

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is, without a doubt, a mass market success story.

In fact:

It wasn’t until the 3rd iteration of this laptop/tablet hybrid that Microsoft experienced success with their Surface line.


They didn’t change too much of what was working with the Surface on its fourth iteration.

They took all the great aspects and features of the Surface Pro 3 and made it near-perfect.

I really do dig the design and overall performance and feel of the Surface Pro 4.

I mean:

It’s not just a success story, its a smashing home run!

Seriously, just look at it!

Of course:

It took a lot of advertising and marketing by Microsoft to get the Surface to where it is today.

Not everyone wants a tablet/laptop hybrid or is in the market for one.


It’s the ones that are that would be very satisfied and happy owning a Surface Pro 4.

The design is simple yet elegant.

The performance is stellar.

There’s so much love and passion touching the Surface Pro 4’s design.

In every sense of the phrase:

It really is an engineering marvel.

In fact, I’ll be 100 percent honest in saying:

I don’t know if there’s much more that Microsoft could do to make the Surface any better.

It really is that good.

Maybe if they incorporated wireless charging and an OLED screen into the next model it would become an even more compelling product to own.

I mean the thickness is definitely not an issue at all.


They could have made the Surface Pro 4 even thinner if they wanted.

The only thing that stopped them was the width of the USB port!

That’s amazing!

So, the size is pretty much spot on for a product designed as a tablet/laptop hybrid.


The only improvements I can see being made to the product are incremental performance gains.

As far as the aesthetics and form factor of the product is concerned:

It’s pretty much top notch and in a state of near design equilibrium.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by amatravers

Gorgeous from every angle.

In my opinion:

The Surface Pro 4 is one of the best designed tech products of all time.

I just love how wonderful it feels to touch the magnesium casing that surrounds the Surface.

You have to hold one and feel it for your self if you haven’t already!

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 21941274669

A side-by-side comparison of the Surface Pro 3 vs the Surface Pro 4.

Not much changed and that’s actually a really good thing.

In fact:

Much of the accessories, if not all of them, that are compatible with the Pro 3 also work with the Pro 4.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 22102006516

The Surface Pro 4 is a pleasure to lay your eyes upon.

It’s an absolute joy to hold and use.

Its crisp and well designed; a beautiful piece of art.

Until you’ve held one in your hands:

You’ll never truly understand what those words mean.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 22102009806

Gone is the pen loop.

To replace it:

They made it so that the side of the tablet is magnetic.


The pen just snaps on and stays in place.

The Surface Pro 4 pen is incredibly comfortable to use and hold in hand.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 22115613562

The Surface Pro 4’s keyboard is a welcome improvement over that of the previous model.

With keys that are a bit more spaced apart:

They actually now feel more like a laptop-class keyboard than ever before.

The track pad is also much larger and more comfortable to use.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 22128133975

This is one sexy piece of technology if I’ve ever seen one in my life.

There’s so much that Microsoft got right with the Surface Pro 4.

Here’s some of its best features:

A magnesium shell, the 3:2 aspect ratio, the pen, the keyboard, and so much more once you hold one and try it for your self.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by irisheyes

One of the greatest strengths of the Surface Pro 4 is its versatile nature and slim form factor.

In fact, I know of one student in University that said:

The Surface Pro 4 is the only thing he carries with him to class now since all of his notes and textbooks are contained inside the device.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 22101992756

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old vs the new.

Believe it or not:

Both tablets share the same exact footprint.

They are the same size (Pro 4 is slightly thinner though) even though the Pro 4 looks slightly larger than the Pro 3 in this photo.

microsoft surface pro 4
photo by 23260105423

Of course:

The Surface Pro 4 is not a desktop PC.


Don’t take this piece of tech lightly.

It can run some serious software and do so at excellent speeds and levels of performance.

Have you tried the Surface Pro 4, yet?

What are your thoughts on its performance and design overall?

What do you wish to see in Microsoft’s next iteration of the Surface Pro?


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