Microsoft [33 Marvelous Tech/Facts]

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Microsoft; everyone has heard of Microsoft.

It’s a company that has had it’s share of gains and losses over the years.

Of course:

Everyone knows they exercise dominance over the OS market for personal computers with their Windows line of operating systems.

Their most recent release (Windows 10) started off shaky, but has proven to be a formidable OS.

In fact:

The security on Windows 10 is top notch!

I personally know someone that went for months without any anti-virus software on his PC while running Windows 10.

When he finally got around to installing anti-virus software:

He ran a full system scan of his PC to check for any viruses.

To his surprise:

There were no viruses or malware detected!

Of course:

We’re not saying don’t purchase virus protection software if your PC is running Windows 10.

That was just one isolated case, but Microsoft’s latest operating system is not one to be taken lightly!


Microsoft has been releasing some very compelling products.

One product family that we have come to absolutely love from Microsoft is their Surface line of laptop/tablet hybrids.

They are a breathe of fresh air when it comes to engineering design.

Even their latest release of the Surface Studio was a most welcome innovation for professional artists and architects alike.

If you haven’t heard:

Microsoft even went out and acquired Minecraft.

It was definitely a surprise to many people, but one that seemed appropriate.

They even set up a virtual reality experience in stores in which you can try out playing Minecraft while wearing the Oculus Rift!

In fact:

We tried it and were completely blown away by the experience!

I mean:

You put on the Oculus Rift and it completely transports you to this whole new world!

It was like nothing we had ever experienced before.

We would even go as far as to say that playing Minecraft on virtual reality is the best way you can experience the game.

You owe it to your self to head down to the Microsoft store and try it out for yourself.

Here are some more marvelous tech and facts on Microsoft for you to enjoy:

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Many people may not know:

Although Microsoft is headquarted in Redmond, Washington, it was actually founded in New Mexico back in November of 1976.

It wasn’t until 1981 that Microsoft would incorporate in the state of Washington and become Microsoft Inc.

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Would you believe:

Microsoft almost named Windows as “Interface Manager.”


It was called Windows instead.

This made a whole lot more sense as the windows that users could drag and interact with made using a PC much more intuitive and user-friendly.

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Every company needs to advertise and Microsoft is no exception.

In fact:

Microsoft advertised Windows 95 so much so that one estimate pegs the costs of their ad campaign at $300 million!

The ad campaign worked and within the first five weeks of the product’s launch:

Microsoft sold 7 million copies of Windows 95!

Soon thereafter:

Windows 95 would go on to become the most popular operating system on the market.

photo by nperlapro

Without a doubt:

The release of Windows XP was one of Microsoft’s most compelling achievements.

Windows XP was built on NT kernel which was known for its improved stability and efficiency.


Windows XP was a breathe of fresh air.

photo by 35362905@N07

Does everyone remember the background image on Windows XP?

Well, that photo (titled “Bliss”) may be the most viewed photo in history.

Fun fact:

The photo was taken by a former National Geographic photographer that was driving through Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco.

He thought the scenery was so beautiful that he decided to stop his car and snap this photo of the country side!

photo by fan_boy_apple

Windows 7 is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s greatest achievements to date.

In fact, as of August of 2017:

Windows 7 is still, by far, the single largest operating system on the market today.

Many people found the redesigned task bar and glass look of the interface as some of the more welcome innovations introduced to Windows 7.

photo by okubax

Microsoft’s latest (and final) attempt at an operating system is Windows 10.

This recent OS would be marketed as an “operating system as a service” that would receive ongoing updates to its features and functionality.

In today’s fast paced world:

Microsoft felt compelled to release a version of Windows that would constantly receive updates at the same quick pace.

photo by intelfreepress

The Surface Pro 1.

This was the company’s first attempt at a 2-in-1 detachable laptop/tablet hybrid.

It was quirky, a bit too small, a bit too fat, and not exactly the home run that the company was looking for.


It was definitely a step in an eventually profitable direction.

photo by mwichary

Microsoft started making hardware long before the Surface Pro came around.

In fact:

Microsoft actually shipped out its company’s first mouse (believe it or not) back in 1983.

In 1999:

Microsoft actually developed and shipped out the first ever optical mouse.

So, Microsoft has had a very long history of producing hardware in addition to software.

photo by jfingas

An upgrade to the product line:

The Surface Pro 2 was an incremental improvement upon its predecessor.

Critics noted that the prospect of replacing your laptop with this two-in-one hybrid had become more viable.


It was ultimately viewed as a promise of better things to come really.

photo by isriya

At long last:

Microsoft had finally turned a profit with its release of the Surface Pro 3.

Have you seen the Surface Pro 3 in person?

This thing is nice.

It’s larger screen, elegant magnesium designed shell, and clever keyboard made for a very compelling (and profitable) 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid.

photo by scottchene

Here’s a crazy fact.

The owner of was a man named Bob.

The owner of was Microsoft.

Guess what happened next:

The two came to an agreement to trade one for the other!

photo by amatravers

Microsoft took something that was working and made it beaver dam near perfect.

This is the Surface Pro 4.

For some people:

This is the perfect combination of productivity and portability.

photo by korosirego

Would you believe:

Microsoft actually passed on the opportunity to acquire YouTube for $500 million back in 2006.

Six months later:

Good paid $1.6 billion for the site that is now the most popular video destination on the Web!

photo by eseraygun

Microsoft offers its employees free drinks on its campus.

Would you believe:

Over 23 million beverages are drunk on their corporate campus each year?

The top two choices for drinks are milk and orange juice among employees.

photo by isriya

This time:

Microsoft approached their laptop/tablet hybrid philosophy from a new angle.

The Surface Book hybrid was touted as being a laptop first, tablet second.


Many people (including myself) never saw this thing coming.

Of course:

This is the very first iteration of the Surface Book which should improve over time.

photo by allg

Microsoft employees refer to themselves as “softies.”

For every year that a softie retains employment with Microsoft:

They are expected to contribute a pound of M&Ms for everyone to enjoy.

Isn’t that a strange anniversary tradition?

photo by jm3

Architects and professional artists alike stood up and shouted praises at the new Surface Studio from Microsoft.

It’s not for everyone, but for those that absolutely need the larger more true-to-life aspect ratio on the Studio’s screen:

This was a very welcome innovation.

photo by 28419945@N00

Microsoft’s art collection is huge!

With nearly 5,000 artworks on display in over 130 buildings throughout North America:

Microsoft seeks to create inspiring work environments which foster innovation and creative excellence.

After all:

Life can’t just be about solving problems.

photo by gibarian

For businesses that absolutely require the best:

Look no further than the 55′ Surface Hub from Microsoft.

According to Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tim Bakke:

Microsoft had three focuses in mind when designing the Surface Hub: talking, drawing, and sharing content.

It comes in at a 19:6 aspect ratio with either a 55′ or 84′ large screen for delivering professional presentations during meetings.

photo by hinkelstone

Microsoft holds over 10,000 patents and counting.

In fact:

They file around 3,000 every year, making Microsoft one of the top five patent owners in the United States.

They even encourage their softies to secure new patents for the company with a $1,500 bonus.

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Microsoft Word is possibly the second greatest piece of software released by Microsoft after Windows.

Countless student essays and professional reports have been written and compiled on Microsoft Word.

Imagine if Microsoft Word didn’t exist… okay maybe let’s not.

photo by smiling_da_vinci

Microsoft is known to ask rather odd interview questions to prospective employees.

Instead of asking more formal questions:

Microsoft likes to tease out the creativity of interviewees with questions such as:

“Design a coffee maker that will be used by astronauts.”

photo by 108628568@N03

Microsoft Excel is the number one tool for organizing number data into attractive lists and sheets.

With it’s intuitive operations and clean and organized columns and rows:

It’s hard to argue against it’s user-friendly design and interface.

photo by jasmeet

Believe it or not, but Microsoft Word’s autocorrect feature is far from perfect.

In fact:

Goldman Sachs sent a complaint to Microsoft that Word kept autocorrecting “Goldman Sachs” to “Goddamn Sachs.”

photo by jiev92

Are you thinking about delivering a presentation anytime soon?

Without a doubt:

Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the first tool to come to mind when you think about which medium you’d like to convey that information through.

It’s the way you’ve given and been given presentations in school for a reason.

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Microsoft doesn’t sell software.

The company instead licenses its software, retaining full ownership rights.

Buyers of the software pay Microsoft for the right to use it.

This system was developed by Bill Gates in 1976 and has proven to be very profitable for the company.

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Microsoft OneNote may just be the single most compelling case for not bringing your pencil or pen and paper to class or a meeting.


I know students that literally only bring their tablet with OneNote in it to class.

By storing your notes in the cloud, you’ll never lose track of them again!

photo by eduardoresende

You’d think Xbox was Microsoft’s first attempt at the console wars, but, in fact, it wasn’t!

At first:

Microsoft considered buying out Sega as a base to build off of.


Bill Gates decided against it believing the company did not have the necessary ‘muscle’ to compete against Sony.

photo by fcharlton

With all the money Microsoft had at its disposal to fuel its advance into the console wars:

Microsoft made a very compelling system with its original Xbox console.

Of course:

It wasn’t a perfect system and the original controller was huge and bulky, but it was a nice console to introduce to the market.

photo by commorancy

Would you believe:

Halo was originally designed for the Mac.

No, I’m not joking!

Microsoft was quick to act though and bought out Bungie Studios and made the title an Xbox exclusive.

For some people:

Halo was the reason they bought an Xbox in the first place.

photo by jleveque

The Xbox 360 would catapult online gaming to totally new heights.

With a paid subscription model:

The online experience for the 360 was really something special for its time and one that, hopefully, continues to evolve along with gamers in mind.

What are your thoughts?

Are there any Microsoft products that you think stand out?


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