Maps Google Com [33 Great Cities]

Maps Google Com
photo by shawnblog

Technology is such a great asset to have during your travels.

One piece of technology that we here at MigratoryMaps are huge fans of is the turn-by-turn navigation offered for free by the website Maps Google Com.

Think about it:

It’s a huge time saver having your own digital assistant by your side directing you with turn-by-turn navigation on your travels.

I can still remember the days when people would have these huge, bulky, over sized maps tucked away inside their glove compartments.

Pulling them out while driving was not only a hassle:

It was a hazard!

The maps would often obstruct the driver’s view on the road.

Google Maps, on the other hand, offers users the option for auditory directions.


The directions can be spoken out to you as you near a turn or exit.

That level of convenience was never possible with a regular old paper map.

In addition:

You can tailor the routes to your individual needs.

Whether you’re driving a vehicle, riding a bike, or simply taking a nice walk outside to enjoy the weather, Google Maps has you covered!

You can even go as far as electing to avoid highways, tolls, or ferries altogether.

The units of travel can be set to miles or kilometers; whichever you prefer.

Once you use Google Maps:

There is no going back to outdated paper maps ever again!

The difference is just that stark.

Also, why would anyone purchase a separate GPS unit if accessing Maps Google Com is absolutely free on your smartphone?

Not only is it free:

It’s better.

So, if you already own a smartphone:

There’s no reason to purchase a separate GPS unit for your travels.

There are many really great cities out there for you to visit!

We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful and safest cities in North America for you to consider visiting on your next journey out with your friends and family.

Enjoy your travels!

Maps Google Com
photo by colorblindpicaso

Bellaire, Texas.

Perhaps the most livable city in the country.

This place ranks very high in terms of amenities available, education, employment, housing, and, if all that wasn’t enough, great weather year round.

A very low crime rate also doesn’t hurt when visiting Bellaire.

Maps Google Com
photo by stevenm_61

Southlake, Texas has one of the highest per capita incomes of any city in the nation.

There’s plenty of local amenities to keep you entertained year round.

There’s nothing worse than an uneducated populace.


The city of Southlake enjoys a very high graduation rate.

Maps Google Com
photo by christen_d

The city of Vienna, Virginia is truly a joy to both raise your family in and visit as a tourist.

Vienna enjoys a very stable housing market and has lots of activities available for your enjoyment.

Without a doubt:

It would be a mistake to cross Vienna off your to-visit list.

Maps Google Com
photo by dougtone

The city of Chatham is a highlight and must-see destination when passing through the great state of New Jersey.

This city is an absolute gem for tourists and residents alike.

You’ll feel a sense of comfort as you make your way through the roads of Chatham, NJ.

It’s a great city.

Maps Google Com
photo by ken-ichi

Orinda, California is home to some of the happiest people on earth.

In fact:

The city of Orinda has some of the most beautiful weather you’ll find anywhere in the country.

When visiting the gorgeous city of Orinda make sure to stop by the water to draw in the serene beauty of it all.

Maps Google Com
photo by wallyg

Los Altos isn’t the biggest city in California and residents like it that way!

There’s a lot to love when traveling through Los Altos.

For one, the sky is this majestic hue of blue that’s hard to find anywhere else.

There’s this saying:

“If the weather is nice, then the people are nice.”

Maps Google Com
photo by 82955120@N05

There are not that many people living in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


There are a lot of activities for you to do there.

The place is so beautiful and would be a great place to spend some time with friends.

This is definitely a place you want to visit if you like small cities.

Maps Google Com
photo by rstavely

Somerset, Maryland is a place you can just relax, unwind, and find peace for once.

The few people that call this place home enjoy one of the most livable cities in America.

The weather is good, education is great, crime is low, and employment is high.

What else do you need?

Maps Google Com
photo by dionnehartnett

Colleyville, Texas combines a rare blend of nature and nurture you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Visiting Colleyville is a joy.

Of course:

Living in Colleyville is a true delight!

The beautiful reflection of the sky on this lake is one that’s absolutely stunning!

What a view!

Maps Google Com
photo by mariaplus32005

Don’t let Winnetka, Illinois fool you.

This may be a small city:

But it has a huge amount of soul and activities available for you to partake in.

The crime is low and the city enjoys some of the highest graduation rates in the country.

Stop by and see why Winnetka is so special today.

Maps Google Com
photo by ralphandjenny

Mountain Brook, Alabama is a place you definitely want on your vacation list.

I mean just look at that golf course!

Even if golf isn’t your thing:

The amazing scenery and clean air you’d breathe in there would be worth the trip.

If you do play golf, then this is a city you’ll want to visit!

Maps Google Com
photo by erinmpage

Hinsdale, Illinois is a place you’ll definitely miss once you leave.

The gorgeous foliage and breath-taking scenery and sky will be long embedded into your mind after you’ve left.

Look at that view and tell me you wouldn’t want to wake up in your pajamas seeing that!

Maps Google Com
photo by molechaser

Mclean, Virginia might be the closest to paradise we can come on earth.

I mean:

You wouldn’t think you were in hell seeing that gorgeous sky every day that’s for sure.

It almost looks too good, a bit surreal; as if someone came with a heavenly brush and painted the sky a gorgeous color.

Maps Google Com
photo by clarkmaxwell

Western Springs, Illinois is a place you’d love to travel!

Bring your bike.

The ride through the neighborhood will be one you won’t soon forget.

It’s truly amazing how incredible the small things in life can be.

A bike ride through town is what you need to feel like a little kid again.

Maps Google Com
photo by joaquinf

Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida is a place with lots of water.

Even though the earth is covered primarily with water at its surface:

We tend to spend much of our lives on land.

Why not change that on your travels with a boat ride into Jupiter Inlet Colony?

It’ll be a lot of fun.

Maps Google Com
photo by mikerhicks

Brentwood, Tennessee is a place where you’ll feel right at home.

With gorgeous green trees as far as your eyes can see and a body of water as beautiful as you can imagine:

This city is one for the logbooks.

Maybe even bring out a few canoes here and just paddle as far as you can go!

Maps Google Com
photo by 18702768@N04

This Victorian style home found in Monte Sereno, California is what you’d expect to see in a city as beautiful as this.

If I woke up in a home like this every morning:

I’d either be rich or pretty beaver dam proud of my hedges.

They’re cut in a pretty clean and straight line, no?

Maps Google Com
photo by roadgeek

If you’ve never ridden on a train before:

You owe it to yourself to try one as you travel to Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey.

The scenery you’ll take in during the ride is even more beautiful than the name of the city!

Okay, lol the name is kind of awkward but the scenery will be pretty awesome.

Maps Google Com
photo by flickr4jazz

Little Silver, New Jersey has some of the best amenities, lowest crime rates, highest graduation rates, and highest employment rates in the entire country!

I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you if I told you:

The housing market there is also top notch.

What’s not to love?

Maps Google Com
photo by thadz

Spending time in Bethesda, Maryland is one place you’re sure to spend much time reflecting and staying in.

The place is simply a jewel.

There’s probably nowhere else like it for discovering yourself.

Who knows?

You may end up liking it so much that you decide to stay.

Maps Google Com
photo by teemu08

Kenilworth, Illinois has incredibly low crime rates and much to offer in the way of amenities for its residents.

It’s a great city to call home and one you’d be happy visiting on your travels.

Look at that home and tell me you wouldn’t be happy seeing such homes in an area.

Maps Google Com
photo by kansasscanner

Gorgeous green grass as far as the eye can see in beautiful Leawood, Kansas.

This is definitely a place you’d want to pack your luggage and go see in person.

You might even hope for a flat tire as you make your way through this slice of paradise on earth.

What a beautiful place!

Maps Google Com
photo by duluoz_cats

Now you know why they call it Mill Valley, California.

What a beautiful view of the place!


I’d probably stop traveling and just take a long relaxing nap at just this spot.

Could you imagine the star-gazing experience you’d have at nightfall!?

It would be amazing, for sure!

Maps Google Com
photo by mmoorr

New Providence, New Jersey.

Here’s a place you’d love if you are an outdoorsy type of person.

There’s plenty of trees here to keep you comfortable and feeling like you’re in tune with nature.

If you’re not taking walks through the woods once in a while:

You’re missing out.

Maps Google Com
photo by dbaron

Ross, California.

My God, what a beautiful place to live or visit!

This is an area I’d love to raise a family in.

The evergreen trees and beautiful skies and water all around make for a very compelling reason to move or visit this amazing place.

You might even return the following year!

Maps Google Com
photo by philipgibbs

San Pasqual, California.

Where there are trees and lightning storms:

Fires are sure to follow.

This is a glamorous picture of nature that perhaps we don’t quite see often.

These scenes of nature are a reality we are not accustomed to seeing on our travels.

Thankfully, that’s okay with us.

Maps Google Com
photo by charlieboy808

Ko Olina, Hawaii is perhaps the most beautiful city in Hawaii.

Looking at the picture of the sky here:

It’s easy to see why.

Imagine what it’s like to see this every day.

You’d probably get spoiled very quickly.

Visiting Ko Olina grants greater appreciation for the majesty of the sky.

Maps Google Com
photo by moms2brothers

Key Biscayne, Florida is perhaps the best water vacation you can take when you’re trying to get away from it all.

There’s something inherently calming and soothing about the noise of flowing water.

So, why not make Key Biscayne your destination retreat this time around?

Maps Google Com
photo by golf_pictures

I love golf.

Glencoe, Illinois is a great place to enjoy a round of golf.

I love playing the game and I especially enjoy being a spectator.

There’s nothing quite like being outside on a beautiful day with 360 degrees of green grass and fresh air surrounding you on all sides.

Maps Google Com
photo by kimmarie

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma is a place you can wind down and enjoy the finer things in life.

Not many people live in this gem of a city and that’s a good thing!

It means the natural beauty and heritage of the city can remain unspoiled for future generations to enjoy.

Visit it now before that happens!

Maps Google Com
photo by normlanier

It may surprise you to realize just how much water is present in The Woodlands, Texas.

This beautiful place is visited by many tourists throughout the year and for good reason.

The place is amazing!

I mean just look at that photo and tell me you’re not inspired and in awe.

Maps Google Com
photo by nosha

Pennington, New Jersey.

Here’s a place you can visit or live in peace inside.


That’s what seems to matter the most in this life.

Loving your city and touring other cities in this grand world of ours is one that many, many people share.

The city of Pennington, New Jersey would agree.

What are your thoughts?

Have you been to any cities recently and do you have any stories you’d like to share?


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