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http www google com
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There are some truly great things happening at http www Google com headquarters.

I almost feel as if Google is the superhero of the software universe.

Think about it:

Wherever there’s a need for a great piece of software to better people’s lives, Google comes in and fights the crimes of previous programmers.

Our city (the internet) is a much better and more vibrant community thanks to the heroic deeds of Google and its employees.

Here’s some examples:

When emails were in desperate need of a fresh new look and feel, Google did not shy away from releasing Gmail.

When browsers felt outdated and in need of a revamp, Google released Chrome to epic fanfare.

When traveling and trying to find out where the heck your destination was, it was Google that unleashed a wave of justice upon the citizens’ discontent hearts with the release of Google Maps.

There’s never been a company quite like that of Google.

Here’s the deal:

Even though the establishment (you know who you are) wishes Google would stop disrupting so many industries at once and allow the crimes of terrible software programs to run rampant, Google fights back and releases amazing software!

The programs that come out of Google are so refined and intuitive.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5 or 55 years old, Google makes software that’s a pleasure to use.

I think part of the reason for this is because they don’t try to fit too much stuff into one program.


They just give you basically what you want and nothing else out of the ordinary.

The uncluttered feel and look of their programs are superb.

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wishes Google wasn’t around except for its competitors, of course.

To keep things in perspective:

We need to understand that software is only one side of Google’s face.

The other side is pretty amazing hardware, as well.

The new Google Pixel is actually almost as good as the iPhone!

Now, that’s pretty incredible!

Hopefully, these are signs of greater and more desirable tech products to come from Google.

Here are some more points for you to score in knowing all about Google as a company.

http www google com
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If you’re ever feeling bored, you’re in luck:

Playing a quick game without the hassle of logging into a gaming website can be accomplished by simply searching for “Atari breakout” in Google Images.

Immediately, the game “Atari breakout” will pop up and be ready for you to play.


http www google com
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Working for Google certainly has its rewards and perks.

In the event that you should pass away while employed at Google:

The company will actually take care of your family by providing your surviving spouse with 50 percent of your salary for the next 10 years!

That’s a nice thought.

http www google com
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Not all companies immediately decide upon a name on day one.

In fact:

Google ran through a list of possible names before settling on Google.

One of those names was “BackRub” if you can believe it.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and now we have a great search engine to use.

http www google com
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Google recognizes that there are companies that have grown and fallen throughout history.

As a reminder to employees to not let Google go extinct:

There’s a real-life skeleton of a T-Rex right outside their building!

Hopefully, you don’t think you’re at the wrong place your first day, lol.

http www google com
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In May 2011:

Google hit the extraordinary benchmark of 1 billion unique visitors to their site!

Placing your mind around that number is quite a task in itself, but to actually reach that benchmark deserves its own accolades.

Hats off to your achievements, Google.

http www google com
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When Google’s search engine was first introduced to the public, one noteworthy critic of the search engine was so shocked at how well it performed that he famously stated:

“Google knows more about you than your own mom does.”

That may actually be not too far away from the truth.

http www google com
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Google’s growth has been astronomical, to say the least.

By June of the year 2000:

Google had become the world’s largest search engine!

For those keeping track, that’s in less time than a 5 year period since its founding.

Maybe, it’s just us, but that’s just an insane figure!

http www google com
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In August 2004:

Google’s fruits had ripened and the company went public.

Let’s put this into perspective:

The company was planted (founded) in 1996 and in less than 10 years had become a strong firmly established tree (company) that gave fruit (public offerings) to all.

http www google com
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Of all the websites on the internet:

Would it surprise you to know that the most popular of them all is the one that helps you to find all the others?

That’s right.

Google’s search engine is ranked by Alexa as being the most popular site on the internet.

It’s sort of ironic, isn’t it?

http www google com
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Although Google’s primary focus is software, their work requires tremendous amounts of hardware to carry out.

In fact:

Over 1 million computers are used to handle the over 1 billion search requests processed daily!

And here we thought that Google was a lightweight, lol.

http www google com
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One of the greatest mistakes of the business world (when it comes to missed opportunities) is the missed sale made by Google to the CEO of Excite for the price of one million dollars.

He refused the offer.

Imagine how things would have gone had the CEO been a bit more optimistic and open.

I think we should all try to be a bit more optimistic and open in our lives.

http www google com
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Google’s presence has become so ingrained into our very culture and even vocabulary, that the Oxford English Dictionary was forced to add “google” to its list of verbs.

That’s pretty impressive.

You know your company is executing when its name is added to the dictionary as a verb!

http www google com
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As if Google didn’t have enough to celebrate:

The company’s revenue hit the 50 billion dollar mark in 2012.

This is quite the accomplishment for any country to achieve.

Yet, here we are talking about a company here!

Google’s revenue dwarfs the GDP of even some countries on this planet!

http www google com
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Although Google was originally started in California:

The company’s reach would eventually extend out to the entire continent.

Its steady growth would lead it to opening locations in 50 countries across the map.

That’s quite a remarkable statistic to record for any company.

http www google com
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How does Google make its money?

It turns out that a majority of Google’s revenue comes from advertisements.

Some estimate that about 90 percent of its profits are derived from ads.

It makes sense since the company’s search engine functions to help its users find content.

http www google com
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Google Maps was actually purchased from Keyhole, Inc. by Google.

It was originally known as Earth viewer before being rebranded as Google Maps.

As the old saying goes:

“If something works then why not purchase it and place your own brand name on it?”

http www google com
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In the ocean (economy), smaller fish (smaller businesses) are frequently eaten up (bought out) by larger fish (larger, more dominant companies).

Such is the way of nature (economics).

Here’s the kicker:

Google buys on average about one company every single week!

http www google com
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Be wary of the sites you visit.

Google is really good at keeping track of the sites you visit.

Even if you’re not aware of this:

Google follows you as you surf the web in search of that perfect service or good.

It’s no wonder it’s advertisements seem to know what you want.

http www google com
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If this doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will!

An actual real-life python escaped and got loose inside Google’s NYC office on (of all days) April 1st, 2007!

Since it was April Fools’ Day:

No one took the news seriously until the python was eventually discovered and returned to its rightful owner.


http www google com
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Looking in the mirror seems to be as natural as entering your own name into Google’s search engine.

It may surprise you to know:

Over half of all users online have done just that!

You just never know what Google has in store for you or information stored on you.

http www google com
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If English is not your first language then don’t sweat it.

Google has you covered.

In fact:

There are over 100 other languages all available for you to use on Google’s home page.

I know there are people in this world who are capable of speaking multiple languages but 100 plus is quite the number!

http www google com
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Most people speak in terms of an hourly basis when referring to their incomes.

For Google, however, every minute matters.

Recently, Google’s services went down for the duration of around 5 minutes leading to a 40 percent drop in internet traffic worldwide!


http www google com
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Sometimes it really helps to think outside the box.

For Google, it seems to be a habit.

The company actually rents out goats.

Here’s the kicker:

The purpose of cutting down on the number of weeds growing around their buildings.

Now, that definitely qualifies as thinking outside the box.

http www google com
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Google’s presence on the internet is tremendous.

Every single day, Google processes around 20 petabytes of information to carry out its services.

Keep in mind that peta denotes a magnitude of 10 raised to the power of 15!

Has your head stopped spinning yet?

http www google com
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Paying tribute is a common practice among not only kingdoms of medieval times.

In fact:

Google pays Mozilla millions in tribute every year to ensure that their search engine is set to default on Mozilla’s Firefox browsers.

That’s quite the rent payment to have to dish out every year.

http www google com
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Is there any one who isn’t on Twitter now a days?

Google’s first tweet was famously sent out in binary format which translated into:

“I’m Feeling Lucky.”

Heck, I think we’d all feel as lucky as Google if our yearly revenue was in the billions range.

That’s billions with a b!

http www google com
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There are smart investments then there are silly money overnight investments.

Google’s employees invested in the latter category becoming instant millionaires overnight when the company went public.

I’m sure Google had many happy employees during this time.

http www Google com
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Steve Jobs was well known for his attention to detail.

In fact:

He once called up Google to complain about how the color of the second “o” in Google was off.

His exact words were:

“The second O in Google doesn’t have the right yellow gradient.”

Google immediately got to work fixing the problem!


http www google com
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Google’s first attempt to crack into the smartphone market was made with the introduction of the Nexus One.

The Nexus One was an android phone which was released on January 5th, 2010.


It wasn’t that bad of a smartphone all things considered.

http www google com
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Thinking outside the box or “creativity” as some companies struggle to call it (lol) is actually encouraged by Google.

Google even goes as far as encouraging their employees to spend a fifth of their time working on their own unique projects.

Why don’t more companies do that?

http www google com
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This spurred a lot of excitement recently.

Google released a brand new smartphone dubbed the Google “Pixel.”

It was released to so much fanfare and excitement and for good reason.

The phone was a stellar piece of tech and contained a really good camera inside to boot.

http www google com
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Here’s a fact that many know and Google has since integrated into their hiring process.

With exception to recent college graduates, it turns out (surprise, surprise) that there’s a weak correlation between GPAs and test scores when it comes to hiring prospective employees.

In fact:

Some of Google’s employees never even went to college!

What are your thoughts on this story?

Do you think any of these figures or facts particularly stand out from the rest?


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