Home Depot [40 Hot DIY Projects]

home depot
photo by jeepersmedia

As you’re traveling down the isle in Home Depot:

The following thought has probably crossed your curious mind at one point or another:

“I wonder what I could build with all the materials available here at the Home Depot?”

Perhaps a more appropriate thought would be:

“What can you NOT build with the materials available at the Home Depot?”

But it wouldn’t be fun at all to talk about what you can’t do.

So, let’s talk about some of the amazing things you can achieve if you do the proper research online and buy the appropriate materials.

Quick disclaimer:

We like Home Depot more than Lowe’s because they’re much more organized and professional.

We’ve completed a few DIY (do-it-yourself) projects from materials we personally bought at the Home Depot.

After spending years purchasing items from the Home Depot and traveling through numerous job sites:

We’ve accumulated some very valuable experience.

So, we have a feel for this topic that’s quite firm.


Here’s an important tip for anyone shopping at the Home Depot to keep in mind:

Do not seek professional or even casual advice from anyone working at the Home Depot.

This is probably the single most important lesson you can hold on to.

Here’s why:

The workers there are proficient at one task and one task only:

Stocking inventory.

They can help you find the materials in the store you’re looking for.

Besides that:

Do NOT seek out or listen to any “professional” advice they may have.

The reason for this is pretty simple actually:

They are NOT professional builders or contractors themselves by any stretch of the imagination!

In all seriousness:

You do your self more harm than good by taking anyone’s advice there seriously.

From our experience shopping at Home Depot and intently testing the employee’s working knowledge:

We have found that although the workers there are fantastic people and very kind:

Their working knowledge of construction is limited (that’s putting it politely).

In fact, a lot of the time:

Their “advice” is flat-out wrong and sometimes even dangerous to follow.

If you understand this fact and do your own proper research online:

You set your self up for a very appealing and fun DIY project.

Without further ado:

Here’s some hot ideas for DIY projects you can tackle on a lazy afternoon.

home depot
photo by yogamoorthy

Here’a bright idea:

Attach a new cool ceiling fan.

This is something that you need especially on a hot summer afternoon.

It’s your choice which ceiling fan you’d like to buy.

Why not get the most awesome one you can find for your home?

home depot
photo by myrtti

If you’re pondering over your future dream castle:

Hang a chandelier.

They look like a million bucks, but they’re much more affordable than that.

Find one that you really like and spend an afternoon having fun sorting out the pieces and hanging one up.

Your inner child will thank you for the opportunity.

home depot
photo by ardyiii

Install a new vanity.

This is so simple.

In fact:

It actually requires more physical strength than mental.

Make sure you have someone strong to help you move the vanity as they can weigh quite a bit.

Looks nice doesn’t it?

home depot
photo by beana_cheese

Install a new faucet.

Every time you wash your hands:

You’re going to look at it and smile.

Now, if you’re a person that washes their hands a lot:

You’re going to appreciate the smile it perpetually brings to your face.

home depot
photo by tamaiyuya

Get your self a new throne (toilet).

Especially, if the one you have now is old and outdated.

Think about it:

It is your kingdom after all we’re talking about here.

Everyone needs a firm throne to rule over their kingdom, right (lol)?

home depot
photo by mtneer_man

Install new ceramic or porcelain floor tiles and make your home really stand out!

Here’s the deal:

They look so nice that some people will drool at the sight of your home’s new tiles when they first see them.

That’s okay though because tiles are easy to clean!

home depot
photo by colettecosentino

Get a new bathtub.

You deserve it!

Think about all the work you have ahead of you in your life.

Now, think about the things you do to relax.

If one of them is sitting at home in a comfortable hot bath:

Then you need to allow your self the freedom to buy the bathtub of your dreams.

home depot
photo by madmup

Buy a new stove and get some hot meals ready!

Your family will thank you.

Your stomach will thank you.

Your nose will thank you.

The store you bought the stove from will thank you.


We’ll even thank you ha ha!

home depot
photo by alper

Paint a wall or two.

You know you want to!

Why not have some fun painting a new wall.

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do as an adult and it doesn’t take an immense amount of effort.

After you’re done:

Just imagine how amazing the room will look.

home depot
photo by heather_joy

Get that new beautiful bathroom mirror you’ve been meaning to buy.

They look great and you’ll look great too!

Mirrors have this inherent quality to them that cause a room to open up and seem as though they are much larger than they really are.

So, if you have a small bathroom:

Then you already know what you have to do.

home depot
photo by kohtz

Place a new light fixture over the bathroom mirror.

You know you want to.

Here’s why:

They look amazing!

You owe it to your self to go out and find one that you really like.

Light fixtures introduce a whole new dimension to your bathroom that will make the room look more expensive and fancy.

home depot
photo by tinfoilsoldier

Lay out some tiles on the kitchen wall to really surprise your family.

When they see what you have accomplished:

They’ll be so surprised at your remarkable abilities and talent.

If this is something you feel like you’d enjoy:

Then just do it already!

home depot
photo by 99781513@N04

Hang a book shelf up.

You know you want to.

You don’t even need books!

In fact:

You can put anything you want on a book shelf.

Trust me:

Once you have the book shelf up, the rest will come naturally.

home depot
photo by 49503098425@N01

Decorate your 5th wall:

The ceiling.

You don’t have to be an Italian Renaissance painter to make something really special of your ceiling.

If you have a knack for it or have found an outline you can just fill in with paint:

You’ll be able to produce a really awesome design for sure.

home depot
photo by turbojoe


Who doesn’t love hardwood flooring?!

If we’re being honest with you (which we always are):

We’d have to recommend hardwood over tile (except for the kitchen) any day of the week.

Hardwood looks better (especially the darker colored woods) and is much softer on the feet than tile.

home depot
photo by jetaime

A new plush carpet to make your feet feel oh so warm.

Carpet will never go out of style.


Carpet feels so amazing on the feet.

In fact:

Placing your feet on carpet instantly puts you in the mood to relax and drink something warm.

Ahmad tea, anyone?

home depot
photo by colleen-lane

That new cabinet you’ve been drooling over is waiting for you!

What are you waiting for?

Go out and buy it now!

The truth is:

Cabinets add depth to an already good-looking kitchen and offer you all the space you need to hide your kitchen items out of sight and out of mind.

home depot
photo by mar00ned

Buy a new sink and let your worries flow away down the drain.

Far, far away.

If there’s one thing you have got to do:

It’s to buy your self a good-looking sink and just watch the dirt and troubles flow away.


It has a nice calming effect to it.

home depot
photo by craftygoat

Install track lighting.

You know this looks cool.

Just imagine:

Everyone that walks into the room will automatically be drawn to the new light fixture and compliment you on your tastes.

Of course:

Then you can offer them some of your famous home made lemonade, lol.

home depot
photo by 65978013@N03

Build an outdoor kitchen.

Okay, maybe this would take a bit longer than one lazy Sunday afternoon:

But man would it be worth it!

An attractive outdoor kitchen is the absolute pinnacle of good taste in both food and design.

home depot
photo by calliope

Weatherproof your front door.

Now, your door really is the only way in or out!

Think about it:

You don’t let strangers into your home, so why let the elements inside?

Ensure that there’s never an unexpected puddle inside your home by weatherproofing your front door today.

home depot
photo by rmommaerts

Improve energy efficiency with new windows!

You gotta love it when your home has brand new energy efficient windows on display!

Of course:

The increased efficiency means a lower energy bill, too!

home depot
photo by jamiemc

In my honest opinion:

Wall-mounting a flat screen TV looks way better than letting it stand on a flat surface.

In fact:

Who thinks otherwise?!

Just look at how good and organized this set-up is.

Now imagine if all that was on the floor for kids to trip on.


Install laminate flooring.

Hey, it looks just as good as hardwood doesn’t it?

It may cost less, but frankly:

It looks just as good as the real deal.

Head over to the flooring section today and find a variety that you like.

home depot
photo by okaycity

Carpet Tiles.

They might just be the best thing to happen to floors ever!

The truth is:

They look amazing and are extremely easy to install too!

What more could you ask for?

For small rooms:

They seem to work really well.

home depot
photo by markusspiske

Get that new shower head to make your mornings that much better.

Imagine the sensation you’ll feel when the water pressure you receive is constant and firm.


That’s how every shower should feel.

home depot
photo by dayseraph

Plant a new tree or shrub.

The planet thanks you for your service.

It’s a fun, easy, fast project you can complete in an afternoon.

For a day’s worth of effort:

You’ll have a brand new plant to enjoy for many years to come.

home depot
photo by great_pictures

Give your landscape some wow factor at night with pathway lights.

Lights are fantastic.

Deep inside you:

They spur a feeling of hope and happiness.

You’re sure to experience those feelings the more pathway lights you lay out.

home depot
photo by thelilyman

Plant a flower bed out back or front.


You’ve now made the world a more beautiful place.

Here’s the best part:

Everyone that sees your work will feel inspired to go and do the same.

Beauty is a contagious thing.

home depot
photo by slgc

Lay out some sod for the kids to play on.

I mean:

Would you rather have them get dirty and bring all that dirt inside with them?

Of course not!

Let’s place some fresh sod outside for them to play comfortably on.

home depot
photo by timdorr

Throw down some decorative stones like you mean it.

This is your home and you’re going to improve it.

With a bit of hard work:

You can achieve some truly stunning designs for the world to see and admire.

home depot
photo by christian_wilcox

Mulch, mulch, mulch.

Who doesn’t love mulch?

Here’s the best part:

It provides your yard with a striking contrast that’s hard to ignore.

Viewers will appreciate the variety of color you have laid out back for them to admire.

home depot
photo by 4tunesphotos

Privacy is a necessity.

Protect yours with a new fence.

A fence can only provide as much privacy as it is tall and wide.


Opt for the widest and tallest fence you can find.

That’ll keep unwanted attention out for good!

home depot
photo by wicker-furniture

Patio furniture may be the single best thing you ever do to help your backyard look and feel its best.


Just look at how amazing this photo looks!

You’re sure to feel satisfaction inside once the project is completed.

home depot
photo by iheartpandas

A new outdoor shed will help to keep your backyard tidy and organized.


There’s no need to throw all your tools on the lawn to rust up and be forgotten.

With even a small shed:

You can hide and organize those tools in a protected and safe environment.

home depot
photo by jeepersmedia

Pests be gone!

Give them the right message with you-know-what (hint hint).

After all:

This is your home.

Protect it with insect killer and let all the insects know that this is not a place they can harm you.

home depot
photo by skatertbarbs

Build a picnic table.

Yup, that’s a project you can be proud of for years to come.

It doesn’t have to be really expensive or extravagant either.

You can just follow a simple plan to build a simple, yet durable picnic table.

I can guarantee:

The first meal on that table will be really special.

home depot
photo by shonaliburke

Get your self some storage boxes to place all that mess in your closet inside.

Now, you have an attractive closet you can be proud of!

If you’re living with someone else:

They’ll appreciate this, too!

home depot
photo by rmommaerts

Set up some shelves in your garage.

Think about it:

Isn’t it about time you cleaned the place up.

It doesn’t take as many shelves as you might think to really cozy up the place.

Just place them at a sufficient enough distance in height from one another and you’ll be set for good.

home depot
photo by ntmprojects

Install a storm door.

Now you can stand in front of your door and yell out at the weather “You shall not pass!…”

Okay maybe you can just install the storm door instead lol.

In all seriousness:

You’ll be really happy you did when the weather turns sour.

Which of these projects do like best?

Are there any you have completed already?


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