Google [33 Insane Facts]

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We’ve all used Google’s search engine.

We all know their website by heart.

They lead a massive industry worth billions and billions of dollars.


Few know some of the perhaps lesser known and intriguing facts about the company.

For example:

Google’s unofficial slogan is “Don’t be evil.”


I have a lot of love for Google.

Of course:

No company is perfect; far from it.

But Google is alright in my and a lot of other people’s books.

They really are a startup success story made possible by the internet revolution.

As a company:

Their ethos revolves around helping others do more and find more.

How many times have you been trying to find some piece of information and realized that pulling up Google was your first and fastest go to source for help?

Imagine if Google wasn’t around!

Some of you are too young to remember a time before Google even existed.

Imagine actually having to go down to your local library in order to find the information you’re looking for.

I know:

It sounds crazy!

It’s incredible that we no longer need to make that journey to find the information we seek.


We can simply just reach into our pocket and retrieve a large portion of the world’s information.

And with only a few taps of our thumb!

The world has truly changed with the times and for the better.

Technology is that one tool that enables us all to accomplish more in the same stretch of time.

That is, after all, the very definition of efficiency.

So therefore:

Google has allowed us to become more efficient users of our time.

We can use our time more wisely.

Early on:

A lot of search engines were created and, ultimately, people decided that Google offered the best overall search experience.

It’s no wonder that Microsoft and Yahoo had to team up just to compete with Google’s search engine.

Without further ado:

Here are some astonishing facts on Google that’ll blow your mind.

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With exception to recent college graduates:

Google has discovered that GPA’s and test scores are “worthless as criteria for hiring.”

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me.

It’s so much more about what you know and can do for the company than what grades and tests you’ve taken that matter in the real world.

google 1
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On January 5th, 2010:

Google released its first android phone dubbed the Nexus One.

Since then:

They have iterated on the device releasing many more models of the same phone over the years.

google 2
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Technology never stands still and Google stunned the world in 2016 with the release of the Pixel.

This photography powerhouse of a smartphone was almost as good as the iPhone.

That’s a pretty impressive achievement from Google right there.

google 3
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Unlike some companies that are stuck in the past:

Google actually allows and even encourages employees to spend a fifth of their time working on their own unique projects.

As a result of this policy:

We now have Google News and Orkut on the market.

google 4
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Google going public allowed many employees to become millionaires overnight.

Talk about hitting the jackpot.

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and help build the right companies so I could have struck gold too.

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Here’s an interesting story:

A python got loose in Google’s NYC office on April 1st.

Since it was April Fool’s day, no one took the news seriously until:

It was caught, recovered, and finally returned back to its original owner… thankfully.


google 6
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Google actually pays Mozilla millions every year so that they incorporate their search engine into the Firefox browser.

Well then:

I guess it helps Google out when the default search engine is already pre-set to Google.

google 7
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Surprisingly, Google’s first tweet ever was in binary format.

It translated into saying “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

Way to go Google.

You definitely were very very lucky to make it out on top as the most popular search engine of all time.

google 8
photo by astrocbt

You won’t believe this:

Googles actually rents out Goats!

I promise you this is true.

The reason?

They use the goats to cut down on the number of weeds growing around their buildings.

google 9
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Google processes around 20 petabytes of information every single day!

That’s an insane amount of data to handle.

But hey when your services are that high in demand:

Then you have to amp up to meet that demand.

google 10
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Over 100 different languages can be used on Google’s home page.


That’s an incredible number of languages to manage.

I personally speak two languages fluently and I thought that was a lot!

google 11
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Get this!

Google’s services actually went down for 5 minutes recently leading to a 40 percent drop in worldwide internet traffic!

Consider the fact that:

Google’s not the only search engine available and then realize how insane of a fact that is.

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We all know Steve Jobs for his immaculate attention to detail.

He even went as far as calling up Google, letting them know that the color of the second “o” in Google wasn’t right.

He offered to have someone from his team fix the issue and Google agreed!

google 13
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Over half of users online will actually Google their own name.

I’ve done it before.

I’m sure you have done it before as well.

It’s always interesting to find out what Google knows about you.

google 14
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Google loves to buy out companies.

In fact:

It averages about one company purchased each week!

I guess when you’re in it to win:

You go all out and try to win big.

Man, can you imagine how much bigger Google will get as it continues to grow?

Scary thought honestly.

google 15
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Google actually knows a lot about you.

They have the ability to track and analyze a person’s behavior online by the sites you visit and ads you click.

That’s a little unsettling, but ya the world moves on.

google 16
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It’s probably no surprise that a majority of google’s revenue comes from its advertising network.

In fact:

Some estimates claim about 90 percent of Google’s income comes from ads.

google 17
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Google Maps was actually developed in part by Keyhole, Inc.


Google would go on to acquire Keyhole, Inc. and integrate it into its very own Google Maps.

I absolutely could not live the same life without Google Maps.

google 18
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Google’s revenue hit the 50 billion dollar mark in the year 2012.

Later on in January 2013:

Google would go on to announce this publicly.

That’s an insane amount of money to have to handle for one company alone.

google 19
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Google’s presence stretches across the entire map.

In fact:

Google operates more than 70 offices in some 50 countries.

Talk about a far reach.

A company with one office successfully open and running would be great but 70!?

google 20
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Google’s founders actually made a sale offer to the CEO of Excite for the price of one million dollars.

His response?

No, I’ll pass.

The CEO must be regretting that decision on a daily basis.

google 21
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This may be one you haven’t heard before:

“Google” was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 2006 as a verb.

Dang when you’re that popular that your name gets added to the dictionary:

You really must have some serious influence.

google 22
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Of all the websites on the internet today:

Google is by far the most popular site according to Alexa.

It’s kind of ironic when you think about:

A website dedicated to finding other websites is somehow the most popular site.

google 23
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Google ‘s infrastructure is huge.

So large, in fact,:

That over 1 million computers are employed to handle the over 1 billion search requests made daily.

Now, that’s an astronomical number!

google 24
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By June 2000:

Google’s influence had taken over and become the world’s largest search engine.

Fast forward to today:

We barely even remember what life was like without Google.

google 25
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Google went public with its first offering on August 19, 2004.

Look at them now:

They are the largest site on the internet and used by practically everyone to find information with the simple tap of a few fingers.


google 26
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By May 2011:

Google hit the one billion unique visitors mark.

When you consider the fact that a billion is equal to a thousand million:

You start to fathom the awesome influence of a tool as useful as Google’s search engine.

google 28
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One critic was so taken back by Google’s abilities that he famously stated:

“Google knows more about you than your mother.”

That might be a bit of an exaggeration but I bet it definitely knows more about you than your father.

google 29
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You may not know this:

Google was originally nicknamed “BackRub” by its founders before they changed it to Google.

In fact:

They made a mistake when they misspelled the word “Googol.”


google 30
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Google has a T-Rex skeleton (named Stan) right outside of their California headquarters.

There’s an interesting reason for doing this:

They keep it there as a reminder to employees to not let Google go extinct.

What a clever idea!

google 31
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Do this right now!

Go search for “Atari breakout” in Google Images and you’ll instantly have the game ready for you to play!

Don’t believe me?

Then try it out and see if it works.

Oh, and have fun while you’re at it!

google 32
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You know Google has done a lot of things right.

One of those is that if a U.S. employee passes away while still under employment of Google:

Their surviving spouse will receive a check for 50 percent of their salary for the next 10 years!

Come on!

You gotta love Google.

What are your thoughts on this article?

What fact did you find most interesting?


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