Gmail [17 Best Reasons To Use]

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Gmail is an amazing email network that you can try for free.

In fact:

It might even be the best free web mail service on the web today!

Since it’s free to use you don’t have to worry about any payments or recurring fees later down the road.

We’ve personally given Gmail our stamp of approval here at MigratoryMaps.

Here’s the deal:

When it comes to our privacy and security online Gmail is no slouch.

In fact:

It’s actually good enough to have gained a compliment by the FBI’s director.

Using Gmail is even better.

You’ll love how simple and easy on the eyes Gmail’s interface is.


Don’t you hate it when companies try to over-stuff an email services with way too many buttons and features to the point that the service becomes unbearable?

Yea, we hate that too.

With Gmail you only sign up for exactly what you’re looking for (pure and simple).

If you dig deeper:

You’ll discover some of the best features and gems to using Gmail that perhaps you may not be aware of.

Some of these features can actually save you from phishers.

Phishing, by the way, is a scam in which the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information is done by posing as a legitimate company (don’t fall for them).

Others can help you to be more efficient with your time when replying to emails.

Here’s the truth:

Gmail can really help you to be more productive with your time online by protecting you from the bad people out there and providing you with some incredibly useful features.

Some of the best things in life are free (like air) and when it’s comes to Gmail:

Free is not the only word we would use to describe its feature rich and incredibly intuitive interface.

It’s also incredibly useful and probably the best free email provider on the web!

We love it and recommend everyone to give it a shot.

Let’s take a look at some of Gmail’s best features and design elements.

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Gmail provides users with an authentication icon for verified senders.

Protect yourself:

This is an incredibly smart way to defend against phishing attacks which seem to be on the rise lately.

Why not use an email provider that automatically includes this security feature?

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Canned responses.

Instead of typing the same message over and over again:

You can simply set up a canned response which allows you to save a message and pull it up later with a simple click of the mouse.

Now, how useful is that?!

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If you’re someone that uses Gmail professionally (give your self a pat on the back if you do), then here’s a feature you might like:

Whenever you receive an email about an important event, it’s automatically added to your calendar for your convenience.


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If anyone ever sends you an address in an email:

Gmail will automatically look up that address for you and generate a preview of it for you on Google Maps.

This is feature which you can enable from your inbox settings.

Never again will we have to open a new tab to pull up Google Maps!

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Would you like to unhighlight an email in your inbox without reading it?

No worries!

With Gmail you can simply click on the “Mark as read” button to have messages unhighlighted.

Now, there’s one less issue you have to worry your self over.

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You can actually create a “preview pane” on Gmail which allows you to view and reply to emails while navigating your inbox.

A pretty nifty trick for those used to desktop email clients.

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Star your most important emails.

It can sometimes become difficult to locate your most important emails (i.e. flight itinerary).

With Gmail’s star feature:

You can simply click on the “star” icon to save your most critical emails into the “starred” folder and you’re all done!

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Stop feeling claustrophobic and start moving the chat box from the left side of the screen to the right side.

Gmail allows you to do just that so you can breathe a little easier.

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Oh, man is this a feature that some people need.

Have you ever sent an email and quickly realized that perhaps you shouldn’t have sent that email?

Well, my friend, so have we (many, many times unfortunately).

Gmail allows you to undo send.

Yea, we know.

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You can actually set up your Gmail so that emails arrive at your inbox at certain times of the day.

This neat buffer feature is made possible by a Gmail app called Boomerang.

For people who get disturbing email notifications on their phones at night this is an absolute must.

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Trying to figure out who it is exactly that gave out your email to unknown senders?

Next time you sign up for an email list try adding a + symbol anywhere inside your email address (i.e.

Emails received will include the plus symbol.

Now you know.

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Here’s a great way to know when new emails are sent to your inbox:

With Gmail you can enable desktop notifications so that you never miss replying to an urgent or very important email ever again.

That’s really useful because we don’t always check our inbox when we should.

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If you’re in the mood to clean up your inbox whole:

Simply click on the part of the page where you see the empty box (top left corner).

Click on “All” and then click on the trash can icon to empty all the emails you currently see on your inbox.

Two clicks and, simple as that, you’re all cleaned up!

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One of Gmail’s best features is the ability to search through your mail.

This one is no surprise considering that Gmail is a product of Google.

This may actually be Gmail’s greatest strengths as it really does save you a lot of hassle when you’re trying to find the right email.

photo by joannova

Gmail has introduced a feature which allows users to be able to sort incoming mail into different categories.

Depending on the email:

It could either go to the “Primary,” “Social,” or “Promotions” tab.

This is a neat feature which helps users to better stay organized.

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What happens if you have an unreliable or unavailable internet connection?

Gmail solves this problem by storing the information offline inside the Gmail Offline app so you can still access your emails even when your internet may be down.

What are your thoughts?

Which feature of Gmail do you find most useful or are there any features you would like to see added?


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