Facebook Log Sign Up [33 Fun Facts]

Facebook Log Sign Up
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Let’s Face(book) it!

Some people go to Facebook log sign up, open an account, and end up oversharing way too much of their private information!

Here’s the deal:

Social media is not a place to share everything that happens in your life with the public at large, people!

There really are some things better left unsaid.

The truth is:

Everyone has a need for privacy.

It’s a fundamental need that we all share in common.

Imagine what would happen if our thoughts were accessible by everyone!

We’d all be ruined!

In the same way that we keep some of our thoughts private (which is good):

We also need to keep some of our conversations private.

Our minds are our “safe space” where we can openly think about things as we evolve gradually over time as individuals.


We also need a “safe space” where we can discuss private matters with our closest friends.

Your friends are the ones with whom you can confide your secrets and troubles with.

You can say things to your friends that they will understand and help you deal with.

It’s through those private discussions that we are able to grow and challenge ourselves without being judged.


I’m sure we’ve all said things privately that absolutely would not be understood or accepted publicly.

So now:

Imagine what would happen if you shared those private discussions or thoughts publicly on Facebook.

Your reputation would be soiled permanently!

That’s not good.


I know some people that overshare way too much information on Facebook.

No offense:

But did you really need the world to know that you just ran out of mayonnaise?


Let’s all agree to keep our private lives private and to stop oversharing on social media.

Here are some more reasons why you might want to rethink oversharing on Facebook.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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In case you are a marooned pirate stuck in the 21st century:

You’ll be happy to know that “Pirate” is one of the available languages for use on Facebook.


Let’s all ask the bigger question here.

How many pirates had to join Facebook for the language to actually become an option!?

Facebook Log Sign Up
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Hacking is a very real threat on Facebook.

In fact:

Over one hundred thousand attempts are made each day to hack Facebook accounts.

Of course:

No one wants their Facebook account to be hacked, but if that were to ever happen, you better hope that you didn’t share too much of your private information!

Facebook Log Sign Up
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Want a way to nearly double your smartphone’s battery life?

According to one mobile economist:

By simply deleting the Facebook app off your phone, you can stop it from consuming 47 percent of your battery’s life!

That’s 47 percent, Mitt!

Facebook Log Sign Up
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It might surprise you to know:

The average user on Facebook spends over a whopping 40 minutes a day on the site!

Could you imagine what you could accomplish if you invested 40 minutes each day on one specific task?

Facebook Log Sign Up
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This may seem trivial:

Apparently, “unfriending” someone on Facebook can actually get you murdered!


Some people have actually been murdered for doing just that.

It goes to show you that you might want to be careful who you befriend in the first place.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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If you own a smartphone you might want to count the number of times you log onto Facebook each day as the number may surprise you.


The average smartphone user checks his Facebook account an average of 14 times a day!

Of course:

That’s just the average.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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If you’re feeling depressed:

Facebook may or may not have something to do with your depression.

According to one study:

Declines in moment-to-moment happiness and overall life satisfaction are a direct consequence of Facebook use.

Try not using Facebook for a week and see if that helps you feel better.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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Tracking people’s behavior online seems to be one of Facebook’s greatest skills.

It turns out that Facebook will actually track you as you surf the web.

In fact:

It continues doing so even after you’ve logged off the site!

How is that something that Facebook is allowed to do?

Facebook Log Sign Up
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It may shock some users to know that not everyone represented on Facebook is, in fact, well alive!

There are around 30 million dead users on Facebook!

That’s quite the number of graves to fill.

Seriously, though, who exactly is keeping these accounts up to date…?

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by brunauto

Facebook’s style is a very plain blue.

The reason?

It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind (he suffers from red-green color blindness) and as such designed the theme of Facebook to accommodate his condition.

I’m sure many colorblind people were grateful for this, as well.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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Marriage and Facebook seem to be at odds with one another.

In 2011:

A third of all divorce filings contained the word “Facebook” in them.

Why do some married couple place them selves at risk by continuing to use Facebook in an inappropriate manner?

It’s not worth it.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by alianto

China decided that Facebook posed a significant enough risk to its population that they decided to outright block the site in their country in 2009!

If a country deems the site to be a threat:

Then what fighting chance do you have?

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by coolinsights

Facebook’s yearly revenue is mind boggling.

The social media site makes almost $20 off every American and Canadian user.

Consider the fact that Facebook has billions of active users online:

Then realize just how much money they’re making.

It’s simple math.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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You can’t unfriend Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

You can try, but you’re not going to be able to stop him from seeing what all your other friends can see on your account.

It makes you wonder:

Why would he demand that everyone be his friend?

Why is he creeping around in the grass?

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by mastermaq

Facebook can actually become a major distraction in life.

In fact:

One blogger found Facebook so addicting that he actually hired someone to slap him every time he went on the site!

That’s a bit insane, but it proves the point:

Facebook can be a truly nightmarish addiction.

Facebook Log Sign Up
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In the United States of America:

More people use Facebook than vote in the elections.

That’s not good.

I hope that doesn’t mean that Americans care more about their status feed than they do about their country.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by eddidit

Mark Zuckerberg decided to give away $1 billion of his wealth to charity in 2013.

This would become the largest charitable donation to the organization receiving the money.

Is Mark Zuckerberg making up for past mistakes or is he being sincere?

Only God can judge.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by sklathill

Here’s an insane statistic:

Around 27 percent of all upstream web traffic during peak periods comes from uploaded videos and photos on mobile to Facebook!

Think about that for a minute:

Over a quarter of the internet’s upstream web traffic during peak periods is from Facebook!

That’s absolutely insane!

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by clankennedy

This may not surprise some of you:

But it turns out that around 9 percent of users on Facebook are fake.


They’re fake.

Now you know:

Some of those celebrities and famous other people you’re following on Facebook might, in fact, possibly be fake!

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by chillmimi

The “Like” button on Facebook was almost called the “Awesome” button instead.


Cooler heads prevailed.

I mean:

Can you imagine wanting to show your support for a highly controversial topic by saying the topic was “Awesome?”

That would not be good.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by mwillsphotography

Stop trusting Mark Zuckerberg and his website with all your private information.

In an interview in 2004:

Mark Zuckerberg said users of Facebook were “dumb $%^#@” for trusting the site with so much of their personal information.

That evil snake!

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by stormsworld

Facebook’s popularity is so massive that 1.8 million new “Likes” are made every minute!

If you were to make a dollar for every million “Likes” that happened on Facebook:

You would have a 6 figure income yearly!

That’s quite the traffic to any site.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by kitkit201

Every minute that Facebook goes offline:

The company loses $25,000!

Wow, some people don’t even make that much in a year!

Facebook really does have a very massive audience keeping it afloat.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by small_realm

So great is Facebook’s empire that it’s rumored to cost the company $30 million US dollars a month in hosting alone!

That’s quite the number of servers needed to keep the company’s online presence stable.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by pagedooley

Be careful what you type into Facebook’s status update box.

Whatever you type is automatically routed over to their servers even if you don’t click post.

Now you know to think long and hard about your decision to type a message before you post.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by a-herzog

In the event of your demise:

Facebook has a feature to allow another person to take control of your account.

Isn’t that a bit creepy?

I don’t think many people would like it if someone were to represent them on Facebook after they died.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by kyz

Science is a really neat subject.

Here’s your daily dose of science for the day:

One gram of your DNA can store all of the data Facebook contains and still have room left over!

That’s pretty incredible when you consider how large computer servers are in relation to a gram of DNA.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by pictureperfectpose

Creeps are every where now a days, especially on Facebook.

One study determined that 88 percent of Facebook users will actually ‘creep‘ on ex-partners following a break-up.

Perhaps even more alarming:

You might actually have been one of those creeps… lol.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by airmanmagazine

Any pilot that’s ever flown the F-35 Fighter Jet can tell you how truly awe-inspiring flying inside that machine really is.

In fact:

It takes millions of lines of code to keep the jet operational!


It takes twice as much code to keep Facebook operational (61 million lines of code)!

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by 93277085@N08

I’m sure we all have way more friends on Facebook than we do in real life.

One study determined that although the average user on Facebook has 155 friends:

They would only turn to 4 of them for help.

True friends are so valuable.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by apoltix

During Facebook’s first ever annual Hacker Cup:

A Google programmer claimed first place!

To really rub it in:

The Google programmer even showed up to claim his prize while wearing his Google employee badge!

Good for him.

I’m sure he had his fun.

Facebook Log Sign Up
photo by duncan

Taxes are such a burden.

Some people feel that burden more than others.

Just ask Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin who chose to renounce his U.S. citizenship in order to avoid paying $700 million in taxes!

I guess for him:

The burden of being a U.S. citizen was far too great to bear, huh?

What are your thoughts?

Which of these Facebook facts surprised you the most?


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