Facebook Home Page [33 Fast Facts]

facebook home page
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It seems like the Facebook home page is something we visit daily.

Perhaps, we visit Facebook more often than we should.

In fact:

Some users on Facebook definitely overshare way too much and often.

There are certain aspects of your life that should never be made public.

Think about it:

Privacy is a fundamental psychological need that we all share in common.

We all need our own safe space where we can joke and share our complaints with the people we trust.

I don’t think people realize just how much publicity photos and posts you share on your account receive.

Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?

If a stranger knocked on your door (viewed your Facebook account) and asked to see photos of your family and friends and you absolutely had no idea who that individual was, would you let that stranger see those photos of your family and friends?

How about those jokes that in the moment were funny, but to the stranger’s eyes are extremely offensive?

Would you let them read those posts?

No, not in a million years!

You would invoke your right to privacy and tell the stranger to go away.

So, why then do some people openly share all of their most intimate photos and posts with someone other than their closest friends and family?

Do you realize that prospective job employers will at times check your Facebook account to get a feel for what kind of employee you would be?

You shouldn’t have posted that post 3 years ago, but hey it was just a joke right?

This happens all too often.

People assume the public will automatically understand their viewpoint and be okay with anything that’s said on Facebook, but that’s simply not the case at all!

The truth is:

There really are some things better kept private between friends and family rather than to be shared online for the public to criticize and judge.

Here are some more fast facts on Facebook that are guaranteed to make you rethink oversharing your life’s most intimate and embarrassing moments.

facebook home page
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This may come as a surprise to some of you:

Facebook’s first ever Hacker Cup awarded first place to a Google programmer.

The winner even arrived to claim his prize wearing their Google employee badge!

If that’s not rubbing it in, then I’m the crowned prince of Persia (not).

facebook home page
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Some people will go to such extreme lengths to avoid paying taxes.

In fact:

That’s exactly what Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin did when he renounced his United States citizenship in order to avoid paying $700 million in taxes!

How many of you would do the same to avoid taxes?

facebook home page
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It turns out that an F-35 fighter jet has around 30.5 million lines of code in its programs.

Believe it or not:

Facebook uses twice that amount of code (61 million lines of code) to run its programs!

Can we then say that running Facebook is harder than flying an F-35 Fighter Jet?

facebook home page
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Here’s a great point to illustrate how selective we are when it comes to our closest friends.

Even though the average Facebook user has 155 friends, one survey suggests users would turn to less than 5 of them for help!

How’s that for sharing coffee with friends?

facebook home page
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If you think Facebook runs on a lot of data, then you should look at your own body.

A single gram of your DNA could store all of Facebook’s data easily.

In fact:

You could even add in all of Google’s data into that single gram and you would still have space left over for more!

facebook home page
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Do you really need an alarming statistic to stop you from oversharing on Facebook?

Well, here it is:

According to one study, 88 percent of Facebook users “creep” on ex-partners following a break-up.

That’s insane!

In fact, you might have been one of those creeps…

facebook home page
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Seriously, people be careful what you share on Facebook, okay?

Anything you type into Facebook’s status update box is allegedly automatically routed over to Facebook’s servers even if you don’t click the post button!

So understand that the next time you think about sharing posts.

facebook home page
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Okay, this definitely creeped me out a bit.

It turns out that Facebook actually has a feature to allow you to decide on who will manage your account after you die.

I mean how does that make you feel?

Do you feel a bit unsettled by this or should we thank Facebook for this feature?

facebook home page
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You may think:

Doctors, lawyers, and engineers make a lot of money, but wait until you hear this.

It turns out that for every minute that Facebook goes down, the company loses around $25,000!

Some people make less than $25,000 in a year, but a minute!

That’s a lot, buddy.

facebook home page
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Some people have asked:

“Since Facebook is an online company, what are the costs associated with running the company besides hiring employees?”

Those people ask very intelligent questions.

It may surprise you to know that hosting Facebook’s website costs the company $30 million US dollars per month!

facebook home page
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Maybe, it’s just us, but we don’t particularly trust Mark Zuckerberg with our most personal and private photos and posts.

In 2004:

Mark Zuckerberg actually called out users of his site as “dumb %$#^@” for trusting Facebook with so much of their personal information.


facebook home page
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Facebook is massive.

So massive, in fact, that over 1.8 million new “Likes” happen every minute on the site.

That’s an insane amount of traffic!

Consider how many cars you’ve seen this past month on the road or how many people you’ve met.

That doesn’t even come close!

facebook home page
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A staggering 1/10th (about that fraction) of Facebook users are fake.

Fake as fake can get.

Think about it:

Most people I know prefer to receive real flowers over fake flowers and yet here we are with fake people using Facebook.

Do you have fake friends?

facebook home page
photo by debord

Facebook flipped back and forth between the idea of calling the “Like” button as the “Awesome” button, but eventually decided to stick with calling it the “Like” button.

Instead of liking a photo:

You would have just said it was awesome.

Do you think that would be the same or different?

facebook home page
photo by contemplativechristian

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly donated $1 billion of his wealth to charity in 2013.

This would make Zuckerberg the biggest charitable donor in the United States.

Is he atoning for past sins with this donation or does it come sincerely from his heart?

Only God can judge people.

facebook home page
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Would it amaze you if you were told that around 27 percent of upstream web traffic comes from uploaded photos and videos by mobile users on Facebook?

That’s a hard number to get your mind around.

Do you know how many cell phones it takes to achieve this staggering statistic?

facebook home page
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There is such a thing as Facebook Addiction Disorder.

In fact:

One study pointed to similarities in people’s brains that use Facebook and those who use cocaine or are addicted to gambling!

The addiction is defined by long hours spent on Facebook to the point that it becomes unhealthy.

facebook home page
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More people use Facebook in North America then vote in the elections!

That’s a staggering figure to even wrap your mind around.


Let’s just keep in mind that to vote in America you have to be at least 18 years old whereas Facebook allows you to sign up much sooner.

I hope that’s the reason anyways…

facebook home page
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Let’s do some simple math here to comprehend the scope of Facebook’s empire.

Facebook makes almost $20 off of every American and Canadian user.

There are billions of users on Facebook.

Even if they only made a single US dollar off of every user:

Imagine the billions of dollars they’d make as a result!

facebook home page
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Here’s a pesky little quirk about using Facebook.

Did you know that you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg as a friend?


Can’t do it.

He’s your friend and has all the access to your account that your friends do.

Whether you like the food or not you bought it and there are no refunds!

facebook home page
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If you’re married you should not be on Facebook!

In 2011:

Over a third of all divorce filings contained the word “Facebook.”

That’s not a risk you can afford to bet your marriage against.

If you like the way your ship is currently sailing why risk it being sunk by a hole?

facebook home page
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If you’re still not convinced that Facebook is a threat to your lifestyle or privacy, then consider the following:

An entire country has blocked Facebook starting in 2009.

If a country doesn’t trust the website then why should you?

Protect your privacy and stop oversharing!

facebook home page
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While on Facebook:

Don’t be surprised if you’re contacted by a ghost.

There are around 30 million dead users on Facebook and I don’t think they’ve come back for a status update.

It makes you wonder who’s alive and who’s a walking zombie among your friends, doesn’t it?

facebook home page
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It turns out that the reason Facebook is primarily blue is due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness!

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the only color blind person who benefited from this turn of events concerning the design of Facebook.

facebook home page
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One word:


Visiting Facebook regularly may not be the best thing for your health.

One study suggests that 1 in 3 people feel more dissatisfied with their lives after having visited Facebook.

Stop using Facebook for a week and see if you feel better afterwards.

facebook home page
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If you don’t like people following you around then this may be cause for alarm.

Facebook will actually track which sites you visit.

Still not alarmed?

They track you even after you have signed out of Facebook!

While you’re reading this:

Think about what that means for you and your privacy.

facebook home page
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Is murder a word you’d prefer not to be thrown around regularly?

There’re some truly sick individuals out there.

In fact:

Several people have actually been murdered for simply unfriending someone on Facebook.

Be careful who you befriend in the first place.

facebook home page
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If you have a smartphone and use Facebook regularly:

You may not realize how often you’re checking Facebook.

People who check Facebook do so an average of 14 times a day!

Is there anything else in life you do 14 times a day every day?

Maybe it’s time to rethink Facebook?

facebook home page
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It takes time to build a great reputation.

The last thing you need happening during that time is for your phone’s battery to die out unexpectedly.

One mobile economist discovered that by deleting the Facebook app off of his phone, he was able to nearly double his smartphone’s battery life!

One word:


facebook home page
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On average:

A Facebook user will spend 40 minutes a day on the site!

Now, that’s just the average.

I’m sure you all know people that spend way more time than that on the site.

I’m sure we all wish that some people would stop posting every hour with an update on their lives.

facebook home page
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In case you’re a marooned pirate somehow stuck in the 21st century, good news!

“Pirate” can be selected as a language to use on Facebook.

In fact:

There are multiple languages to choose from, but here’s what we all want to know:

How many pirates use Facebook today?

facebook home page
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There are over a hundred thousand attempts made every day to hack into Facebook accounts.

It’s wise to not share every single little nuance of your life on your Facebook account.

If (hope this never happens) your account becomes infected or hacked, what happens next?

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a Facebook account and did you find the above facts interesting or useful?


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