Chevrolet [33 Crazy Cool Designs]

photo by jeepersmedia

Chevrolet is doing a lot of great things now a days.

One of the best things they have done is to introduce a 200 mile all-electric car to the masses.

Of course:

I am speaking about the all-new Chevrolet Bolt.

This car is a firm step in the right direction.

You know:

I honestly feel like we are living in a period of great transition.

This is probably pretty close to how people must have felt when Henry Ford first introduced the Model T to the masses.

People all of a sudden could now afford to purchase a car to replace their horses.

This is that all over again, but with electric cars.

We’re almost at the point now (not yet, but close I hope) where people are going to be able to replace their gas guzzlers with electric cars.

Stopping at the pump will be a thing of the past!


You can just skip right past the pump (with a bird flying in the air, lol).

You’ll be able to head straight home where you can simply plug your car in to an outlet.

It’ll be just like charging your phone overnight.

If you think about it:

It’s amazing how quickly technology becomes adopted by the masses.

Although the Bolt is still not quite inexpensive enough for everyone to be able to afford it:

It’s priced so that most people can.

Hopefully, it will get cheaper over time.

Of course:

Batteries getting cheaper would definitely help in making electric cars more affordable for the masses to enjoy.

It just takes time for the technology to mature and until then:

The Bolt is definitely a compelling buy for those among us who are tired of the constant pollution and dirty fuels carried inside our gas-guzzling cars.


Staying clean is a huge factor in many people’s daily lives which is part of the reason why people find the idea of an electric car so attractive.

I love the fact that electricity doesn’t pollute the environment the same way burning gasoline does when its used to run your vehicle.

For now:

Let’s take a look at some of the cars to have come out of Chevrolet (gas or otherwise).

photo by lambodoors

Here’s a ride a lot of people would buy in a heartbeat.

Those doors may not be stock:

But they sure do look dope.

I remember asking a friend of mine what type of cars he preferred and he replied:

Coupes were his all-time favorite.

There’s just something about coupes that draws people to them.

photo by lambodoors

There’s a lot the designers got right with this car.

In fact:

The rims are on point, the front face is handsome and rugged, and although those doors probably aren’t necessary:

They do add a dimension of wow factor to the ride.

photo by davepinter


The best cars are the ones that ride simple.

Here’s one that features elegant yet simple design elements that don’t scare you away or intimidate you.


This is one of the most handsome cars I have seen come out of Chevrolet.

photo by lambodoors


Step inside this silver machine and journey away to a time of great fortune and bliss.

In all honesty:

I could ride this car for hours while drinking some good Arabic coffee.

The sharp bend in angles on the hood conveys a real sense of confidence in this car.

photo by edispicsevents

A duo of cool cars to attract drivers to the wheel.

Which do you prefer:

The silver or the white behind it?

I’d definately go with the silver hands down.

photo by motosclasicas

This is a pretty small car, but heck if you lift weights and wear a sleeveless shirt:

Then you’ll probably be okay.

Even the yellow paint would be offset by your massive triceps seen through the windows.

If that doesn’t do it:

Then grow yourself a beard!

photo by motosclasicas

Hot rod!

I’m pretty sure I had a car that looked like this as one of my matchbox-sized toys when I was a kid.

Of course:

That’s a compliment to the car’s design as not all cars become miniature collectibles.

Only the ones that stand out from the rest.

photo by dennissylvesterhurd

Oh, the Chevy Bolt.

There’s a lot to love here and a lot of room for improvement, no doubt.


Chevrolet was the one that killed off the original EV1 and yet:

They’re the first to introduce a mass market EV with over 200 miles of range to the public!

What a strange dichotomy.

photo by truckhardware

Now, that’s how you build a pick-up truck.

No chipmunks allowed inside this vehicle!

You might go nuts over the insane drive height and comfort, though.

I’ve seen people that once they drive inside a pick-up:

They rarely ever want to go back down to the level of a sedan again.

photo by stradablog

This might be the greatest gasoline car Chevy has ever produced.

No jokes here.

In case you’re not aware:

This is the amazing Chevy Malibu.

Riding inside this car is unbelievably comfortable!

I should know.

I personally drove this car hundreds of miles during one of my cross-country trips.

photo by 27728294@N05

Now that’s a handsome deep color.

I still remember:

A lot of cars used to sport this same deep rich color way back in the day.

Not so much anymore, but man was this a color to be remembered.

Just look at the design of this car.

It’s meticulously well designed and attractive.

photo by sherlock77

For some reason:

Retro style never goes out of style!

It just finds a new category to fill in.

People rocking this car would never, for any reason, let go of such a good-looking automobile.

Honestly, if you were to convert it to electric:

People would still drive it in 20 years.

photo by tommb

Check out the front bumper on this bad boy.

There’s a car deserving of many prestigious awards for its tempered design and attractive body.

I mean:

If cars still looked like this today, people would still drive them without a doubt.

photo by bkm_br

Flipping nice.

That’s a car you wanna drive.

Just look at it.

The way the roof cups the car is amazing.

Even the body looks attractive with its gorgeous orange color and pristine wheels.

I mean:

How do you get rims to look that good?

photo by edispicsevents

Can someone call an ambulance?

(warning: corny joke ahead)

I think I just had a heart attack because:

This car is killing it!

The body of this car looks amazing and almost too good to even step inside and drive.

photo by sherlock77

White never goes out of style.

This car is proof of that fact.

Can you imagine:

You’re driving this car down to the beach on an afternoon and relaxing the whole time.

Now that’s a feel-good ride you can be proud to display for sure.

photo by 152282781@N02


You need to step behind a car to really appreciate its design and overall aesthetics.

Here’s the unspoken truth:

Orange is a color reserved for rare performance vehicles and here’s one that definitely deserves that color.

photo by 119886413@N05

Aggressive performance and unique design elements are labeled all over this car.


A careful blend of classic appeal and performance are brought together to create a truly stunning ride.

photo by brj

Convertibles never looked so good.

The truth is:

There’s an irresistible charm to this car that one simply can’t ignore.

Without a doubt:

Driving inside this car would ease your mind on a weekend drive down the highway.

photo by streetcarl

This car reminds me of my very first car as a teenager many many years back.

Distinct design elements blend together with rugged features to bring an attractive car to the masses.

I have to say:

I would gladly take up ownership of this car over a Camaro any day of the week.

There I said it.

photo by joao_paulo_cars

There are some cars that are so attractive that one thinks it impossible for it to become any more attractive.

That is:

Until you add on a yellow coat of paint over the car.

This thing is beautiful!

photo by 152282781@N02

There’s nothing like a hot red car to bring to a party.

This car is simply beautiful.

Driving this car should be reserved only for special events.

But hey:

For some people every day is a special day!

photo by kevinbowman

From every angle:

This car looks great!

The roof is high enough for a tall person to sit inside and the body wide enough to assert dominance on the road.


Yellow paint elevates the style of this car to an even higher level.

photo by pyntofmyld

Get close up and you can really appreciate the intimate design elements here.


Every curve, every dash, and line are well proportioned and appropriate.

You somehow design a body that everyone wants to get a feel for and drive inside.


photo by 48718277@N06

Soft top roofs are a welcome element to convertibles.

Think about it:

There are days when it’s going to rain outside and you’re going to need a soft top to protect the inside of your car from all that rain.

On other days:

It’s going to be too cold outside to drive with the top down.

photo by juanelo242a

Parking this car feels like parking a rocket.

Even when this car is at a standstill:

It still conveys a sense of momentum that’s untapped; perhaps even untamed.

Don’t let its small size fool you:

It’s not until you step inside this car that you’ll feel its raw power unleashed.

photo by krasava

This is the most attractive color you can buy a corvette in.

Silver metallic or gray is that one color that everybody thinks looks good on any car.

Think about it:

Metal naturally has a gray color to it.

So applying a coat of gray paint on top is always a safe and, in this case, very attractive choice.

photo by chorwedel

Dang this is a hard color to pull off on any car and, yet, somehow:

The corvette pulls it off without a hitch.

Man, is this a good-looking car or what everybody?

Can you imagine how much more performance you’d get out of this corvette if it was electric?

photo by chorwedel

It’s hard being that low to the ground without risking a few things.

The corvette manages to do it, though.

Those rims.

Man do they attract a lot of attention.

Here’s the deal:

There’s something about this car that is universally appealing to driver enthusiasts the world over.

photo by bassbro

With such a sublime body:

It’s no wonder that Chevy has so many fans of its cars.

As if from a dream:

A gorgeous body and face come together with an elegant streamlined hood to bring us one of the most compelling cars to hit our roads.

Simply beautiful.

photo by chorwedel

I am absolutely speechless.

How is it possible for that much beauty to be present all at once inside one vehicle?

The geometry and curves on the back of this car are impeccable.

Here’s the best part:

I love how the roof of the car curves forward adding a distinct design element to the car.

photo by gerardstolk

Driving this should be reserved for royalty.


It’s not!

Man, this may be the most awesome convertible to ever have graced the streets.

This convertible brings a whole new meaning to the phrase:

“Go-kart for adults.”

Your turn.

What car from Chevy happens to be your favorite and why?


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