Best-Looking SUVs [Ultimate Guide]

Best Looking SUVs
photo by teal_hushypushy

It’s no secret that we here at MigratoryMaps love SUVs!

In fact:

We prefer SUVs over every other segment of the automobile market hands down.

There simply is no equal to traveling across the country in a luxurious SUV.

The practicality, the styling, and the feel and comfort of riding inside an SUV makes this segment of the automobile market the absolute best.

Without exception:

Everyone should own at least one SUV in their lifetime.

Traveling in an SUV is the absolute peak of driving pleasure achieved.

Nothing else:

Not a sedan, a pickup truck, or even a minivan comes close to making you feel the way an SUV treats its passengers and driver.

The question then becomes:

Which SUV should you buy?

We’ve taken much of the guesswork out of the equation and compiled the definitive list of the best-looking SUVs you can buy off the lot today!

If you don’t see an SUV on this list:

It’s because it’s not attractive to look at or it’s safety is sub-par and weak.

We can’t lie to you and recommend you buy an ugly SUV.

We just can’t do that to you.

We also can’t deny your safety when you’re driving an SUV regardless of how good it may look.

For these reasons:

Every SUV on this list is both attractive to look at and safe to travel inside with your family and friends.

We strongly recommend against purchasing a new SUV that you don’t see on this list.

If it’s on this list and you feel a strong inclination towards buying the vehicle:

Understand that you’re buying an SUV that’s both attractive and exceptionally safe to drive.

The truth is:

The world would be a much better and more vibrant and beautiful place if everyone drove an SUV.

Without further ado:

Here are the safest and best-looking SUVs you can buy brand new off the lot today!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by fred-garage

Jeep Renegade

Don’t drive an ordinary vehicle.


Step inside the Renegade from Jeep.

The Jeep Renegade is one of the safest and most attractive SUVs to come around in a while.

It’s not every day that you get an SUV that looks this good!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Volkswagen Atlas

You know that feeling you get when you look at nature and feel at ease?

Well guess what?

You get that same feeling here with the Volkswagen Atlas.

It’s designed so well especially in the front grill area that you’re bound to feel at peace on the road driving inside the Atlas from Volkswagen.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by allenran917

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Even Mercedes-Benz has crafted an SUV for the market.

Say hello to the GLE.

Without a doubt:

It’s one of the most comfortable rides you can take on the road.

Nothing but comfort and class here with a superb design from Mercedes-Benz.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by davepinter

Lincoln MKX

Lincoln stepped up their game with the refreshed model of the MKX.


The MKX is a superbly designed and elegant SUV that belongs to someone with exceptional taste.

I’d love to take the MKX out for a drive around town any day of the week!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 isn’t only a good looking SUV on the outside:

It’s also amazing to look at from the inside.

The Volvo XC90 is truly a stunning SUV to behold.

With all honesty:

I don’t think I’ve ever stepped inside a more delightful and inspiring interior than that of the Volvo XC90.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by autoweekusa

Cadillac XT5

You know when you see something for the first time and your eyes slightly widen?

That’s what happened here when I first saw the Cadillac XT5.

It’s elegant and poised body and face make for an excellent SUV to take down the highway on your next trip with your family or friends.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by albargan

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen knows how to make excellent vehicles and the Touareg is no exception.

In fact, the Volkswagen Touareg is not only stunning to behold:

It’s one of the safest SUVs on the market today.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by truckhardware

Ford Expedition

Here’s an SUV for someone that needs a lot of space without having to sacrifice on style and safety.

The Ford Expedition is quite literally one of the best large SUVs money can buy.

Without a doubt:

The Ford Expedition is a great choice for those that require a larger than average SUV.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Kia Sorento

It’s no surprise that the Kia Sorento would make the cut among the best-looking SUVs on the road today.

I mean just look at that gorgeous face!

I honestly admire drivers on the road that pick the Sorento as their daily driver.

It’s definitely a great choice.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by juanelo242a

Ford Edge

Without a shadow of a doubt:

The Ford Edge is one of the most handsome and rugged SUVs on the market today.

This thing is a beast!

I would love love love to drive inside an Edge on a daily basis.

Beautiful exterior!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by juanelo242a

Hyundai Santa Fe

This is an obvious choice.

The Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport are two of the most popular SUVs on the market today and for good reason.

They look and perform great!

They’re also drop dead gorgeous SUVs.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by vstrash

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai really did a good job with the new model of the Tucson here.

The newly updated Tucson is a breath of fresh air that’s as elegant as it is poised.

Not to mention:

It’s also a very safe, reliable, and overall good looking SUV to own.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by joeflood

Ford Escape

Have you seen the newly redesigned model of the Honda Escape?

It’s bold exterior and comfortable seats make for a slam dunk win in the compact SUV segment.

The truth is:

There’s something about the Escape that makes you want to take it out for a long drive on the road and just… escape.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Buick Enclave


The Buick Enclave hasn’t had a model year refresh in quite a while because it doesn’t need one!

Here’s the deal:

It’s so well designed and checks all the right boxes that you can feel proud and happy to call the Enclave your own!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 23pixels

Chevy Traverse

The Chevy Traverse is a good SUV to own if it suits your individual tastes.

The 2017 model is a gorgeous SUV to own with a sleek and attractive metal body.


It’s an SUV that you can be proud to own as you carry your family and friends along on that next exciting road trip.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by hugo90

Buick Encore

The Encore is definitely one of the best looking smaller sized SUVs on the market today.

If I had to choose a getaway SUV for the weekend with a small batch of my friends:

The Buick Encore would be at the top of my list, for sure.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artman1122

GMC Terrain

Nothing but good looks here from the Terrain.

It’s subtle humps and grooves blend well together and make for a very compelling and attractive SUV.

In fact:

It almost gives off the vibe of a pickup for those of you that need a replacement for your old truck… hint hint.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Subaru Crosstrek

For those of you that desire the ride height of an SUV with the styling of a sports car:

The Subaru Crosstrek does a good job blending elements of the two together.


I know someone that sold their STI and replaced it completely with the Crosstrek.

Ya, they liked it that much!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by kelley-blue-book

Ford Flex

The sharp angles and flat roofline sets the Flex apart from other SUVs on the road.

If you’re looking for a uniquely designed SUV that stands out from the crowd:

The Ford Flex is a great choice.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by audiag

Audi Q5

The Q5 from Audi is a fine compact SUV that delivers on its promise.

Surround yourself with luxury while experiencing the performance of an SUV designed by Audi.

Here’s the truth:

Few compact SUVs come even close to the level of performance that the Q5 delivers.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by juanelo242a

Audi Q3

For the market that demands luxury in a subcompact SUV:

Audi delivers!

I don’t know what it is exactly about subcompact SUVs that makes them seem so elegant and charming, but there’s no denying their allure.

The Q3 is an absolute masterpiece of automotive engineering.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by insertmaga

Audi Q7

The winner of numerous awards and accolades:

This is definitely one of the best SUVs on the road hands down!

The Q7 from Audi is a joy to drive and definitely deserves all of its awards.

Test drive an Audi Q7 today and you may feel tempted to buy one.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 39080032@N03

Volvo XC60


Absolutely Gorgeous!

If you’re planning on taking a road trip anytime soon with 3 to 4 of your friends:

Then the Volvo XC60 is an excellent SUV for your trip.

The styling and safety of the XC60 makes this SUV worthy of recognition on this list.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by albargan

Chevrolet Trax

The Chevy Trax is an absolute gem.

For people that like SUVs, but prefer a more compact package:

The Chevy Trax should definitely be on your shopping list.

It’s safe and sexy enough to have earned a spot on this list.

It’s really quite a good looking and charming ride.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by r0ckx

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a nifty SUV you can be proud to call your own.

The new look of the Explorer really does its body justice.

It’s no wonder you see so many cops adopting the Explorer as their patrol unit.

Watch out:

The next time you see a Ford Explorer on the road it may be an undercover cop!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Nissan Pathfinder

This is a really great and descriptive snapshot of the Nissan Pathfinder.

It just goes to show you how amazing an SUV can be both on and off the road.

With looks this good:

You can truly feel comfortable in knowing you’re driving inside an awesome SUV.

Go Pathfinder!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 69929929@N06

GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia is a titan among SUVs.

Without a doubt:

This is one of the best looking face grills of any SUV on the market today.

Drive inside an Acadia and feel what it’s like to be in control of your lane.

Remember, however:

With a great looking SUV, comes great responsibility.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by artvlive

Acura RDX

This is a nicely packaged SUV and a joy to look at and drive.

The RDX is a solid package of careful engineering and fine craftsmanship.

If you’re someone that leads an active lifestyle:

You can’t go wrong with the Acura RDX.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by anm-photo


There’s something about the X1 that stirs a deep passion and desire inside of the soul.

You simply can’t ignore the striking good looks of the BMW X1’s exterior.

In all honesty:

It’s so well designed on the outside that it almost looks too beautiful to touch in the right light.

Thankfully, you can!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by mpetrucho

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Nothing takes you off road and into the unknown like a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

If you like feeling comfortable and safe while embarking on a journey into the unknown:

Then the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an obvious choice.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 55391407@N03

Honda CR-V

This is one elegant SUV right here.

Considering that the CR-V shares similiar features to the Honda Civic:

You can feel safe in choosing the Honda CR-V as your personal SUV of choice.

It’s incredible both in styling and to drive.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 30474136@N07

Subaru Outback

If you’re looking for an SUV to help you take on the rugged outdoors:

Then look no further!

The Outback from Subaru was designed with spontaneous independent thinkers in mind.

Don’t be ordinary.

Drive a Subaru Outback today!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by zytonits

Buick Envision


I don’t know if you could ever go wrong with the Buick Envision.

For those seeking a more refined ride to call their own:

This is an incredibly nimble and graceful SUV right here.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by 43024179@N02

Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevy Equinox is definitely worthy of being on this list.

It’s graceful and refreshing demeanor stands tall on the list of best-looking SUVs today.

For someone looking for an SUV that looks right:

The Chevy Equinox is the SUV of choice.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by topgold

Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Cooper Countryman is a subcompact SUV with some serious styling.

If you’re tired of the same old regular hassle of ordinary life:

The Mini Cooper Countryman is the SUV that can quickly solve your problem!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by juanelo242a

Honda Pilot

No, you don’t need a plane to fly.

Take off in the Honda Pilot and let your inner child loose!

Isn’t it about time?

All it takes is the turn of the ignition switch and you’re off!

Best Looking SUVs
photo by albargan

Infiniti QX60

As classy on the outside as it is on the inside:

The Infiniti QX60 will not disappoint you.

Drive around town in elegance and comfort.

A class above the rest:

The QX60 from Infiniti will take your expectations farther than you’ll expect.

Best Looking SUVs
photo by smademediagalleria

Nissan Rogue

There is such a thing as rogues even among SUVs.

This is the Rogue from Nissan.

This is how you live life on the edge of your seat.

Take your life to new heights by driving inside a Nissan Rogue as you explore life’s purpose.

best looking SUVs
photo by carsferamagazine

Acura MDX

A joy to look at and drive:

The Acura MDX is an incredibly capable and comfortable SUV to drive.

Drive the Acura MDX into the sunset as you smile in anticipation at what life may hold for you next.

Your turn.

Which SUV on this list was your favorite?

What’s your favorite SUV of all time?


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