Bed Bath and Beyond [33 Bargains]

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Bed Bath and Beyond, where to begin?

There is a such a variety of products that you can pick up at Bed Bath and Beyond that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

In fact:

I personally know one man that lived in New York City for a while and needed to buy a metal spoon.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

He just needed a metal spoon to eat his cereal with.

So the journey began:

He first tried to stop by a local Rite-Aid store, but Rite-Aid didn’t have one!

He then walked across the city in search of a metal spoon, but no matter where he stopped none of the local stores had a single metal spoon on their shelves.

I mean it was like searching for the fountain of youth for this guy!

Every store he stopped by and asked said to try searching ahead and he might find that foun… I mean metal spoon.

It was insane!

Believe it or not:

He spent the better part of a day just walking around and trying to find anyone at all that would sell him this fabled metal spoon of legends.

He did mention that it was a nice day outside so not all was lost.


He finally got tired of searching through the smaller stores and decided to head towards Bed Bath and Beyond (where he should have begun his search).

After hopping onto the subway and reaching his destination he made his way into Bed Bath and Beyond and took the escalator down the store where he asked an employee there if they had a metal spoon in stock.

To his immense relief:

The employee smiled kindly and lead him to the place where the metal spoon could be found.

There it was!

Finally, the man could have his morning cereal!

And the spoon wasn’t all that expensive either (it was actually a really good bargain).

Needless to say:

We are huge fans of Bed Bath and Beyond and the many bargains you can find in stock and ready for purchase at their store.

You can even redesign your home or lifestyle from all the bargains available there.

Here are some more great trends and ideas to help you get started.

bed bath and beyond
photo by wicker-furniture

How about some new patio furniture to help you become more in tune with nature?

The best part of this is:

You don’t even need to leave your backyard to make this possible!


A great patio is fundamental to your peace of mind and well-being.

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photo by mad_african78

You know how you always see those really awesome futons at your friend’s homes?


Why not introduce one into your own home and make yourself feel like you’re 20 years young all over again?

The futon may just be the greatest piece of indoor furniture you can buy.

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photo by rdmarsh

A new decorative coffee table anyone?


They add a breath of warmth and comfort to your home like nothing else can.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home that makes you feel comfortable inside unless there’s a coffee table somewhere close by.

bed bath and beyond
photo by courtneyjohnston

You are a creative artist with the intelligence of an educated human to boot.

Grab yourself a writing desk for those special moments of spurred creativity.

Don’t let your creative side go to waste!

A desk for setting your notepad or laptop on is an absolute necessity for your mind.

bed bath and beyond
photo by duchamp

You’ve had the same mattress now for ages.

Isn’t time you invested in your well-being with a new mattress?

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to your overall well-being and health.

Sleep is something you do every day.

Don’t let another night pass you by without investing in your future.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 49333775@N00

If you’re going to buy a mattress then some good looking sheets and pillowcases are a must!

Get this:

With so many designs, colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find something that makes you feel like royalty at night.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep, your highness!

bed bath and beyond
photo by greenerynsy

A day at the spa can happen right in the convenience of your own bath!

Grab some lotions and soaps and get ready for a day of peace and relaxation.

Here’s the best part:

It doesn’t have to cost you a leg or an arm to make yourself feel rejuvenated and ready for the next day and all that it holds.

bed bath and beyond
photo by namibnat

While you’re in that wonderful bath grab yourself some new towels and feel the comfort against your skin of that wonderful material at hand.

Here’s the deal:

It won’t take any more than 5 towels max to ensure you come out of that bath dry and feeling like you’re surrounded in luxury.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 26085795@N02

Your feet have carried you through thick and thin, tough and enough.

Isn’t it time you rewarded them with a nice long and comforting foot bath?

The most successful people I know take time out of their busy schedules to just sit down and relax once in a while.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 28681973@N00

If you’re anything like us here at MigratoryMaps, then you absolutely crave a good healthy rush of caffeine in the morning.

Grab yourself a coffee or tea maker and enjoy the pleasant sounds of fresh coffee or tea brewing early in the morning.

In fact:

It’s quite meditative.

bed bath and beyond
photo by loic80l


We all need it to survive.

Give this biological need the attention it deserves with a water filter for your home.

You really don’t know what else is coming out of that tap besides hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

It’s better to be safe and filter your water, then to be sorry.

bed bath and beyond
photo by karin1973

You’ll need some good quality bakeware if you’re going to cook that amazing dinner tonight.


New cookware is probably the single greatest item you can purchase for your kitchen (after a stove and a refrigerator, of course).

The feel and look of them will inspire you for many meals to come!

bed bath and beyond
photo by cubeplastics

After cooking that meal you’re going to need a place to store it for later.

Food storage containers are the simple solution to this common dilemma.

Of course:

It helps to buy a set that includes various sizes depending on the amount of leftovers you have.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 64168520@N08

Smoothies are your body’s best friend.


If you’re going to have some body to love, you’re going to need a great blender.

Check out the reviews of more recent buyers and see what they had to say about each blender before committing to purchase one.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 48819629@N02

Nothing motivates you to wake up faster in the mornings than the smell of toast or an equivalent meal.

Purchase a new toaster and feel the rush of joy come over you every morning you wake up and are able to enjoy a healthy piece of bread with kosher turkey bacon and cheese.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 18897307@N00

This may seem obvious.

It is.

If you’re going to cook anything that requires heating metal, then you are most definitely in need of a reliable pair of oven mitts.

Try them on and see how they fit.

If they make your hand feel comfortable and secure then you’ve found the right pair.

bed bath and beyond
photo by kellysue

Lunch bags aren’t just for kids anymore.

If you’re a professional and are constantly on the move, you’ll need to take your dinner or lunch with you.

Do so in style and elegance with a new insulated lunch bag.

They even have some that look like purses if you’re interested.

bed bath and beyond
photo by jenny-pics

A tablecloth and some table side napkins will go a long way towards elevating your standards of dining.

Why go to a restaurant to enjoy dinner when you can recreate the same feeling of love and ambiance at home?

There’s a great variety of different cloths to choose from.

bed bath and beyond
photo by kerryanndame

We don’t know what it is about area rugs that make a room look so amazing, but they are definitely a statement when it comes to indoor decor.

The best part of an area rug is their sheer versatility and ease of movement.

If you feel like moving the area rug, you can.

bed bath and beyond
photo by davebloggs007

Nothing quite says “Home Sweet Home” like a door mat right in front of your entry door.

They’re so wonderful!

They help to keep the dirt on the bottom of your shoes outside while also enhancing the image of your front or back yard.

Give one a try and you won’t regret it.

bed bath and beyond
photo by kathryn-wright

Is there anything that brings life and nature into your home like a vase full of flowers?

We don’t think so.

I remember seeing this one deep purple vase carrying a couple of flowers and the beauty of it was absolutely unique and divine.

There’s always room for a vase indoors.

bed bath and beyond
photo by jesserubykristalie

It’s insane how our standards of living continuously improve to the point where you can now go and purchase a pair of chandeliers and hang them right inside your own home.

That used to be something that only the very wealthy could afford to do.

Thankfully, not anymore.

bed bath and beyond
photo by natures-form-furniture

If you’re feeling like a pirate today:

Then how about a chest and some drawers to store all of your treasures inside?

You need some place to keep your clothing and belongings safe so why not do so in style?

There are some truly remarkable dressers out there just waiting for you to bring them home.

bed bath and beyond
photo by remyandlina

Beverage dispensers are always a good idea.

When life hands you a beverage dispenser, then it’s time to make some lemonade.

That is how the saying goes, right?

Just don’t forget the lemons, of course.

Otherwise, how would you make the lemonade?

bed bath and beyond
photo by sosylvie

Art should not be the sole domain of museums.

You can really heighten the aesthetic feel and comfort of your home with a few pieces of art on your wall or kitchen counter.

Anything can be art.

It’s completely subjective.

Why not purchase a jar and fill it up with marbles?!

bed bath and beyond
photo by tschang

Organization is key to keeping a home looking its best.

In fact:

A great way to keep everything looking tidy is to purchase some storage containers where you can keep a lot of things out of sight and neatly tucked away.

No longer will you have to deal with a mess all over the place.

bed bath and beyond
photo by sbristow

Speaking of organizing things:

Who could go without a shoe rack?

The shoe rack is one of the very first items guests see when they enter your home.

If the shoe rack is there, then it sends a positive signal to your guests that you have good standards and are organized.

bed bath and beyond
photo by judemasti

Staying fit doesn’t require a gym membership.

To be honest:

All you really need is a solid piece of workout equipment.

Keep things simple with an in-home treadmill or elliptical to look your best.

Exercise bikes and rowers are also available to those who want to open a home gym.

bed bath and beyond
photo by debtony

Stretching only really takes a yoga mat and a few minutes.

Why not loosen up your limbs and perhaps do a few squats or pushups to really feel the burn?

It’s surprising how much you can accomplish with so little equipment.

Buy a yoga mat and see for yourself today.

bed bath and beyond
photo by moonrat

Feel like a million bucks with a plush pair of slippers to walk around your mansion in.

It’s all about how you start your day that matters.

If you start with a comfortable pair of slippers to welcome you as you walk towards the bath, the rest of the day is sure to be even better.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 34842286@N04

Don’t let your weight rage uncontrolled.

Buy and place an in-house scale right next to your fridge if you have to.

Hey, whatever works right?

Your weight is something that is much easier maintained than lost.

Talk to anyone that’s ever lost weight and they’ll tell you the same.

bed bath and beyond
photo by 145240183@N07

Speaking of maintenance:

Your teeth are some of the most critical bones in your entire body.

Don’t neglect them and say I’ll worry about them tomorrow.

Buy yourself an electric toothbrush and feel the amazing clean sensation of an in home dentist’s appointment inside the comfort of your own home!

So, what are your thoughts?

Which of these products do you feel most passionate about and have you recently bought anything from Bed Bath and Beyond to redecorate?


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