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BBC Sport
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The world of sports is a necessary one.

BBC Sport does a tremendous job of keeping track of all that’s current and trending in the world of sports.

Think about it:

Sports are a means by which people can entertain themselves and express their frustrations and griefs openly.

What other venues allow such open expression of these emotions?

How else would people destress in a civil manner?

Sports are incredible.

And there are so many sports to choose from that no matter your interests, you are sure to find a sport that aligns with your particular tastes and preferences.

Here’s the deal:

Some sports require their participants to exert themselves to their utter limits and physical capacities.

Others are much more inclined to allow participants to simply have a good time without breaking a sweat in the least.

The range of sports available is amazing.


All sports have one unifying theme in common.

They are all intended to be enjoyed by both players and viewers alike.

With such a rich variety of sports to be enjoyed:

You may even find yourself hopping from one sport to another!

One day, you may be an avid basketball player or fan.

The next, you’ll find yourself sitting out on the green watching a live golf tournament take place.

And you know what?

There’s no one that’s going to have a problem with that.

The truth is:

You can do whatever it is you want when it comes to sports.

That’s the very essence and meaning of sport; to enjoy, to play, and to have a beaver dam of a good time.

So, go out there and find a sport you’re interested in.

Have fun and enjoy the glory of being in the outdoors and breathing in the fresh air!


No matter the sport you play (and there is an abundance to choose from) make sure you enjoy your time and feel good about yourself.

Here are some of the many sports covered by BBC Sport News.

bbc sport
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Archery is a sport that has been enjoyed and played for years.

It’s an incredible experience both as a player and a viewer.

In fact:

The feeling of joy you get when the arrow releases from the bow and smacks the surface is like nothing else, to say the least.

You have to try this at least once!

bbc sport
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Here’s a game that’s a grand old time; badminton!

If you really want to give your legs and arms a proper workout while having a ton of fun in the process:

Then badminton is the game for you!

The great thing about badminton is that the pace of the game is very mellow.

bbc sport
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Who hasn’t picked up a basketball and felt an uncontrollable desire to shoot it into the hoop?

There’s a great deal of depth and genius to the game of basketball.


I grew up playing plenty of basketball as a child and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

bbc sport
photo by pmillera4

Baseball has so much history and prestige to it that I doubt it’s going away anytime soon.

Here’s the deal:

Baseball was and has been a way for workers and children alike to escape the hardships of their times and make due with the relief and fun made possible by this fabulous sport.

bbc sport
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Bowls is truly an absolute treat to play.

In fact:

It’s a game that can really bring out the skill and creativity of anyone that dares to play this sport.

Bowls is a game that requires a great deal of hand-eye coordination from its players.

It’s a sport for those that seek a calm and relaxing activity.

bbc sport
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There really isn’t anything that compares to canoeing.

Surrounding yourself with water while out with some friends or even alone can really help you to destress and relax.

Of all the sports available to us:

Canoeing has to be one of the most serene experiences possible.

bbc sport
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Cycling is really a great sport and one that players swear is easier on the legs than running.

It definitely has the edge over running when it comes to the cool factor.

For some inexplicable reason:

Cyclists always seem to be in style when they are riding on the road.

bbc sport
photo by dittmars

Cricket is an immensely popular sport and one that has a massive following.

For the players of cricket:

No length of time is too long to ensure a proper victory.

There have been games of Cricket that have lasted over the length of several days to ensure a final victory be properly claimed.

bbc sport
photo by nicojensen

Don’t let the sport of darts fool you:

A great deal of skill and precision is required of its players.

I know I thought only children played darts when I was first introduced to the game.

Since then my respect and love of the game has grown tremendously!

My skill not so much.

bbc sport
photo by quinet

Fencing is the greatest rush of adrenaline you’ll ever experience in your life!

I’ve never met anyone who said that fencing looked dull.


Imagine how much better it is to partake in the sport as an actual player!

If living on the edge of the sword’s tip sounds appealing, then try fencing.

bbc sport
photo by llreadll

It’s no secret that football (or soccer as some parts of the world know it) is the number 1 most popular sport in the world.

Entire countries have had their morale boosted upon laying claim to the world cup!

This is humanity’s sport; a game that will live on for generations.

bbc sport
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Golf is an absolute delight both to play and especially to watch in person.

I personally know people that follow golf just as audience members and have never played the game once.

The reason?

The experience of being outside on the green and surrounding yourself with fresh air is amazing!

bbc sport
photo by hegi_photo

Handball is a much more involved sport than perhaps the name might suggest.

In fact:

It’s quite the spectacle to watch.

There’s a lot of action going on in a game of handball.

A lot of running, thinking, and throwing happens in this sport.

It’s an insane joy to play and watch!

BBC Sport
photo by berniedup

Wrestling is a safe and effective way to test out your strength against your opponent.

However, don’t be fooled:

Mental strength and genius is also important in becoming an all-around great wrestler.

There’s nothing more intimidating than a wrestler who’s good at math.

BBC Sport
photo by snapshots

Horse Racing is the thrill of a lifetime.

The rush you experience as your horse gallops towards the finish line is one you won’t soon forget.

Believe me:

Horse Racing is one of the greatest and most thrilling down to earth sports ever conceived.

bbc sport
photo by kallepa

Rowing really is a full body workout.

You may think that rowing only requires you to have strong biceps, but I guarantee you will be surprised.

There’s something about rowing that other sports seem to lack.

Perhaps it’s the joy of being outside in the open waters.

BBC Sport
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Curling is an awesome way to spend a chilly afternoon with your friends.

Curling requires you to have incredible control and fierce determination.

If you’re not familiar with the sport then go check it out.

It’s an absolute blast to play with your mates or pals.

The best part:

You don’t break a sweat while playing the game.

bbc sport
photo by kwintin

Sailing really is the pinnacle of a good time.

A cool breeze, a beautiful day, and water surrounding you on all sides are qualities you will come to associate with the wonderful sport of sailing.

You don’t even have to compete against anyone as much as just have fun.

bbc sport
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The sport of snooker is one that is casual in its gameplay, yet an absolute blast to both play and watch.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boring game of snooker.

There’s so much mental energy and strategy that goes into a game of snooker that it might actually surprise you.

bbc sport
photo by cantoni

They say swimming is the only sport that exercises every muscle in your body.

Well, it is true that it is an all-body exercise.

In fact:

Swimming is incredibly safe and healthy for you.

It’s a sport that is universally recommended to people of all ages that can swim while having fun.

bbc sport
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Ah, the game of squash.

Some sources have claimed squash to be “the healthiest sport you can play.”

The amount of energy you burn and calories you shed while playing squash is incredible!

You’ll really feel the rush and euphoria pass over and through you as you play.

bbc sport
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Table tennis or ping-pong as some like to call it, is a very nice way to spend an afternoon with friends.

If you’re trying to get to know someone better, table tennis might just be the way to do that.

It’s challenging, rewarding, and a relaxing sport to play and watch.

bbc sport
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Tennis; the game of legends.

I know people that obsess over tennis and can’t take their minds off the game.

They love the sensation of smacking that ball back every time they’re challenged.

They won’t let any player no matter how skilled hit the ball past them.

bbc sport
photo by jcornelio29

Volleyball is a great and fun sport to play with a group of your friends.

It may seem like a simple sport (it is) but the challenge of the game goes up as you and your friends become more adept at the sport.

Grab a volleyball and head out to the beach today for some fun!

bbc sport
photo by tamaranai

As long as there remains a need to display dominance on this earth, weightlifting will remain a sport.

There’s just nothing like weightlifting.

It’s a sport designed to be enjoyed either alone by yourself in the gym or with a group of your teammates or against some opponents.

What’s your favorite sport that you enjoy playing?

Do you have a special moment you’d like to share from one of your games?


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