AOL Mail Login [17 Awesome Facts]

AOL Mail Login
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Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d AOL mail login to check your inbox?

During that time:

Dial-up was the king of internet speeds.

It was how our parents used to connect to the world wide web.


The times have changed and for the better!

Dial-up internet was an unbelievable drag to use.

It was slow, quirky, and had this annoying noise to it when it attempted to establish a connection.

Some of you know what I’m talking about here.

Since then:

Dial-up has been replaced by much better alternatives on the market today.

AOL is a company based in the United States of America that was one of the very first companies to introduce the internet to the masses.

Some of you may remember the famous catch line “You’ve got mail!”

It would pop up once you were logged on to AOL’s internet service.

It was probably one of the better highlights to using AOL’s services.

When you think about it:

It’s kind of strange how a company that would offer such a pleasing greeting upon logging in would also offer an unpleasant screeching noise as you’re attempting to establish a connection.

One noise was unbearably annoying while the other was a delight to hear.

The two seemed at odds with one another.

If you think about it:

It’s as if AOL hired a psychologist to produce a pleasing sound to hear once you’re logged in, but skipped out on hiring a psychologist to better it’s signal connection noise.


They should have kept that psychologist on payroll.

AOL is a company that has surprised the consumer market numerous times.

In fact:

Some of you may not even realize that AOL actually has a search engine akin to that of Google’s own search engine.

Do you still remember using AOL’s instant messaging service?

Here are some more awesome facts on AOL for you to enjoy:

AOL Mail Login
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In 2015:

AOL was sold to Verizon for a staggering 4.4 billion US dollars!

The deal made a lot of sense for both Verizon and AOL as the two parties were closely aligned in their business interests.

When’s the last time you came across a 4.4 billion US dollars deal?

AOL Mail Login
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In 2011:

AOL acquired GoViral.

By acquiring GoViral:

AOL could now strengthen its video services in Europe and even North America.

Ladies and gentlemen:

The stadium is now full.

AOL Mail Login
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Life is a series of unexpected often unrelated events.

AOL knows that first hand:

First, they went off and hired former Googler Tim Armstrong as chairman and CEO.

A few short months later:

Time Warner said it wanted back in with the company.

AOL then went on a shopping spree and bought out Patch Media’s network of hyperlocal news cells.


I was making a delicious cheese pizza to share with my team.

You never know what you’re gonna get in life… so be prepared.

AOL Mail Login
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In 2007, it was finally time (and I’m not referring to the Lion King here).

AOL saw that it was time to move its corporate headquarters from Virginia to New York City.

However there was a cost to this play:

Around 40% of the companies workforce (around 2,000 people) were liquidated in the process.

Such is the economics of the animal kingdom.

AOL Mail Login
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In 2006:

America Online would officially go on to be retired and replaced with AOL LLC.

Of course:

Everyone was already referring to the company as AOL.

So, yea, nothing really changed there.

AOL Mail Login
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In order to maintain relevance, sometimes you need to upgrade:

AOL did that in the most awkward way possible.

In 2006:

AOL went after and acquired the social media site Bebo for $850 million US dollars.

Yea…. awkward.

AOL Mail Login
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By the turn of the century:

America Online and Time Warner announced that they would merge together.

A bad partnership ensued resulting in Broadband internet eating up most of America Online’s customers.

It gets worse:

The dotcom bubble burst and nearly left AOL in ruins.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

AOL Mail Login
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In November of 1998:

AOL announced the purchase of Netscape.

This would make AOL the owner of the most dominant browser of the era, Netscape Navigator.

The world really was moving at lightening fast speeds.

AOL Mail Login
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AOL’s impact on education is hard to overlook.

In fact:

The company was the first to offer real-time homework help services online, the first online services for parents, the first parental controls, and many other online educational firsts.

This is a few of the many things AOL did to bolster education.

AOL Mail Login
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AOL for DOS was launched in 1991.

That same year:

America Online for Windows was released.

Four years later:

America Online finally had the sense to drop its outdated pay-per-hour policy for monthly dial-up internet.

Things just got a whole lot sweeter.

AOL Mail Login
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Online games were part of the AOL brand.

The very first online interactive fiction series, the first ever fully automated Play by email game, and graphical chat environments are part of the services AOL offered to an enthusiastic audience.

AOL Mail Login
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One of the big names to have done business with Apple was Quantum Computer Services.


They launched the AppleLink for the Apple II and later on for use on the Macintosh.

However, the following year in 1989:

The company parted ways with Apple and changed its name to AOL.

AOL Mail Login
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The primary focus of Quantum Computer Services was on creating a dedicated online service for the Commodore 64 and 128 PCs.

The service was known as the Quantum Link or Q-link for short.

Of course:

This is not to be confused with Q-tips.

AOL Mail Login
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When you think about it:

Companies will often change names several times in order to escape or overcome a bad brand image.

In 1985:

Control Video Corporation almost went bankrupt and Quantum Video Corporation was founded to take its place.

From the ashes of old shall the new bird rise up and claim its nest.

I think that’s how the prophecy goes anyways…

AOL Mail Login
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GameLine was a service that AOL offered for the Atari 2600 video game console.

This allowed gamers to download a single game to their consoles for the price of $1.

However, there was downside:

The games would “expire” after only one week!

AOL Mail Login
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Bill von Meister was the original founder of Control Video Corporation of which AOL would operate under as a venture.

In the beginning:

The company offered modems for sale to subscribers for around $65.

What are your thoughts on these facts?

Do you remember using AOL back in the day?


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