A Gmail Account [17 Great Features]

A Gmail Account
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Using a Gmail account is an absolute pleasure.

It’s not overly complicated and the whole experience is very intuitive.

Think about it:

Doesn’t it really suck when software programmers design something that’s overstuffed with features you simply don’t need?

Even worse:

Some programmers will even add in features that are superimposed on top of the actual main function of the program!

I mean why would anyone do that?!


That isn’t the case with Gmail.

Gmail is simply an email experience and nothing far beyond that.

So, for anyone that hasn’t transitioned to web mail yet and is still using regular snail mail:

Let me be the first to recommend Gmail to you.

It’s clean and simple enough for any one with a 5th grade education to use intuitively.

You simply just click “Compose” whenever you’re ready to write an email (or the pencil icon on your smartphone) and you’re off!

It really is that simple.

In fact:

I don’t think it could have been made any simpler!

The security on Gmail is also top notch.

Keep in mind:

Gmail is a derivative of Google.

What that means is that you’re getting a world-class web mail experience for the price of… oh it’s free!

Yup, you don’t have to pay for it!

Just sign up and start sending emails for free today.

Or if you prefer:

You can continue to pay for stamps and send letters the slow way.

Seriously though if time is a factor you value:

Then sending emails in a matter of seconds over several days is definitely the way to go!

So why not try Gmail today and see how it works out for you?

Here are some of the best features you can expect from starting a Gmail account today.

A Gmail Account
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If your internet connection is unstable and unreliable then Gmail might be for you.

Even when your internet is offline:

Gmail will still allow you to be able to view all of your past emails then and there!

It does this by storing information on your device through the Gmail Offline app for easy access.


A Gmail Account
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Gmail automatically places mail into three different folders depending on the content.

If it’s a promotional email then its placed into the “Promotions” tab.

If it’s a social media related email:

It’ll automatically be displayed under the “Social” tab.

Everything else is under the “Primary” tab.

Organization is key!

A Gmail Account
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Stop scrolling through your inbox trying to find a specific email and start using Gmail’s search box feature.

This feature allows you to be able to find any email based on any target keyword.

For those of us that literally have hundreds of emails in our inbox:

This is a much welcome feature.

A Gmail Account
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If you’re in the mood for some spring cleaning:

Then you’re in luck!

Simply click on the square box icon at the top left corner of your inbox and click on “All.”

Then simply follow with a click on the trash can icon and you’re done!

Now you have an inbox as clean as the rest of your home!

A Gmail Account
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For those of us that receive important emails regularly:

This feature is an absolute must!

You can set up desktop notifications so that when you receive an email labeled as important:

A notification will automatically be delivered to your desktop!

Now important emails can reach you on time all the time.

A Gmail Account
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When you sign up for an email list add a + symbol inside your email address as follows (Adam+Deen@gmail.com).

Emails received will include the + symbol and you can change the position of the + symbol to sign up for different lists (Ada+mDeen@gmail.com).

This will help you identity which lists are giving away your email address to spammers!

A Gmail Account
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Are you tired of receiving emails constantly throughout your day?

Well, you can now buffer received emails so that they arrive in your inbox at specified times.

To do so:

Just download the Gmail app, appropriately named, Boomerang.

No more annoying pings during your lunch break!

A Gmail Account
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If you’re prone to rash behavior when sending emails:

Then this is for you!

You can navigate over to “Settings” in Gmail and in the “Undo Send” section, simply check the box to “Enable Undo Send.”

You can even set the amount of time you’d like to have deciding whether or not you should “Undo Send.”

Erase and done!

A Gmail Account
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If you’re someone that likes to be given the option to personalize your email experience:

Then this is helpful.

You can move the chat box over from the left side of the screen over to the right so things don’t seem so cluttered.

Or you can leave it on the right side if you like.

It’s up to you.

A Gmail Account
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Here’s a feature many people use often and find quite useful:

If there’s an email you think is important and would like to keep in a separate special folder:

Then Gmail allows you to “star” those special important emails.

You can then find those emails over in the “Starred” section.

A Gmail Account
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If you’re someone that likes to quickly glance through your inbox, this is for you!

Users are given the option to create a useful “preview pane” in which you can view and reply to emails while still navigating through your inbox.

You may even end up keeping the preview pane after you realize how much you love it.

A Gmail Account
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New emails in your inbox are automatically highlighted.


Users want to unhighlight an email without reading it.

Doing so is easy in Gmail.

Simply click on “Mark as read” to have those messages unhighlighted and you’re done!

Now why aren’t all email services that easy to use?

A Gmail Account
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You’ll see a physical address in an email.

One of the strengths of Gmail is that its a service provided by the same company that owns Google Maps.

Clicking on the address will automatically look up the address for you and generate a preview on Google Maps.


A Gmail Account
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If you’re someone that likes keeping track of all their meetings and important events in life:

Then Google has you covered!

Within Gmail lies the option to use Google Calendar.

You can easily store and track all of your important events in life and never be late to another meeting again!

A Gmail Account
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If you repeatedly use the same reply to multiple emails:

You can save your self a lot of time by setting up “canned responses.”

What this allows is for you to be able to save a message you’d like to pull up later with a simple click of the mouse.

Isn’t technology great?

You can get more done in the same amount of time.


A Gmail Account
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Security is definitely a strong selling point for Gmail (even though Gmail is free, of course).

Phishing attacks are on the rise and Gmail provides its users with an authentication icon for verified senders.

This is a great way to protect yourself against phishing attacks.

What are your thoughts?

Have you given Gmail a try?

Are there any features you think are missing or is this everything you wanted from a web mail service?


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